Southfury River 2.6

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Lordaeron Summer
Players: 1v1, 2v2, or FFA
Resources: 4x 13,500 (starting positions), 4x 11,000 (natural expansions)
Creepcamps: 10x Green, 16x Orange, 2x Red (1v1), 0x Red (2v2&FFA)
Neutral buildings: 1x Tavern, 4x Goblin Shop, 2x Mercenary Camp (L. Summer), 2x Goblin Laboratory
Approach: This map aims to be a large 1v1 map that hopefully has less balance issues than TM. This is hopefully achieved by:
  • accessibility of shops independently of starting positions,
  • better earlygame creeproutes,
  • no island expansions.
Changelog 2.6:
-added a missing creep.

Changelog 2.5:

-slightly increased strength and reduced gold amount of natural expansions to account for their safe locations.

Changelog 2.4:

-some balance changes due to input by @SayuriTenshi @Knecht @JaleVeliki and @mafe, especially widening the chokes near the natural expansions by 2 cells
Changelog 2.3:
-Changed positions of neutral buildings
-Added 6 green creepcamps
-Reworked all creepcamps and itemdrops
-Increased starting goldmines to 13,500
-Removed cliffs and added ~20 trees at each starting location
-Added some doodad islands in wide open areas
Changelog 2.2:
-swapped the creepspots between Merccamp and Goldmine
-changed the itemdrops at the red spots
-minor terrain improvements
Changelog 2.1:
-swapped Merccamp and Goldmine itemdrops
-opened the starting positions a little bit and cleared unnecessary stuff around the middle area for smoother team fights
Changelog 2.0:
-swapped Shop and Lab positions
-major terrain rework
-deleted a 3-4 trees at every starting position for more building space
-itemdrop at goldmines adjusted (they accidentaly dropped 2 tomes instead of 1)

Southfury River 2.6 (Map)

Approved. A working melee map. While the general layout of the map is looking good, I think the terrain could be upgraded, but it is good enough for approval anyway. If you want more reviews, try joining the Grand Review Exchange.
Level 25
Oct 2, 2011
Hmm, yes.
That is a thing that I've not considered while moderating melee maps.
I usually check those maps in editor, so that I can see itemdrop tables and such more easily. This will be a thing that I will keep in mind and keep an eye out for in the future. :)

@Kaer#2460, fix this asap.
The map will be put to awaiting update until you do.
Level 6
Jan 8, 2010
Wow, I have to say, this map looks really nice :) There's not a whole lot for me to say. I really enjoy the sights around the map. Each corner of the map has it's own little story, without saying a word. That's so cool :) There are very very few plain areas on the map (in my opinion? It's fact if everyone agrees :p ) The only plain area I could find:
The black box is roughly the viewing window from in game. There's about a screen and a half with little or no variation. Not that big of a deal, really.
Aside from the bases, which players need to have room to build in, so no complaints there.
I enjoy that the map is balanced and symmetrical, while still being unique from side to side (and corner to corner, in fact.)
Great job :) 5/5 from me.
Level 16
Jan 29, 2017
Hey Guys,
thanks for your great feedback. I didn't actually intend to work on this map any further, but your points of improvement were too convincing to ignore them.

Holy Sh**, I always knew texturing wasn't exactly my strength, but I didn't realize, how bad it actually was. I started allover again and hope, I have stepped up my texturing quite a bit now :)

Base-design is quite tricky. Of course, you need enough space to build. But on the other hand, you don't want the trees to be too far away because of harvesting and tactical base building. I removed 3-4 trees from each starting position and hope that I have found a better balance now.
Also, I added a few tiles here and there, to prevent plain areas :)

The biggest change is that I have reworked the map design. Originally it were two crossing rivers, which looked quite artificial, because crossing rivers are not possible in the real world. The changes only affected blocked areas though. Balance-wise everything should be the same.
Now the map should have way more flavour, without changing anything important.

I hope you enjoy it!