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Something has occured to me...

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Level 2
Jun 5, 2009
It seems as if everything that can be made with the WC3 editor, has been made.
Am I just not thinking outside of the box, or is this true?
I'm really fond of the editor and would really like to make a fun map that I can be proud of, but I just can't seem to come up with something other than AoS, RPG, or strategy.

I'm actually toying around with a map right now. It has AoS elements such as AI units spawning/attacking fixed points with a neutral flag for the players to focus on in the middle. Its just an idea but I don't know if anyone else has created such a map.

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Level 3
Nov 4, 2004
I think you're not thinking outside the box. That said, I think you're not alone in that respect, so don't feel bad.

The setup you mention is a common setup in team competitive play, but one of several variations on Capture The Flag. It's a solid mechanic for multiplayer games, especially for players like those on Warcraft III. (I believe a similar setup was featured in The Frozen Throne's Human/Blood Elf campaign: the battle for Illidan's Magnificent Rolling Wagon)

If you want to try thinking out of the box, I would suggest first moving away from focusing on competitive combat.
Level 3
Apr 6, 2009
it des seem kinda hard to come up with something new and refreshing.

all i can come up with is:
- beast and bumpkins type map.
- 3rd person shooter.
- a scrolling top-down shooter like the old ww2 games, or raptor, etc.
- Do a better mariokart clone..
- something like Snake or bomberman

but these are all just clones of old games id like to see redone.

ill try and come up with something original.. if i manage to pull that off il let u know
Level 18
Aug 23, 2008
It's true. Warcraft III is stuff with 99% of crappy (O)RPGs, TDs, Hero defense, AoS and more.

However, if it was so easy to create something original, everybody would do it. I think the best shot you have on something original is an RPG focussed on the story for a change or a really, really unique gameplay system. That last is probably really hard, but it is possible to create a very strong story. So my suggestion is that you try to make an RPG that's focussed on the story. Make sure it is well expressed for a good game and try to let the player be dragged in the storyline as good as you can.
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