Sylvanas Windrunner Retex v1.2

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Decided to retex Sylvanas to make her look a bit more like Bliz's current portrayal of pre-undead Sylvanas.
Based this heavily off of her appearance in HoTS and her alpha look in 'Blizzard Allstars'

Texture was drawn freehand in Paint-tool Sai, and the resolution is 512x512 to make it look less blurry (although if that's overdoing it I can upload the 256x256 version)

1.2 now includes the regular texture, along with a lowrez 256x256 and Blood Elven version. Pick your poison.
I probably won't be updating this anymore in the near future unless I really need to or someone suggests something that I should add or fix.

- 1.2 (10/15/16): Redid most of the face (redid nose, defined hair a bit more, lightened lips, redid eyebrows, various other small shading fixes), changed the tone of the armor from sapphire to cerulean, redid shading of the bow's orb, added lowrez and alternate Blood Elf options.
- 1.1 (9/25/16): Redid gem on her gloves, redid her eyes, added an orb on the end of her bow, redid eyebrows, added armor onto legs, fixed shading on bow.
- 1.0 (7/14/16): Initial release.

Sylvanas Windrunner Belf ver (Texture)

Sylvanas Windrunner Lowrez (Texture)

Sylvanas Windrunner Retex v1.2 (Texture)

That would be nice. You should use this skin as a reference :fp:SylvanusWindrunner_by67chrome.blp only for the eye balls Without eyeballs she looks like a zombie.


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May 7, 2010
Moderator comment:

Texture has reached an approvable state and has been rated as 4/5 [Recommended]

The skin of the character is well reflected and spread around giving a genuine HotS feel to it.
Colors are warm and complement each other adding a nice touch to it.
Shadows and highlights are quite good in-game and contrast is quite good even if it could've been more pronounced.

Good job overall and keep on texturing!
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Jul 19, 2016
Beautiful skin, only notes I'd say is just blending out the eyebrows a little more they look too square and perhaps add some eyeballs! Other than that, looks simple but fantastic, I'm surely going to use it!