[Campaign] SevenBlood's Campaigns and Projects

Level 7
Aug 18, 2018
Where i can download Invasion of Kalimdor rewamp?
Level 10
May 10, 2018
Hello SevenBlood. Been going through your campaigns for some time, and recently through your Curse of the Blood Elves Revamp. Been enjoying it, but I would like to make a suggestion for how the map go, and specifically Gold Mines. Now, I realize on several maps of the campaigns (like the first one involving Nagas), the low amount is an inentive to expand more aggressively on the map. However, the campaign eventually also seems to push towards big armies clash, a bit like Legends of Arkain for instance (and going by the fact Upkeep is pretty much removed), which also lead to eventually slower progression across the map.

The fact I want to point out is that the AI mines up the Goldmines at the same rate as the player. Thing is, on bigger and slower maps, it can mean you defeat an enemy, only to discover their Goldmines are already gone, which can eventually mean you're left with no resources for later parts of the maps.

I was going to suggest if it was possible to implement the fact the AI only takes one Gold Unit from a mine when it uses it (like Arkain for instance), so they can last longer while still offering a payoff for the player when they take these bases, which does seem to me to go with some of the maps where bigger clashes happen.

Now if this is a choice from you, or a necessary balance regarding the AI allies also present on the map, I will understand the choice made, but I just wanted to talk about this situation, because it feels like it can become a potential problem on some maps.

Hope you're doing well, and your Revamp projects, present and future, will go well.