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Romanian WWII Units

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Based on HerrDave's models.

Death or dishonor! Or cake

Updates: fix old units and adding new

- Rifleman
- SMG (2x) (new)
- Officer (2x) (new)
- AT Rocket
- Sniper
- Crew
- Mortar
- Sapper
- Flag
- Flamethrower
- Medic (new)

Romanian AT Rocket (Model)

Romanian AT Rocket (Icon)

Romanian Crew (Icon)

Romanian Crew (Model)

Romanian Flag (Icon)

Romanian Flag (Model)

Romanian Flamethrower (Model)

Romanian Flamethrower (Icon)

Romanian HMG (Model)

Romanian HMG (Icon)

Romanian LMG (Icon)

Romanian LMG (Model)

Romanian Medic (Model)

Romanian Mortar (Icon)

Romanian Mortar (Model)

Romanian Officer (Icon)

Romanian Officer (Model)

Romanian Officer 2 (Model)

Romanian Rifleman (Icon)

Romanian Rifleman (Model)

Romanian Sapper (Icon)

Romanian Sapper (Model)

Romanian SMG (Icon)

Romanian SMG (MP28) (Model)

Romanian SMG (Orita) (Model)

Romanian Sniper (Model)

Romanian Sniper (Icon)

General Frank
Based on someone else's work and therefore it goes to 'simple/useful'
Level 4
Dec 13, 2020
all these modern army models are great, but could you make ancient armies basing it from herrdave's roman models?
Level 4
Apr 22, 2021
Hello, I think there is a minor issue with ears on attack animation with SMG Soldier with Orita.