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Suomi WWII Units

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Based on HerrDave's models.

Niet, Molotow!

All units have been fixed, updated and get new texture. And i added some new units.

- Rifleman (Standart, with semi-auto rifle)
- SMG (Suomi and MP28)
- Officer
- AT Rifle
- LMG (Browning and Lahti-Saloranta)
- Sniper (2x I left one old version because it looks cool (!!!with old texture!!!).)
- Mortar
- Sapper
- Crew
- AT-Rocket
- Medic
- Flag
- Flamethrower
- Jager Rifleman

Specops units - "Sissi"

- Sniper
- AT-Rifle

Suomi "Sissi" AT-Rifle (Icon)

Suomi "Sissi" AT-Rifle (Model)

Suomi "Sissi" LMG (Icon)

Suomi "Sissi" LMG (Model)

Suomi "Sissi" SMG (Icon)

Suomi "Sissi" SMG (Model)

Suomi "Sissi" Sniper (Model)

Suomi "Sissi" Sniper (Icon)

Suomi AT-Rifle (Model)

Suomi AT-Rocket (Icon)

Suomi AT-Rocket (Model)

Suomi Flag (Icon)

Suomi Flag (Model)

Suomi Flamethrower (Icon)

Suomi Flamethrower (Model)

Suomi Jager (Icon)

Suomi Jager (Model)

Suomi LMG (Browning) (Icon)

Suomi LMG (Browning) (Model)

Suomi Medic (Model)

Suomi Medic (Icon)

Suomi Rifleman (AVS) (Model)

Suomi SMG (MP28) (Model)

Suomi AT-Rifle (Icon)

Suomi Crew (Model)

Suomi Crew (Icon)

Suomi HMG (Model)

Suomi HMG (Icon)

Suomi LMG (Lahti-Saloranta) (Model)

Suomi LMG (Lahti-Saloranta) (Icon)

Suomi Mortar (Model)

Suomi Mortar (Icon)

Suomi Rifleman (Mosin) (Model)

Suomi Rifleman (Icon)

Suomi SMG (Suomi) (Model)

Suomi SMG (Icon)

Suomi Sniper (old) (Model)

Suomi Sniper (Icon)

Suomi Sniper (Model)

Suomi Sniper (Icon)

Suomi Officer (Model)

Suomi Officer (Icon)

Suomi Sapper (Model)

Suomi Sapper (Icon)

General Frank
Derivatives of derivatives are categorized as simple.



Model Reviewer
Level 26
May 8, 2012
Also similar problems with the other packs, there are some issues that need to be fixed:
  • All models need collision shapes.
  • The mortar unit shows the flesh instead of 'gutz' geoset during "Decay Bone". The mortar's "Decay Alternate" should be non-looping.
  • Geosets should disappear at the end of "Decay Bone" animation.
  • Some of models have their light node at zero height, making the omni light invisible (SMG, for example). Some of them lack the nodes (Flamethrower), and some others have the light shown for a little too long (Sniper).
Level 4
Apr 22, 2021
Hello, I have a suggestion - if second rifleman is armed with AVS, maybe it would be nice to add alternate animation of full-auto shooting (like with SMGs). I know that it was extremely impractical by the way (especially on AVS since it's construction wasn't exactly the toughest, yet still).