Specific Order of Animations?

Level 17
Mar 7, 2005
I just messed around with animation things in milkshape.. created a simple birth animation and some stand animations. But after testing the model in Wc3, it was only looping the birth animation, instead of playing the birth animation once and then moves over to stand animation and looping this one.

While searching the hive for help I found out, that most people or tutorials wrote Stand at first position, followed by Attack, Death, etc. like this:

Death, 80-110

I was just wondering, if this might be the problem, so Wc3 uses some Order of Animations? Like the Stand animation has to be the first animation made/used?
Unfortunately I just created the Birth animation first, like the normal play order.. birth, stand, attack, death, etc. like this:

Stand, 40-60

Does this really effect the play order and looping stuff within Wc3? It would suck to change the order of those animations, because I have to reanimate them all. Maybe there are some settings like "Looping - yes, no" or something like that :p

Hope somebody can help me, thanks in advance!
Level 19
Feb 4, 2009
It doesn't matter in which order you make the anims.

can't confirm this
once had a model which showed perfectly in magos but ingame all stand animations after Stand - 1 did not show
after renaming Stand - 1 to Stand - 3 and Stand - 3 to Stand - 2 and Stand - 2 to Stand - 1 it worked
I renamed them again to make sure that it was caused by this issue and it did not work again so I am pretty sure that there has to be some specific order
someone told me it would be alphabetical but I had the sequences in the order 1000-2000 5000-6000 and 3000-4000 so I am not sure about that
Level 11
Apr 28, 2008
The order of animations doesn't matter. At least I never ran into problems. Usually my animation order looks like this: "Base"(for adjusting bones for particel emitters etc.),"Stand", "Walk", "Stand,Ready", "Attack", "Spell" and "Death". After the death part I usually add animations like cinematic etc. At least all the used names are correct as well as the looping/nonlooping you can choose what order you want.