Swamp Hound

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Made for the 28th Texturing Contest, inspired by this.

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Texturing Contest #28 Swamp Dwellers
"Contestants are to create a skin representing a swamp dweller, basically a creature that lives in a an area of muddy or flooded grounds (a morass, bog or marsh) using the in-game Warcraft 3 unit models or a custom-made model found on the site."

Creep, Swamp, Felhound, Felstalker

Swamp Hound (Texture)

Congratulations on winning!
Level 22
Dec 30, 2007
Thanks man! :D

Texture looks great!
Thanks, and no worries.
It's look almost perfect :infl_thumbs_up: . Wish is smoother but it's ok in my book.
Smoother how? The moss/leaf-things?

I hoped to see grass/root spikes and tentacles than bone ones. Anyway, texture looks nice.
The unwrap for the spines is complete crap, gave me too much of a headache. I might revisit it after the contest however, as the plan was to go organic to begin with.