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Storyline Idea

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Level 20
Jul 14, 2011

I'm making a map called Gsu'h Will, where 'heroes' are indeed 'Believers' (Believers of Gsu'h, obviously, wich is the body form of Elomvah). The need of doing 'Gsu'h Will' is that the world and it's people were made beautifull, but they became dark, they allowed evil to live into their hearts. The people became praising other gods, gods made by human hands, wood gods, plasters goods. Gsu'h Will is rescuing those that have deviated from their path.

There's not much 'Sci-fi' on it. The believer is a human, and all towns are humans. Every quest has some kind of teaching. The quest rewards are based on doing the good, and following a... 'heavenly' moral :p

The problem is that, within that history line, there's not much room for grand evil, epic wars, swords, magic, awesome skills, and tons of other fictional stuff that makes a good game.

I'd like to have some help with that.
How about them getting exiled from the city of Nuradith, where people still believed in Paganism?
Although Gsu'h's signs suggested that they should expand their religion and manifest their god's will, they waged holy wars to force the embrace of it. However, they were twisted and tricked by their own human nature, which tends to become selfish and bloodthirsty in an escalating level.
The believers of Gsu'h are lost within the field of ignorance, unable to perceive the negative effects of their actions.

(Note: This is where the player comes in; he has to retain the fine line between remaining a believer and at the same time balance the war's rating: where war is the key to introduce the presence of the potential "evil", magic and combat)
Level 28
Apr 6, 2010
In that case, make every quest have repercussions based on whether you succeed (if a quest fails, the story continues taking in those failures into account) and how you did it.

Say a quest to end the raids of a bandit crew. Do you get them to leave peacefully or do you join them, enslaving the region? Do you defeat them in battle or do you poison their water supply? Things like that.
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