Sylvanas - Melee (WoW)

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This is Sylvanas Windrunner's WoW model as a rogue/assassin with swords and a bunch of fitting animations.

There is a normal version and a team color version. To add team colors in the way I did, I felt I had to remove her cloak to avoid color clashes. The way things worked out, the normal version has her portrait animations within the model, while the team color version has a separate portrait model.

I decided not to add hero glow, but if anyone wants it and doesn't know how to do it themselves, pm me.

Ported and edited by me; credits to Blizzard

Update 10/13: Added the normal version, and included a screenshot icon of her WoW appearance in case anyone prefers it to the WC3 one

Sylvanas - Melee (Normal) (Model)

Sylvanas - Melee (Team Color) (Model)

Sylvanas - Melee (Team Color) Portrait (Model)

Sylvanas WoW Icon (Icon)