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Shaman King AoS (lacks a name)

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Level 15
Sep 3, 2006
I've been working on and off for the past year and a half on this map based off of the popular manga/anime Shaman King. It's similar to other anime aos maps and I'm also trying to make it unique in its own ways. I'm not saying that I'm succeeding, as many of the things I have done can easily be replicated by any mapmaker wishing to make a great map.

The map features nearly-full customizable characters. The only thing you can't really change are what abilities they have, their main stat, and their stat growths. The hero level cap is 30. Each hero has 4 abilities, 3 that can be learned normally and one ultimate that requires many hero levels to learn. The 3 that can be learned normally all have 7 levels and the ultimate has 5. Abilities that damage, heal, or summon units are all based on stats.

Because the map is based off of an anime, creating items is very difficult, so I've decided to make items that are...somewhat generic, but don't really fit into any specific genre. If you haven't seen Shaman King, basically tomes (not wc3 tomes, tomes that can be used as weapons), staffs, necklaces, katana, and other weapons that appear in Shaman King.

I notice that through all this explanation, I have failed to bring up anything truly unique. This is where I'm at a loss. The map is basically complete. I finished terraining long ago and I spent quite a bit of time adding unique systems (double/triple/monster/holy shit kills from dota, a creepscore system that 100% mimics dota, to name a couple). I'd say right now, the only thing I have left are finishing items and polishing off the characters (this will probably take me the longest of anything I've done so far).

I'm sure I've brought up DotA enough in the last paragraph and I'm sure some of you think that making this map like DotA is a bad idea. I disagree. Although this map mimics DotA in some ways, they're all for the best. A creepscore system that is just like the one in DotA is not anything to remove from this map. It is something I'm proud of as a mapmaker (especially since I scripted it in GUI) and find very useful. Even if people associate that with DotA, it's not like people can complain, as if you want to use the cs function it is very handy. I added the killing spree stuff just for fun :D

Now on to the real stuff. I need help with unique ideas. There's not much that separates this map from other anime aos maps other than the terrain, the unique characters, and the abilities. I'd be most appreciative if I could get some help.

I'll include a list of characters in the map for those interested:
Asakura Yoh, Descendant of Hao
Asakura Hao, Shaman King
Bokotou no Ryu, Shaman Gangster (I don't like that title to be honest)
Tao Ren, Corrupted Shaman (Maybe this'll change too, I like it though)
Horohoro, Forzen Shaman (eh, maybe this one too)
Chocolove, Shaman Comedian (tempted to change it to black shaman...)
Lyzerg Diethel, Spirit Dowser
Marco, X-Laws Second in Command
Jeanne, Iron Maiden of Justice
Lee Pailong, Martial Artist

So far there's only 10 so I'll probably have to add some more.

I'd say the map is about 67-73% complete. Polishing the map and adding items will take me enough time, but I have confidence I can do that. I'm interested in people's suggestions/feedback.
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