Stormwind Buildings

  • Buildings for the Kingdom of Stormwind. Art design based on the structures in Stormshield an Alliance location in Draenor and others.
  • Please give proper credits when using these model
  • Notify me for any issue with the model
  • Do not upload any part of this pack to other sites
  • Do not edit without permission
  • Made the models passed sanity check
  • Remove unused textures and keyframes
  • Changed the Arcane Vault's portrait/camera
  • Changed the Stand Work animation of the Aviary

  • Added Reinforced Defense model, an upgrade/ability for the defensive towers
    • The idea is to have the tower's armor/ defense type upgraded/ modified with the "Reinforced Defense" upgrade/ ability

      - For some reasons the model does not work with the reinforced burrow upgrade ability so try using Magic sentry and changed the attachment point to "origin". Just make sure that the upgrade effect grants the towers with increased armor/hit points or will modify its defense type.
      - I am still experimenting on this one but if you have other ideas to make it work notify me.

These models takes time and effort to make. And due to current state of the global economy we found ourselves in different hard circumstances. Anyhow your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated. Please consider supporting me via the links below :

PayPal: PayPal.Me/bakrKev12

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Altar (Model)

Altar (Icon)

Arcane Vault (Model)

Arcane Vault (Icon)

Aviary (Model)

Aviary (Icon)

Barracks (Icon)

Barracks (Model)

Blacksmith (Model)

Blacksmith (Icon)

House (Model)

House (Icon)

Lumber Mill (Icon)

Lumber Mill (Model)

Mage Tower (Model)

Mage Tower (Icon)

Reinforced Defense (Model)

Tower (Model)

Tower - Arcane (Icon)

Tower - Cannon (Icon)

Tower - Guard (Icon)

Tower - Scout (Icon)

Town Hall (Icon)

Town Hall - Castle (Icon)

Town Hall - Keep (Icon)

Townhall (Model)

Workshop (Model)

Workshop (Icon)

General Frank
A very fine set of edited buildings. A bit high on the polygon count, but still very useful. Good job.