Skyseeker Queen (Reforged)

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A fully clothed and no caped variant of the High/Blood Elf Ranger.

Lady Euphemia is a revered queen of the Skyseekers, calmly and agile Elven faction that served the Republic for generations. She was recruited by Lord Galahad when the Orcs invaded and defiled the Skyseeker Elves' homeland of Elysium. She paid her debt to Lord Galahad by pushing the Orcs back from this Elven homeland. Now Euphemia is now the queen of all Elves and Elysium is now home to all Elves from other factions. But her restoration comes at a cost, Lord Galahad has fallen during the Orc assault at Norelia while he and his comrade-at-arm Gaius Visceral are trying to defeat the Orc General Varhok of the Bloodaxe Clan. To make matters worse, House Sonora and House Jennalla rebelled against Euphemia and she had no choice to coerce with the peaceful House Vasha, as well as the Republic Expeditionary Force led by Ranger-Captain Athena Celiarte.

Skyseeker Queen Hair Diffuse (Reforged) (Texture)

Skyseeker Queen Icon (Reforged) (Icon)

Skyseeker Queen Main Diffuse (Reforged) (Texture)

Skyseeker Queen Main Normal (Reforged) (Texture)