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Silverhand Buildings

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
  • I've been holding on to these model for quite sometime now. These are supposed to be for the Scarlet Crusade but I renamed them for the Silverhand faction since I like the light blue team color on them. And also I always see the Scarlet crusade as remnants of the Lordaeron army while the silverhand evolved into a somewhat a self contained group with in the alliance. (Not really lore based but based on personal perspective)

  • The Abbey is based on my Northshire Abbey model but I decided to include it here to complete the pack. It is meant to be the counterpart of the Arcane of Sanctum which trains spell casters. The Tabernacle on the other hand is for the Arcane Vault where holy relics are stored for the exclusive use of the Order, some sort of shop.
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Abbey (Icon)

Abbey (Model)

Altar (Model)

Altar (Icon)

Aviary (Icon)

Aviary (Model)

Barracks (Icon)

Barracks (Model)

Cathedral (Icon)

Cathedral (Model)

Cathedral - Diocese (Icon)

Cathedral - Parish (Icon)

Forge (Model)

Forge (Icon)

Lodge (Model)

Lodge (Icon)

Lumber Mill (Model)

Lumber Mill (Icon)

Tabernacle (Model)

Tabernacle (Icon)

Tower (Model)

Tower - Cannon (Icon)

Tower - Guard (Icon)

Tower - Holy (Icon)

Tower - Scout (Icon)

Workshop (Model)

Workshop (Icon)

Level 11
Jul 20, 2022
Actually the description is close or more so from the Warcraft lore. The Silverhand faction is really a remnant of Lordaeron's champions and agents of the Church of Light, then after the fall they settled in on Stormwind and became the Argent Dawn. The Cathedral seems from Stormwind, well anyway good job on making sir bakr 👌. Are we gonna see Dalaran faction in future updates sir bakr? 🤔.
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Level 18
May 28, 2020
This is Lordaeron's second building pack. As always good. Especially Forge. I really like this building.Looking forward to your third set of Lordaeron building pack. :peasant-ok-hand:
I am referring to Scarlet Crusade. Although Lordaeron and Silverhand Buildings can be used instead of Scarlet Crusade. But I would prefer Scarlet Crusade to have its own independent building pack.:grin:


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