Sylvanas Windrunner, The Banshee Queen

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Sylvanas Windrunner is the ruler of the Forsaken of Lorderon, since she was killed by Arthas Menethil and raised as the Banshee Queen.
Sylvanas broke away from her tyrannical master's control and reclaimed her body. Vowing to avenge her death, Sylvanas gathered other renegade undead and set out to wage war against the Scourge. Thus it was that the Forsaken came to be, with Sylvanas as their queen. Under Sylvanas' command, the Forsaken joined the Horde and later helped bring about the Lich King's fall in the frozen wastes of Northrend.
For this model i took like 3 weeks to make it happen, createad new anims and remake all the old one to fell less like a blood elf female standing and more like her standing in cinematics. I used the igc model from shadowlands to remake her face, and with her armor i did a retopology to make it a little less flat, and more detailed.

Her Spell Throw was made with the "Sylvanas vs. Genn Greymane - Stormheim Cinematic" in mind, when she leaps genn to launch the arrow.

All textures are with the better quality as possible for cinematic purposes, so it's up to the user to optimize it or not.

This Model contain the following animation sequences.

  1. Attack 1
  2. Attack 2
  3. Cinematic Hang
  4. Cinematic Reverence
  5. Cinematic Roar
  6. Cinematic Talk
  7. Cinematic Wounded
  8. Death
  9. Dissipate
  10. Spell
  11. Spell Throw
  12. Spell Slam
  13. Stand 1
  14. Stand 2
  15. Stand 3
  16. Stand Ready
  17. Stand Victory
  18. Walk
Character model belongs to World of Warcraft - Blizzard ®


Sylvanas Windrunner, The Banshee Queen (Model)

FKSylvanasWindrunner (Reforged) (Icon)

Oh man that face from cinematic . 10/10

I cant believe, this is the best stuff i seen recently

Goodjob ! Super awesome

You can preview the model, after that choose camera 0 and press stand 3, i added some detail for the portrait :grin:

Are you the one who made the Azeroth Leaders?

I don't think so, i just do some random models sometimes
Level 4
Feb 15, 2016
People, moderators, help someone Zaffar fix the error, he tried to load the model into the ports tab, but he was knocked out something like "could not load this ...", do such problems really happen here?
Level 2
Mar 17, 2021
bro Zaffar... I've got a problem with your model
it can't be opened in Magos' War3 Model Editor and in war3 editor as well...
look at this screenshot
can you fix it, bro


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Level 2
Dec 14, 2021
This model is to much heavy to work on classic unfortunately
By the other hand, the model works fine in reforged.
I don't think so. Tomorrow I opened a ported model of Azshara succesfully, and its heavier, 20 mb(can give a link if like to check), and then tried yours - it didn't open, and green cube. So I d'say problem not in that definetly.
Level 2
May 10, 2021
cool model of Sylvanas please tell me you have a model of the angel terael from hots with skins
Level 10
Oct 28, 2012
@Chack Heroes of the Storm uses original models that differ from those used in WoW. I'm afraid the textures will differ as well. But look around the web, almost every HotS model has been ripped already as far as I know. You just need to look outside the Hive.