Strategie Debate: Spell builds

Level 36
Aug 14, 2006
By megmaconqueror

Alright, well, HellHeaven will know what this is for

For everyone else, here's an update.

Me and HH are debating on which is better suited for Phodom. Fire Mastery (me) or Aura of Fire (HH).

My arguements are (shorted)

  1. Fire Mastery will improve Shield of Fire's healing a lot
  2. Shield of fire will heal more than any of the other healing spells, including Fradz's
  3. In the time Shield of fire lasts, aura of fire, will reduce about 128 (ranged only) where as Shield of fire will heal 1088 health.
  4. Fradz's healing spell would only heal (speculation on stats) 688 hp and 440 mana, at lvl 20 and no lightning mastery
  5. Heaven's Bless will only heal 347 with out Fire Mastery. (speculation on if revival is not instant) And if Phodom dies near the end of the buff, that leaves Fradz, and Galeoth open for a quick death.
  6. Tanks need HPS, and he's got the best HPS spell, and it only gets better with Fire Mastery. (my opinion, not a fact)

HH's arguments (shortend also)

  1. In later chapters you won't be using Phodom's spells that much thus rendering Fire Mastery useless
  2. By using Heaven's Bless, you don't have to worry about healing or potions
  3. Aura of Fire is meant for tank, since it reduces damage done. (Going off of HH's suggestion of Aura of fire, and 10 hits in 10 seconds) 128 from ranged units, and deals 420 damage to melee units. That with Silver Set and Red Orb set, he would kill any normal monster with out any physical attack or spell

So anyway, there's our standings, what's your thoughts? Got anything to add to either side?

Note: There's more to be added to HH's arguments, but i have to go to bed now, its late.