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Social Network For Gamers Is Here...

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Level 1
Dec 2, 2010
We have been working on a platform where gamers can come and make a profile associated with there gaming career, allowing gamers to share pictures,videos,status updates and many more features.

The Aim

Game2Face Offers Members The Chance To Connect With Other Gamers Be It Cross Server, Cross Platform Thus Giving Gamers The Power To Share And Make The Gaming World More Open And Connected.

What Features Does The Site Offer

Personal Profiles - Customise to your taste
Search - Filter to show members on your server or use another filter type
Latest Activity Updates - Wall like feature where you can see other users updating there status or when they upload new pictures or videos allowing you to comment freely.
HD/SD Video Upload Or Embed A Video - Using youtube or vimeo
Easily Upload Pictures - Share with the world and show off your characters, upload that funny moment picture or that screenshot when you finally downed that boss
Latest Gaming News - Provided from MMO-Champ giving you the very up to date news as soon as it is posted
Online Chat - Where you can see live users online where you can chat 1on1 with our easy to use facebook like tool bar that activates once you log in.
Create Chat Rooms - Create rooms where all other users can join you in a debate or hot topic with our easy to use facebook like tool bar that activates once you log in.
Create Groups - Allowing users to join and share thoughts on your group topics. You might wanna just make a group with your server name drawing people to join that are on your server.
Events - Make events these can be private to your friends or just any body.
Ad-free - The site is for gamers and is non profitable just a homebrew network that we hope gamers will make there own.
No Charge - Its free and always will be.

We are happy to launch the site now and hope people will join us to build this underground social network for gamers. We are updating features all the time and have a couple of things that we are working on at the moment, we are also happy for ideas on features or changes you would like to see as its a social network for gamers and we want to make sure your happy. We shall be running an opening competition where you can grab yourself a cool prize, you will be updated this coming Friday through your profile. We are looking at incresing our team and are looking at recruiting moderators, logo designers & html coders if you are interested please email us at [email protected] with the subject line "Recruiting".



-G2F Team
Level 1
Dec 3, 2010
Looks alot like wowmeetingstone.com, with them, blizzbook, and warcraftsocial scheduled to come back online soon, things should be interesting!
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