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Spell function

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Maybe there was question like this,but i want ask.
I wanna like 8 spells with same type but with different names like:

8x War stomp with different names and icons in one hero (spell book)
But when i cast one war stomp, all war stomps begin bug...I just can't use one spell 8x, can i change it like every spell will working with the same type but different names and icons using one hero?
Level 16
May 1, 2008
Seas =)

"3) I have multiple spells that are all based off the same spell. When I cast one, they all cast. How do I fix this?
Since they are all based off the same spell, they all have the same Order ID. Base them off different spells. This is the only way to fix this problem."

[From the tutorial of The Raven"]
Level 4
Jan 9, 2010
No, you don't need to remake the spells. In the object editor, scroll down almost to the bottom and find the Order string Use/Turn on. Change these values so that they are all different.

That chould do it, but there may still be some bugs, I have experinced this while I had different Order strings (Wierd bug).
Level 18
Jan 21, 2006
You could base each ability off of Channel so that you can change the Order IDs. From here you can detect whenever any of these "Channel" spells are cast and have a dummy unit execute the actual ability, which the user will never end up seeing but the effect will still come into play when the "dummy" casts the hidden ability.

Channel is an ability that you can properly change the Order IDs to.

Couldn't help but notice you said 8x abilities, and then mentioned (in brackets, like this) something about a spellbook. You should know that a spellbook's information must yield certain rules.
  • Minimum/maximum ability count must be the same.
  • Make sure you flag off the field that makes all the abilities in the spellbook run on one cooldown.

There are others, but you should read a tutorial on how to use the ability properly if you are unsure. Hope this helps.
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