Sylvanas - Unhooded (Reforged)

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This is another Sylvanas Windrunner model, this time from Reforged. I'm actually using the upright Beta version uploaded by Retera, which I ported into Classic using his model editor. But I also included the Stand animation from the retail version of Reforged as 'Stand Alternate,' in case someone wants that instead.

The main changes I made:
-Removed her hood and extended her hair. Even though the hood is iconic part of Sylvanas, I thought it would be neat to have a version without it.
-Retextured the eyes to simulate the red glow, since only the diffuse layer can be used in Classic models.
-Fixed the bowstring animation, which messed up because skin weights don't work the same in Reforged and Classic.
-Removed useless and duplicate animations, and repurposed some 'Cinematic' animations as portrait animations.
-Added lighting to her face to fix the shading there without having to make the material unshaded.

Credits to Blizzard

Edit: Made the description more accurate

Sylvanas - Unhooded (Reforged) (Model)

Level 3
Oct 11, 2020
Thanks, I wish you or someone could port Maiev and unmounted tyrande. I want just some units from reforged and dont have the texture pack, no way I can play Reforged. I'm on patch 1.27 with a 1.26 game.dll file with GameDll_fix_mapsize_limit.mix files and forcesizefix, playing my 160mb map ùwú.

Does anyone know a proper way to add midnight lightning to models that don't take many hours and don't use scripts? I have these HoTs models that don't have night lightning :c