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Discussion in 'Warden' started by Rufus, Sep 12, 2016.

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  1. Rufus


    Oct 2, 2011
    Arrowkey Movement
    Instead of using your cursor to move your main character around, I have developed an arrowkey movement system.
    This is enchanced further by also having a dash button, allowing you to move forward with bursts of speed.

    Hotkey Combat
    The Dash ability is included in the hotkey combat. You attack with Q, dash with W and stun nearby enemies with E.
    In some maps, you may unlock a special ability that places itself on R aswell.

    To Learn more about how to play the game, click here.

    Special Encounters
    Thanks to the special movement and combat system, this maps can present unique enemy encounters, making it vital to
    dodge, dance around and pick your moments to strike in a fight rather than just right-click them and hope or the best.

    I have made sure to include many puzzles and various obstacles in the game in order to not having to rely solely on
    combat to make the game interesting. Most of the puzzles requires patience and hard thinking to figure out, while
    the obstacles often require good movement and timing.

    Long ago, in northern Kalimdor, the area that we today call Felwood, was thriving and beautiful. Some say that it was the closest thing to a paradise to ever exist on Azeroth.


    Starglade was adjacent to Mount Hyjal in the east, the mountain on which the first world tree, Nordrassil, was planted.
    In the north-east, there was the cold and calm landscape of Winterspring, in the north there was Moonglade, and to the west, the ancient and ruined land of Darkshore protected the other regions from the unforgiving and endless sea.

    Here, in the most beautiful place in the world, a sad and horrifying story took place long ago...

    'No, no, no.'
    'Too strong. Too loyal. Too smart.'
    'We need to keep looking. One of them it is.'
    'Decent strength, but very wise. He will not be fooled.'
    'How about her then?'
    'Pretty strong still. A warrior, but she is narrowminded and blind. This might work.'
    'In love too? I think we found the one.'
    'Take him.'

    It was a wonderful day in Starglade. somewhere in the eastern parts, muffled noises from strong wind echoed between the trees.
    'You almost got it!'
    In an open field, a night elven huntress in a heavy cloak and armor stood, supporting herself with her hands on her knees.
    Shalis caught her breath: 'Do I have to do it in this armor? It is tricky enough already.'
    'You have already made a lot of progress without it, love. Also, I figured that practicing Wind Steps as you would use it in battle made sense.'
    'I'd rather do it without armor, or any other clothing for that matter, Willow. That would make things a lot more entertaining for both of us.'
    Willow blushed. He always considered himself awkward, and situtions like this was not easy to handle for him.
    Shalis took a perfect Wind Step towards him. She hugged him, gave him an encouraging smile and said:
    'Sorry, but you are just so adorable when you don't know what to say.'
    She gently placed a rouge strand of hair behind his ear. An uncontrollable smile haunted Willows lips.
    'Shalis Darkhunter...' he said with a dreamy look in his eyes. 'I..'
    He got cut off. In the cornor of his eye, he saw a bush in the treeline on his right twitch. He turned his head, and looked towards the treeline. Shalis turned her head too. Trying to catch a glimpse of what he saw, she carefully scanned the treeline. Just before she gave up, she found himself staring into a pair of burning eyes, embedded in the bushes. The eye-contact lasted for half a second, then, a large hound leaped out, and charged at them. Shalis reached for her Moon Blade hanging from her waist. Willow placed his other hand on his staff. Shalis waited with risen blade as the hound got closer. Just as she began to see its demonic features, the blade suddenly felt heavy. The heavy sensation quickly spread to the rest of her body and she felt like the earth tried to swallow her. Trying to reposition her stance, she failed to find the balance in her right foot, which caused her to sidestep and collapse into Willow. He caught her, and turned his head to gaze into her eyes.
    Limbless like a ragdoll she fell into a sitting position. Willow held her still, and she tried to focus on his eyes, but her vision was hazed, and she could barely keep her eyelids up. With enormous effort, she raised her hand to stroke his cheek... Then, she drifted away into deep sleep.

    She woke up a few minutes later with a pounding head and blurry vision. She blinked hard a few times, and extended a hand to massage her neck. What had happened? Her memory was dimmed. She remembered training the Wind Steps with Willow. A teasing joke. An embracement. A pair of eyes... Burning eyes. The hound! She spun on her heels to look about her. No hound, no blood, nothing, not even a handsome elven druid!
    No answer.
    'Willow, asnwer me!'
    A tree waved merrily in the distance. A bird sang a happy tune. No answer still. Shalis was worried. Willow would never just leave her there. Something must have happened to him. Almost panicing, she closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths to keep calm and think straight. What needed to be done? She opened her eyes with determination.
    'I need to go see Felore.'

    Zelda - Ocarina of Time is one of the first games I've ever played and it served as a big inspiration for this project.
    I have tried to take their elements in aspect of puzzles, obstacles and bosses, and tried to make it fit in
    the warcraft universe. This is what it became.

    The idea behind this project was to create something unique, rarely seen in Warcraft. As a base I used the arrowkey
    movement system I created a long time ago and created a map around it. I then was inspired by Zelda and tried to
    replicate their combat system. Instead of the standard wc3 "right-click and watch if it goes well" style, I added an
    ability for attacking and a dash ability for kiting, both activated solely by hotkeys.

    Then I removed the standard wc3 UI which allows the player to see slightly more of the terrain at the same time,
    which I think created a good feeling. Here I also made a lot of clean-up in the map interface. I used blank BLP
    pictures to remove all little buttons, texts and icons in the console and imported Black icons to remove ability
    icons. I even installed a sound to get rid of that tiny click noise you can hear hen clicking an icon in-game. Everything
    in order to remove the standard wc3 preferences.

    The cursor was temporarily also removed completely from the game, but this caused problems as the standard
    warcraft "options" menues doesn't have hotkey commands, making it impossible to adjust and navigate. Therefore, I
    returned the cursor again, but made it disappear completely if you move it to the edge of the screen.


    -Project Insights-
    Warden is a project that I have been working on for the past couple of months, while the idea of the project
    itself has been concieved over a looong time. Ever since I made Tomb Raider, a map where I first tried the
    custom combat system that now is part of this project, I wanted to make a campaign out of this concept. I have
    put similiar maps on ice many times due to lack of ideas or energy.

    My former projects wasn't finished due to one main reason: I thought too big too soon. In my other project I
    started with a 256x256 map thinking: "TONIGHT, WE CREATE!". And yes, that night I worked a lot. The next night,
    a little less. And so it goes on until the project is dead.

    In this project I tried to think around that. I have made a first scratch of a campaign layout that I am satisfied
    with. I also made the project consist of many small maps with the idea of leaving a few finished maps instead
    of one or two unplayable, half-finished ones when the project eventually die.

    Therefore, before creating this thread I made sure to have a map finished already. And, when I finished that, I
    created one more. Just because. And then yet another one.
    You can download and play those first maps of this project by clicking the pictures at the end of this post.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2017
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