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The perfect Fradz

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Level 37
Aug 14, 2006
By Blackdoom59

Spell 1 - Ok this is a hard decision. I know that Aero use Fradz as a caster and IDK why he bothred so much to try that lol. It's better if he remain a DPS. Ok so Illusory Double creates a mirror image every time you get in battle. However the image only deals 45% of Fradz's dmg but it takes 300% dmg. I'm not saying it's useless but Fradz would be stronger with an individual spell (Blade Dance) making Fradz go mad and gain 300% atk speed and loses only 33% of his defese. IF you have got the combat king Siphon Life on a high lvl , Fradz and this spell could be really strong.HOWEVER , if you have some give ups , you may find the Illusory Double better.

Spell 2 - Discharge is the perfect spell for massive damage output(low cool down - massive damage). While the others deal relatively lower dmg , they apply really useful debuffs on the target. Yet they didn't match Discharge. However there is the instant flash , witch could mach it if you want to make Fradz a real DPS. But if you play with Blessing of Lightning, you should pick Discharge, or Shock, if you want to run from an enemy, and also hit him further.

Spell 3 - While in Flash Strike Fradz is completely vulnerable, therefore Lightning Ball and Lightning Storm are the best decisions
Here we found out that they are both good and no matter what you pick, they are always a part of the combo.If have some give ups , Lightning Ball is better tough.

Spell 4 - While most ppl use Ligtning Mastery and Invisible Strike, we found out that Fradz's huge atk speed is better with Lightning Attack. Lightning Mastery is good if you try to make Fradz a caster, and Invisibility also is good if you don't want so much atk speed, and you care only for dmg. Yet as fradz attacks so much with this combo we have chosen , we should add some instant surprising dmg. Also the Lightning Attack is good for both Int Fradz and Agi Fradz, because on Int fradz Lightning Attack deals lots of dmg and on Agi Fradz, it occurs really often.

Spell 5 - Hydro Shell(Bonus armor) and Speed Boost(Bonus AS and MS) are good, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, yet we understand that Blessing of Lightning is the strongest of all:D.Whith its area heal and area buff, it's good for keeping the whole party stronger and safer. With this spell all your stats will be increased, allowing you to deal more dmg with the other spells. However if you INSIST on making Fradz a true DPS, you can ignore Blessing of Lightning and its spell bonuses, and instead pick Speed Boost..

Spell 6 - So I'm sure Teleport Strike is stronger than any DPS spell that our characters use. Not only that it makes Fradz invulnerable till the spell is done, but it also deals 12 devastating attacks. If you have Blessing of Lightning on, you will deal even more dmg with each slash, that's why this spell inflicts so much dmg that Fradz can actually take out 50% of a boss 's HP. This is also a good reason why you should pick Blessing of Lightning.

IMPORTANT: When you cast Teleport Strike, be sure you are fighting a single enemy or, if you are fighting a lot of enemies, be sure they are close to each other and they will not run. If one runs Fradz may continue to slash him and when that enemy goes too far then Fradz kills him, the combo will be lost because he's too far from the other targets.

Now about the combat kings with Fradz here's what you should pick:
-Berserk: Duh !
-Siphon Life: Hmm ,yummy yummy, well, Life Steal is always recommended for high lvl midgets.
-Blind: Since you attack fast, it's good.
-Force Blow: DMG!
-Rage: Extremely useful for Fradz.

Try stealing as many items as you can and don't waste your money too much, also try defeating all the bosses and completing all the quests. Try making a defensive gear in chapter 2, because Fradz is really weak there, also don't put yourself in fights that are above your lvl.

Acquire all the dmg items from Phodom(Including Zwill blade/Orichalcon). They will serve you well. If you play Int Fradz ,you should have some of the magic damage for Discharge and area spells.

Always retain as much HP as you can, don't enter a room alone, keep using your area heal so Phodom is always empowered (because he's a tank)

Steal everything, on this chapter you should have lots of money so it's not that hard. However if you spend them, try being a little defensive also.
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