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Discussion in 'Warden' started by Rufus, Sep 12, 2016.

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  1. Rufus


    Oct 2, 2011
    This is a thread where I develop the story for the game.
    If you want to help me or discuss the story, you can visit this thread.

    Note: You can read the first piece of the story without spoiling anything of the story, as it is displayed to you instantly when you start the game.
    All pieces of text after that though, may spoil the experience you will have in game.

    Chapter 1 - Trouble in Paradise

    This text is displayed as soon as the player starts the game, and serves as a mysterious interlude to the events to come.​
    Meeting Felore
    This is the first time we see Felore. Shalis has just travled from her home to the Temple of Elune.​
    Neccesary Preparations
    Here Shalis returns to Felore after leaving her to research the portal for a while.​
    Finding The Missing Page
    Shalis stumbles upon the page close to the Temple of Elune, and read its content.​
    The Soul Gem
    When Shalis found out about the final required component to create the portal, she knew where to find it and infiltrated the druids cave in order to retrive it.

    Righteous Rage
    Shalis returns to Felore with the Soul Gem, and awaits her judgement.
    Journey Beyond The World
    Shalis retuns to Felore a final time after collecting enough potent Souls in the Soul Gem. Felore is angry and short with her.

    Chapter 2 - Dark Revelations

    Shalis has just stepped into the portal in Starglade
    Shalis explores the area bit until she runs into a small demonic hound which she fights and kills.
    Shalis follows the creatures at a distance, sneaking through their patrols.
    Shalis gets out of the tent, and finds her guide.
    'Shalis, was it? Ka has asked me to lead you. Follow me.'

    Shalis goes ahead and finds a voidcrosser, and rallies the dranei behind her to charge the prison.
    The small group fihts for their lives, but falls one after another until only Shalis and Ka remains.
    Shalis fights Nemiades.
    Shalis runs back to the portal and steps through, leaving the Outland.

    Chapter 3 - Ravaged Remains(Note that my damn computer screwed my over as I wrote this, removing all my text about chapter 3 and 4. The things written here now may be elaborated once I find the energy to rewrite what I lost.)
    As shalis returned home, she finds it utterly destructed. Demonic flames and chaos magic hangs heavy in the air. The trees are broken and reduced glowing piles of coal, the animals are slaughtered, beheaded and disgraced, and not a single Night Elf can be seen. Neither dead or alive ones. Shalis proceeds with stealth, avoiding as many demons as she can, as she inspects the area. She happens to find two Night Elven survivors, a skilled glaive thrower, and a warrior, with eyes burning with anger. Their names are naisha and Maiev.

    All three of them begins to pick the demonic generals off, one after another. Before killing them, they demand the location of Felore, but none are saying much. Finally, they find a talkative one, that tells them that Felore brought her main party of demons, along with six great Demonic Contraptions wielding Ghostfire to the north, just over the border of Moonglade. They are scorching the ground, creating deep tunnels deep into the underground. They will create tunnels leading to all the cornors of the world! They slughtered the demon, located the tunnels entrance, and begun decending into the underground.

    Chapter 4 - Path of Vengeance
    Shalis, Maiev and Naisha travels deep underground. They find all their missing townsfolk, sleeping along the walls of the tunnels. They had not been killed, just cursed with magical sleep and relocated here. But why?
    They proceed through the tunnels, and finds the heart of the nexus, where Felore seems to be waiting for them. She thanks Shalis for her assistance in bringing her to power, and asks her to hand over the Soul Gem. Felore intend to use the soul gem to trap the souls of all the Night Elven people in the tunnels, in order to fuel and open a new portal here.
    Shalis, Maiev and Naisha engages her in a long fight, and miracolusly manages to overcome her. With Felore dead, nothing remains for Shalis. She orders her own execution, because despite of Felores deceit, it was still her that had carried out the horrible deeds she has done. Maiev, who respects Shalis deeply, takes the task upon herself to be Shalis' executioner, and proceeds to carry her armor and moonblade to honour her memory.

    What happened next:

    The Ghostfire Tunnels
    The nexus ends up being named the Barrow Deeps, and was used by druids as a new, safe place to rest. When Illidan many years later is caught trying to create a new well of eternity, he is caught and lockedup in the magical heart of the great cave system. Maiev builds her prison around its center, and vows to be Illidans Warden for all eternity.

    The Soul Gem

    The Soul Gem is seen as an unholy reject by the Night Elven community, and they decide to drop it in the ocean, far off-shore. More than 10000 years later, after being washed around the oceanfloor, it was swallowed by a hungry fish, who got itself caught in a fishermans net. As the fisherman gutted the fish, he discovered the bright glowing crystal. The fisherman brought it as a sign of devotion to the kingdoms most powerful sorcoress, Jaina Proudmoore.

    The Fate of Starglade
    The inhabitants of the now corrupted and chaotic Starglade moved to the neighbouring regions, and never spoke of the tragic events that took place there. After a few centuries, when the forest and its wildlife managed to surpress the magic and start to regrow, its name was long forgotten, and the area was left unnamed for many years to come. The demonic magics remained deep beneath the roots of the new trees, and when the Skull of Gul'dan came along, the magic sprung up through the ground, and corrupted it all again.​

    Last edited: Jul 19, 2018
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