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Yurgimar battle Hardcore No Give-up

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Level 37
Aug 14, 2006
By angky5p

A lot of people asking about this battle. I admit it is the hardest battle in game I've ever faced.
There are 3 stages of this boss which will need different items and gameplays.

I finish this boss with no give-up hardcore mode. Maybe you ask how i get so many item with no give up. I use the gold items at Fradz and i get about 2,5 gold more (about 150% bonus), though it makes the game harder and longer. I have 6 slot items of gold and experience stats.


Skill build
Blazing Fury
Meltdown level 4
Flame Explosion level 10
Heaven's Bless level 12
Aura of Fire level 13
Chaotic Rft level 8


Phodom's Set
Elemental Staff
Azureus Set


Sword Dance
Discharge Level 4 (Personally i really dont like this skill at all better open scissor stab)
Flash Strike Level 15
Blessing of Lightning Level 11
Invisible Strike Level 4
Teleport Strike Level 8


Fradz's Set
Zocmo's Set
Heavy Divine Maximilian
Dragon Buster
Jade Set

Seal of Ressurection
Magical Hammer Level 7
Frozen Fang Level 12
Inner Light Level 7
Magic Convert Level 13
Frozen Paradise Level 8


Galeoth's Set
Crown of Magic
Life's Stone
Battlemage Set
Ring of Wisdom

Stage 1
Items that are useful : -

It is easy just like facing espers no need to change any item or anything just whack the espers.
First esper not really hard.
Second esper you just need to run when he turned invulnerable.
Whack yurgimar till died.

Stage 2
Items needed in this stage :
amulet of magic, dark amulet, qzoch's set, giga ring/tera ring(anything to replenish your mana),
amulet of bless (nice item you get it from chapter 4 prospero, it is like seal of resurrection but also give you increased attack speed and lifesteal, and the best of all you dont need it to be in your inventory. Just pick it up use it to one of your hero and you can drop it. If you don't call this item really nice I dont know what else.)

There are 3 out of 4 debuff that you must choose.
The upper left room have 0% evasion debuff
The upper right have 0 mana debuff.
The lower left have disabled health and mana regen.
The lower right make you can't use panels (esper, potion, spellbook)

Don't go to the upper right chamber it is damn hard to fight with 0 mana.
My order is lower right first. I dont really need the panels and i never use it because i sell all my spellbook for money and I lost the espers because a leak in the game cache so it is not really affect anything.
Second is upper left. Evasion debuff is useful but it is easy to counter this one. When Phodom or Fradz get attacked and in critical condition use flash strike on fradz it will set yurgimar aggro to fradz which have 100% evasion skill from flash strike, with life steal it will replenish its health to full.
Third is lower left. You should change one of your items to item that replenish mana like amulet of great magic and dark amulet, so you will be able to regen your mana.

In this fight everything in each chamber is almost the sama. The difference is only the debuff.
Some skills that Yurgimar have
Normal attack : normally 5000 damage, sometimes can critical about 16000 damage
Knock hero : It will knock your hero far away sometimes it will get bugged and make you pushed outside of the box. He will used it when he doesnt attack and raise his hand.
Teleport away : it will teleport your hero to the edge of the box. When you pushed out of the box dont panic and just wait until he used this skill and you will be back inside.
Summon yurgimar illusion : Summon an illusion of himself.
Summon Chosen Ones illusion : it is the hardest skills to counter. He will summon phodom fradz or galeoth and every attack you made to this illusion it will damage your hero as well. If he summon one of three it is easy just use heaven's bless to the hero and you can whack the illusion till death without afraid of dying. If there are 3 you should run away, attack and heal simultanously to avoid death. You also can use phodom chaotic rift which will help you to run and kill the one you desired first. I recommend everyone have about 10k hp at least so it wont be too easy to died.

Next stage when you have enter three chambers, one yurgimar will be summoned to each chamber. You must kill it all to win.

Items which are useful : Replenish mana item and movement speed item (zocmo's Set, aero)

The hardest part is here. You must be really good at microing unit to win this. There are 4 yurgimars, when they are not attacked they will channeling spells that will damage you (like Hekhar's spell). You must interrupt them to cancel the spell or you will be as good as dead. It is easy if you can split your heroes to engage each one of them but they have bone regeneration which make it really hard to kill alone.

The strategy is to have 2 of your party whack one dragon until it dead while the other one try to interrupt all the other 3. This is really need a good micro skill because the attacked yurgimar can cast somekind of death red star spell? that instantly kill all around him.

The items that will be essential in this fight is amulet that can restore mana. Other items which will be useful is movement speed and lifesteal items. I use phodom to interrupt because he is the one which have lowest dps and he have maximum movement speed from zocmo,s set aura and aero.

It will get easier as one of yurgimar died. It will get easier and easier you will need to microing around for only 3 minutes. The firs 3 minutes will be hard but the later it is easier.

For stealing bone armor. Do you know you can steal it before the epic boss fight even starts?
Equip Fradz with all steal items you have and use three paths and holgro for stats. Go to Yurgimar and there is a dialog box to ready the epic boss answer no. You are still near to Yurgimar and he is not invulnerable. Use all the steal items and steal it voila you will get bone armor.

I will upload a video or picture of the battle later because my connection isnt really good so wait for it
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