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spiceant Succes Training

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Level 4
Jun 19, 2004
Hello everyone,

spiceant Succes Training is a mini game to train your observation abilities. You can train on your own and record highscores or in multiplayer with your friends. The objective of the game is to get to the highest level you can.

The gameplay involves counting units of particular colors and giving the answer to the game (typing it out in chat) to be checked. If you'r wrong, the game resets (so you have no extra lives). The higher levels are achieved, the more difficult they will become and the game will start to play some tricks on you like asking you how many units of a color there were in a previous level. The method of attaining that highest score is to stay observant and concentrated. The map will chastize & stimulate the lazy to try harder if they don't mind lifting more then 6 brain cells.

The map is completely playable and this version is bugfree for as far as my experience and testing goes. More features will be added, suggestions will be observed (and acted upon) and even meaner levels will be invented.

enjoy >:) (click the smiley)

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