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Sep 7, 2017
I'm a huge fan. May be you could play with different paladin auras for Human Campaign. Plus idk about it being multi-race campagn since its mostly about human kingdom but what do I know :> different units sounds fun from gameplay design tho. Plus its Very interesting when you can pick different abilities for you main hero or have other heroes or demi-heroes. <3

Plus I would say that a lot of zombies might be nice <3 like a lot <3 like a zombi-apocalypse ty.
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Sep 7, 2017
Do u have a patrion?

Btw that 3 dread-lord scene with portals. I actually liked the original thing much more - the place looked great, idk about that portal and demons thing. But I enjoy your work anyway :)
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Jan 5, 2022
Hello to any who make it here and want to read about a few ideas I've been having for my REVAMP campaign series and other ideas I've had floating around for a while. This thread is mostly to give you some insight into what I'm planning and for me to get ideas into something more physical, although I'd love any suggestions you'd care to leave below :peasant-cheers-back:

In arbitrary order of the playable campaigns and then some random ideas for other projects:

Main Campaigns:

Prologue Campaign

The Prologue campaign, Exodus of the Horde, is a piece of Warcraft 3 lore and gameplay piece that got pushed to the side and then brought back with Reforged (Check out InsaneMonster's ReReforged version if you haven't!) and I want to eventually add it into the REVAMP lineup. See more under Invasion Of Kalimdor.

Scourge of Lordaeron
Scourge of Lordaeron I would try and put the emphasis on it being an ALLIANCE campaign versus a human one. This means that similarly to Invasion of Kalimdor, you get access to units from all Alliance races and regions. Melee units like the Human Footman, Dwarf Warrior, or Elven Swordsman. This campaign would likely have the raised dead mechanics from Path of the Damned included since the undead are the main antagonists.

Path of the Damned
While I have released Path of the Damned and I'm pretty happy with it overall, there are some bugs and other features that I want to improve upon. Path of the Damned REVAMP 2.0 will feature new and improved mechanics I've been working on for Legacy of the Damned, new items, and other smaller changes to polish the experience.

Invasion of Kalimdor
The first campaign I fully realized and I still enjoy but it very much served as a prototype for Path of the Damned. I plan to remake this Revamp and bring it in line with the others as well as adding the 5 prologue maps into the campaign. This will also mean removing the camp missions and moving the entire troop choice systems into the maps themselves. While I really like the camp mechanic, it can get old really fast and caused a few yanky situations where it can be much easier to make your choice at the start of the map.

Eternity's End
My original plan for Eternity's End was to have a world map where you can move your heroes around to do missions in specific areas but since then I've started liking the idea less and less. My current plan is to completely change the Night Elf techtree and create a Sentinel and Druid race, otherwise, no major ideas are planned for Eternity's End just yet.

Terror of the Tides
Where my REVAMP ideas started and then moved onto Invasion of Kalimdor. I'm a big fan of the Watcher techtree I made but there aren't any other changes I can think of yet to give it more unique gameplay.

Curse of the Blood Elves
My current main REVAMP project featuring custom Blood Elf and Naga races. I had a lot of fun creating a Mana Addiction mechanic for the Blood Elf race to make them feel more unique to play and also a bit more complex compared to the strange hybrid race we got originally. The Naga also follow a similar style where water is both their greatest strength and worst weakness. All naga units are amphibious but their buildings require water to be built, forcing you to be more judicial in how you use this precious resource. On every map where both factions are present, you will be given the choice of playing as one while an AI ally controls the other. I'm hoping this will encourage more replayability and help the idea of a sort of hybrid campaign (It also includes Broken Draenei!)

Legacy of the Damned
Legacy of the Damned resembles its predecessor in that Raising Dead is the main mechanic but with a few twists on the idea. As this campaign is already split between Arthas and Sylvanas I decided to increase the burgeoning Forsaken techtree and give different manners in interacting with corpses and dead units. Rather than Raise them, rob their graves for more resources, or Feast on them to gain permanent hitpoints. On Arthas' side of things, use a now weakened Scourge in Northrend but receive the aid of Undead Nerubians and the newly risen San'layn as allies.

The Founding of Durotar
As much as I respect the RPG gameplay of the bonus campaign, Frozen Throne lacked a proper orc macro campaign and I want to give my own take on that but with a splash of Rexxar flavor. The premise of this REVAMP would be turning the original quests into more RTS-focused maps on their own. Start off wandering the wastes as Rexxar, escort Kodos alongside Nazgrel, lead an expedition into Thunder Ridge alongside Drek'thar and take the fight to Admiral Proudmoore with your own army. The mechanic I'm most looking forward to will be a sort of party-building system. Hunt and tame beasts throughout the Barrens and add them to Rexxar's party, choosing which to upgrade and take on your missions. (Misha is pretty much the Pikachu of the party)

REVAMP Side Stories:
Revamp Side Stories is an idea I had when thinking of what Muradin was up to in Northrend before Arthas found him. These side stories will either be single missions or short bonus campaigns telling extra stories about characters, locations, and events connected to the main campaigns but never fully explored, such as...

The Settling of Theramore
Muradin's Expedition and Baelgun's Survivors
The Beginning of the Plague
Kael'thas' return to Quel'thalas
The Blackrock Rituals
Arthas' Journey to Kalimdor
Garithos' marshaling of the Lordaeron Survivors
The War of the Spider

...and others!

I like the idea of side stories because it gives me something to work on when I get burned out on a single campaign or idea and can always come back to to work on it a little.

I'd love any feedback and ideas you would like to give as these ideas are very much just a basic rundown of what I've thought of so far

Thanks for reading :peasant-cheers-back:

Screenshots of progress made for Curse of the Blood Elves, about 50% done with the campaign as a whole:
View attachment 386161View attachment 386162View attachment 386163View attachment 386164View attachment 386165
SO completely excited for the blood elf maps, The screenshots look amaze! Any progress updates??
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Aug 4, 2018
The 5 Revamp maps for Exodus of the Horde are now available for a final round of bug testing before I fully release them, any help with trying them out/feedback is greatly appreciated!
The maps do currently not contain Achievements as I haven't been able to think of enough meaningful ones for these missions.

hey there happy newyear, i jsut want to ask how we can play this revamp map ?


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Apr 6, 2014
Something happened @SevenBlood, two of my heroes were straight up deleted as if they never existed. Also figured I'd just keep everything in one thread.


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Apr 6, 2014
Now, this is one I haven't seen happen before. Did you have access to them when you got your base or did they disappear in the middle of a fight?
Disappeared as my army passed through where the treeline separated the village from my base.

Edit: Here's a vid of what I did with my army, although there is a factor missing of enemies attacking through the treeline but I thought it best to show how it happened.

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Sep 7, 2013
Hey Sevenblood, big fan of your work. I've heard you're having difficulties coming up with compelling ideas for the Scourge of Loraderon campaign so I'd thought I make a few suggestions. Hope it helps

1. Ultimate Fighting Force- Considering Arthas was able to fight off hundreds of Undead across Lordaeron and Northend with a very finite amount of troops and resources. Maybe there could be a deeper upgrade system for individual troops.

For example typical melee unit in the Orc campaign has two ability upgrades, maybe a Footman under Arthas's control could get 4 unique upgrades. Maybe even take cues from the Troll Berserkers, and Footman could get a new model after unlocking a certain upgrade.

Royal Armor- Higher quality steel that lets the Footman reduce all melee damage.

You could also have some of the more powerful upgrades be dependent on quest objectives as well.

High Elf Priest-

Ability: Healing Rations- Restore a high amount of health to an individual unit at a low mana cost.
Requirement: Destroy the Plague carts in the Defense of Strahdbad mission

2. Morale Choices- Unlock units and abilities based on Arthas's choices within the campaign. Add more morale choices to the story.

Holy Abilities- Good Choices

Protection Abilities- Neutral Choices

Retribution Abilities- Aggressive/Evil choices

3. Falric, Marwyn, Luc Valonforth-

Have them be demi-heroes but with customization options. Maybe even give them some paladin abilities.

Those are just some rough ideas, if any of them stand out to you I would be more than happy to elaborate more.
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Jun 15, 2019
Here's a comparison between the original Dalaran terrain from Reign of Chaos, Path of the Damned REVAMP, and finally the new 5th mission for Curse of The Blood Elves REVAMP. Now that I have a bit more free time I'm working full steam ahead on this campaign :peasant-cheers-back:

Big thanks to everyone that has played, tested, watched, commented, and helped me while working on my hobby :peasant-victory:

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Jun 11, 2017
Here's a comparison between the original Dalaran terrain from Reign of Chaos, Path of the Damned REVAMP, and finally the new 5th mission for Curse of The Blood Elves REVAMP. Now that I have a bit more free time I'm working full steam ahead on this campaign :peasant-cheers-back:

Big thanks to everyone that has played, tested, watched, commented, and helped me while working on my hobby :peasant-victory:

View attachment 397989View attachment 397990View attachment 397992
Looks pretty good! It resembles me an atmosphere, that was lost by Blizzard when they created original map.
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Jun 15, 2019
Hey there folks!
We're getting close to the release of Curse of the Blood Elves REVAMP!
Here is a public beta version for people to help me test and try the maps out if you want to. As always, thanks for all your help and support.

Requires the latest official version of the game. (Not tested on the PTR so far)
MEGA link since I can't upload a ZIP file :peasant-cheers-back:


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Apr 6, 2014
Haven't gotten very far yet and most of what I've seen is only minor correction tier but on chapter two you have some models not showing up in the alliance base.

And Thespia's Ebb and Flow doesn't seem to be healing/giving mana to allied units, the ability acts as though allied units are enemies.
For chapter three seems lady vashj was not imported so no items and starting at level one, also killing Dalvengyr instantly ends the mission, so you don't have a chance to grab his item drop.

Random elves at the bottom corner of the map and blue does not seem to attack you at all after the initial nerubian attack, could just be not enough time for an AI attack to not be sent out but considering how often orange and green send out floods of undead I'm not so sure.
For the more minor stuff

  • Not all of Kael's group follows him down to the ruined shipyard, three units will not even move.
  • Vashj and one of her naga don't actually look at Kael.
  • Just making at this point if the two naga in the water are looking in the right direction.
  • Spellbreakers don't have control magic for this
  • A note to possibly change the ability text to reflect the farstrider hero.
  • After Garithos and his army despawns this ship goes back and forth frantically.
  • You can't skip the outro and the myrmidon and the murloc are right on top of eachother.
  • Can hire transport ships from human shipyards.
  • Engineers on E instead of Q
  • The mission starts you off with over 10,000 gold and a lot of lumber
  • The naga seem to have a problem moving out after their first few attacks eventually fixing themselves after most of the map is cleared out.
  • Leftover hint
  • Inner Fire on F instead of E
  • Quest Completed instead of Updated
  • Vashj after initially running back, runs towards Kael and company before despawning.
  • You can't skip the outro.

Was bit of a mess this time will be more orderly next time.


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Dec 17, 2014
Hey Sevenblood. Thanks a lot for doing this it made my day and just brighten up my life today so... Thank you :D
I played only on Brutal

Few things, so far. Episode 2,
It's kinda impossible to take down alliance castle and Black Citadel all with 1 naga tribe (to do all achievements on Brutal) maybe make Blue undead attack humans less often so you get a chance to get to that Castle?
I could not get in time to even scratch humans.
So it's impossible to get those 3 achivements together.
And after you take down Citadel episode immediately ends so no longer needs to join other tribes which is a bit weird to be fair.

Episode 3,
If you're playing Elves Lady vashj after first cutscene dissapears from map, and Naga base doesn't do anything all game long. Does not even make army to protect themselves.
On the other hand, if you are playing Naga, Blood elves take down Spire before i can even get decent enough army to get to Dalegvyr to try to get achievements.
So far that's all feedback I can provide.
In general I really love Blood Elves ideas, skills are great and I'll probably play just with them twice to see what the Desparate measures change :D.

Thank you one more time for making those campaigns. They are great to play.


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Apr 6, 2014
  • The hint appears twice, second was only a short time after the first.
  • Kassan is the only one facing Kael and company
  • And running off to fight you on his own.
  • I'm not sure what the arcane generators are set as but priests will try to heal them as they get hurt, also enemy spells destroy them as well.
  • It's quite easy to sequence break on this map especially in this area with all the fighting the guards up higher will shoot at you.
  • Kassan ran back and forth causing a break in the main fight.

  • Kael'thas did not keep the point in drain mana I gave him.
  • Initial archers have non researched searing arrows already set to autocast.
  • Both races' reinforcement alerts are announced then?
  • Demon guards do not give a damn unless you actually shoot them, letting towers easily be destroyed.
  • It's actually rather easy to destroy these bases.
  • The green box of death strikes again.
  • Wait around long enough and you or the AI will get an over pop cap army especially with Garithos not sending anything your way.
  • Naga have a single point in magic training but no other upgrades.
  • Mana Battery despite being able to autocast does not actually auto cast so it needs to be pressed to be used.
  • There's no actual pressure on the player so they can easily kick the crap out of every faction.
  • Case in point, Garithos's special units even with the refugee spawn cannot get out of the waygate area if the player actually cares.
  • Greater Heal should be Q if that's alright.
  • Vashj and my heroes got stuck over in this spot when trying to send them right to the portal from where they were at the top of the map.
  • The flashback sequence is extremely loud, drowning out Kael completely.
  • All allied heroes level up presumably from the allied flashback units.
  • Can't skip the outro.

  • Just making sure if everyone needs to be facing a certain way for cinematic purposes.
  • Did I go crazy or was there never an idle naga worker picture.
  • Upgrades for the Dreanei, no armor/weapons but they do have mastery.
  • The Wardens never actually get upgrades but their glaives have +2
  • Blood Elves eventually get their upgrades.
  • "non-Mur'gul units"
  • Me being annoying about rock chunks again.
  • Oh no, the AI switched around the unmovable items, which end up getting imported to the next mission even though the player isn't controlling them.
  • Mission Complete is way too fast again, almost wasn't able to grab the item in Maiev's base.

  • Can't hear Illidan say anything with that battle going on.
  • While the Draenei is still explaining the portal system this scene with the orc abruptly comes up.
  • Yep, Kael now has two unmovable items because of the AI. Their inventories are now also different than what the player intended because of this.
  • Mastery for Draenei once more but no armor/weapons.
  • Sorceress is not the right model, might be a good idea to double check all custom models are working correctly too.
  • The scripted fel orcs take portal event quickly became annoying honestly, also many of the orcs' own units would just stay in place.
  • Gotta show Shar this.
  • It seems like in this mission despite the upgrades, mana generation per tick is still stuck at 1 per tick.
  • Main Quest Updated should be more fitting.
  • Yellow does not seem to attack you for a good 20 seconds seemingly wanting to attack something way outside of its base.
  • And a bit of a question is this mission supposed to get you from level 6 to 8? Odd leveling up two levels.

  • More green of death.
  • Remember cowards will be shot.

That's all from me tonight. Screen order is messed up from upload it looks like.


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Level 24
Apr 6, 2014
  • I don't think you can skip the intro even as short as it is.
  • I sequence broke the ogre attack it seems.
  • That's a lot of potential lumber loss with the natives 'faction' being hostile to other armies.
  • No upgrades for ogres?
  • AI stealing my items again, can't even sell stuff without worrying. Also took the gold coins that spawn from the scavenger event.
  • AI heroes can level past your heroes max.
  • While just a reskin of an ambusher for mission flavor the upgrade text should reflect it.
  • "the moment we are finished" And destroy objectives in the campaign are a bit inconsistent, it's usually the main HQ building that'll complete the mission or sometimes production buildings and not even all of them.
  • You can seemingly have all the enemy factions ignore you by not activating the Daggerfen base, just having the Ogres up is enough as a buffer. Leaving the caged draenei alone would presumably also have the enslaved draenei not activate.

  • "outnumbers us"
  • Upgrades are describing orc faction.
  • Most of the Draenei's buildings act as a lumber drop off even without saying they are.
  • While cool that a tower can crit strike should it actually have this and evasion?
  • The ghosts spawn and despawn constantly after their respective spawner is destroyed. The first of the ghost death knights has himself restored to full hp/mana when he was about to die, didn't seem like an item.
  • I can understand why Gorefiend is Yellow so there's no confusion in later missions but it is a little strange here. Also his Darkmoon faction can build chaos/fel orcs.
  • Unlucky butchers being trained behind buildings.
  • More upgrade stuff.
  • In death their models continue their looped animation, wasn't actually paying attention enough to see if they were doing that while they were fighting.
  • Mission is an odd mix of danger and hurry up and wait, legion attacks don't actually escalate so you can take your time.

  • Demon claws constantly dropped, had about five or six in the end.
  • Just checking to see if I could stop the orcs attacking, found some warlocks seemingly stuck after being spawned.
  • Don't think upkeep is supposed to be in this campaign.
  • Neutral draenei attack the demons before the lord's death?
  • I don't think the western demon gate ever actually spawned anything for the orcs, only the eastern one did.
  • In terms of difficulty it is not very hard, the attacks don't actually get harder. While the enemy heroes level up the same units don't end up being a challenge to the player who is constantly upgrading.
  • Quel'Delar being dropped on the ground, now that's heresy.
  • Kael's alternate model, been wondering if that's meant to be his model for the campaign he's only used it in the dungeon and now here.

  • More autocast arrows.
  • Kael's orbs are why there are level four variations right?
  • Allied generators aren't very good, probably one per tick. And units seem to get stuck every once in a while, also their hq building just gets blown up after a while considering how far off on its own it is. With allied reinforcements still spawning even after it's destroyed there's not much of a reason to keep it alive.
  • Kael's abilities are level 1? For some odd reason.
  • Naga got multiple units of theirs stuck because of the way they built their buildings, including a revived Thespia.
  • The finale in the end isn't that hard even on hard, your allies do most of the work for you even as you get shot by infernal juggernauts. With Magtheridon being pulled to the bridge in the end by AI allies and surrounded by my own divine shield capable units. About 30 minutes mission time in the end.
  • The shadowmoon attack timer plays in the outro.

Now here's something odd, completing the finale has the game count it as the tft blood elf finale with a victory screen and everything, clicking continue brings you to the original end campaign blood elf cinematic.

Might be a bit too much fog also the green portion of the map doesn't have fog covering it either later in the cinematic.
After Kil'jaeden goes away there are still random pockets of fog around.

Didn't say earlier for some stupid reason but I played the entire campaign on hard.


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  • WC3ScrnShot_071922_182848_001.png
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Level 3
Aug 29, 2021
Mission 1 - Not much to say, maybe u can change Adelaide's Kane aura, in the past he had an aura which decreases armor, and now he have vampiric aura considering fallen captain which have the same aura
Mission 2 - One of my favorite maps, maybe u can add an hero on human remnants
Mission 3 - On Hard / Brutal u can add more Dalvengyr's stuff, more towers or more creatures
Mission 4 - Interesting idea with "unpowered Kirin Tor construct" but honestly this mapi t gave me a headache, but is ok
Mission 5 - A little difficult if you ask me but otherwise I like it
Mission 6 - My second favorite map, i love it <3
Mission 7 - Honeslty for me is a hard map but otherwise is fine, maybe u can add more unit on Mag'har Orcs
Mission 8 - I love the idea of multipe allies who help you in this mission, love it
Mission 9 - My third favorte map, i like it
Mission 10 - Not much to say, I see the warlock "Uka" has an aura but it has no effect? Otherwise is a cool map
Mission 11 - Honestly Naga they dont have so much space


Hosted Project: LoA
Level 24
Apr 6, 2014
I'm back once again from a different perspective.

  • This is me being nitpicky but shouldn't that ring be dropped by the sorceress instead of her just sitting on it until you pull her away?
  • Seems like your blood elf units still lose mana through cinematics.
  • Enemy heroes aren't actually used even on Brutal so you get funny situations like a lich sitting in between houses.
  • The Scourge Strikeforce doesn't actually use its own stuff, they will send workers to build/repair but the faction itself is there to die.
  • Vanilla sorceress in outro and you didn't get any during the mission unless it's just purely for cinematic reasons.
  • Lady Liadrin's second line of dialogue in the outro is almost instantly skipped over.
  • Wretched factions don't have upgrades on brutal.

  • Through random observation I noticed the undead have an invisible model problem as well.
  • Killed the undead base through just a force of mur'guls since it only requires the hq building.
  • Heroes won't show up in the outro if they were dead when the mission completed.
  • So why is the lone blood elf hostile, I'd guess we'd leave him alone even if he wanted to attack us.
  • I just noticed this is the only mission where you start with an upgrade already researched, you have one point in armor.
  • The Mur'gul caster after you break him out of his cage in the orange ud base spawns where the stalker spawns from her cage.

  • Idle workers is the wrong icon again.
  • Are the naga meant to have a hatchery already? I'm only asking because even in their introduction chapter the reservoir had upgrades for pretty much all your stuff.
  • The Blood Elves eventually ran out of gold, forcing me to defend them and kill everything else on the map on my own.
  • Nerubian caster has mastery but no upgrades.
  • Gargoyle spires seemingly stop working after you kill a few of them.

Ok that's enough from me I think until an update, I don't think I've mentioned any of this stuff before well besides upgrades I'm a bit of a broken record on that.


  • WC3ScrnShot_072022_204618_001.png
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  • WC3ScrnShot_072022_205235_001.png
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  • WC3ScrnShot_072022_211244_001.png
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  • WC3ScrnShot_072122_173002_001.png
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  • WC3ScrnShot_072122_173602_001.png
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  • WC3ScrnShot_072122_173611_001.png
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  • WC3ScrnShot_072122_173617_001.png
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  • WC3ScrnShot_072122_190907_001.png
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  • WC3ScrnShot_072122_191846_001.png
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  • WC3ScrnShot_072122_192421_001.png
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  • WC3ScrnShot_072122_193213_001.png
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  • WC3ScrnShot_072122_193216_001.png
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  • WC3ScrnShot_072122_193219_001.png
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  • WC3ScrnShot_072122_194252_001.png
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  • WC3ScrnShot_072122_195713_001.png
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  • WC3ScrnShot_072122_200142_001.png
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  • WC3ScrnShot_072122_200400_001.png
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  • WC3ScrnShot_072122_200533_001.png
    2.9 MB · Views: 31
  • WC3ScrnShot_072122_200906_001.png
    3.5 MB · Views: 34
  • WC3ScrnShot_072122_200951_001.png
    3.2 MB · Views: 37
  • WC3ScrnShot_072122_202022_001.png
    3.3 MB · Views: 50
Level 16
Jun 15, 2019
Hey there folks, huge thanks to everyone that's been helping me test out these maps. Here's a beta version 2 with a bunch of fixes and changes! 186.95 MB folder on MEGA
Map5 has had the biggest changes of this batch, adding in a wave timer on Hard and Brutal. Also fixed Desperate Measures not carrying over correctly sometimes.
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Level 2
Jul 25, 2022
Hello there,

First of all I want to say that everything that I'm going to write below is just me trying to give constructive feedback and is not in any way shape or form criticism. You are the first mapmaker that actually made me want to create an account on Hive just to help out with this project! I want to point out that my feedback is based on me playing mostly Naga wherever possible. I will also do a Blood Elf version and return with that as well. With that being said here goes.
Mission 1: Nothing much here, just 1 small thing, I noticed the necromancers sent with teal attacks tend to run away if the other units they have are dead, not sure if this is intended but it lead to some awkward back and forth with them.
Mission 2: Nothing for this one, I loved the different approach, only thing that I might add is to make grey build some actual units as they are just sitting ducks for blue.
Mission 3: Vashj is reset to level 1 and looses all items from mission 2, end cinematic cannot be skipped and also the final discussion between Garithos and Kael overlaps.
Misson 4: Cutsceen with Kassan resets camera view, same after the scene where you rescue the 2 Belf heroes.
Mission 5: Buzan the fearless can get hexed through Divine Shield. Also, not sure if this is intended but, after getting all the gathering points on the map Kael attacks Garithos's base even though he warns the player not to do so.
Mission 5 Interlude: Not something big but at the end of the cinematic there is a sound playing "Our allies town needs help"
Mission 6: I've summoned the Sea Hag, the song que played for her spawning however she cannot be selected, she can still get sacrifices and an animation for that play's however she cannot be selected or killed or interacted in anyway, Heroes are capped at level 6 just like in mission 5, not sure if this is intended. As a side note I want to add on this I am grateful that you've tuned down Maiev attack timing. I've played the Mapporino submision of this and she was insanely difficult to keep in check.
Mission 7: Siphon mana on Kael no longer works on allies even if it did in the past. There have been a lot of occasions when using Verdant Sphere Kael Q will no longer have a target and the mouse disappears, you can click on the ground randomly and Kael will try go and cast however it feels odd and takes a lot of spam click for him to take an action, also Flamestrike costs no mana(at rank 3). If you destroy a portal locust with Flamestrike it randomly disappears and can no longer be used. Yellow base is not highlighted on the minimap. Personally I'm not a fan of the locust mechanic as it is a bit weird to use. I would simplify it with 1 click, 1 point is primary 1 is secondary and it will act as a way gate without requiring additional clicks, but this is just my preference.
Mission 8: I would would like to ask if it is possible to change the AI behavior so that they will not steal your items (e.g. I got some gloves of haste from the hunting party and an AI hero just stole them from near me).
Mission 9: Not much to say here, maybe Ilidan should be a bit higher level at the start as he is quite squishy for the first part but I've managed until he got level 6 and after that it's was good.
Mission 10: Nothing to add, loved it, everything worked.
Mission 10 Interlude: When it finishes it kick you to the main menu screen of the game instead of the map choice screen, nothing big
Mission 11: The captives you are supposed to rescue are not invulnerable until you reach them and get killed by random aoe. Magtheridon is easy to cheese with Hex from Vashj so maybe make him spell immune?

This is what I've managed to gather so far. As I've said I still have to play the Blood Elf/Draenei side to see how it works from there. Once again I want to add that this is meant to be as constructive and helpful as possible. I'm no map maker nor do I have any idea how easy/hard is to change things based on such feedback so I do not want to undermine your effort here.
Lastly I want to thank you for the great and awesome work you've done so far. I did play both the Orc and Undead campaign and I want to say that this is why this game still works. Because of people like you that take from their free time to make great and refreshing content for us to play. Thank you from the bottom of my hearth and I hope you will still have the time to make such wonderful content in the future!
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Level 6
Jul 17, 2015
So, been trying that most recent beta so far, and the only note of input I have so far:
This location right here tends to start fights between your units and the enemies up on the ridge to the right. I wonder if perhaps those units up there should be made somehow inactive until you get closer to that part of the map?

Otherwise, been having fun so far, and am seeing how far I can get without resorting to the permanent upgrades with the ominous "can't take it back" text... Is there any reason to actually avoid these, or is it just presented as ominous due to the flavor of the upgrades?

Edit: incidentally, I've just beaten "The Crossing"
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Level 2
Sep 15, 2021
Hey, Sevenblood. Your maps are amazing and it was awesome watching the gameplay of PofD (as a huge fan of Undead, it is such a special privilege xD). There are some suggestions regarding LofD: Lorewise, since we focus majorly on the undead of Northrend; there could be a special mission regarding the defense of Lich King against Illidari by undead nerubians since Anub'arak mentioned leaving his best warriors behind to defend Ner'zhul while entering the gates of Azjol'nerub. So, this mission could have Nerubian Vizier hero (preferably someone like Krik'thir the Gatewatcher) and, maybe, Nerubian Queen hero as a special flavor aside from crypt lord heroes. Since San'layn are gonna rise (I imagine, after destroying blood elf outpost and finished meeting Kael'thas, he would say "Arise, in the name of Lich King." and we would get first major undead blood elves.), there could be undead naga since tons of them were killed in the Northrend. It would be a good easter egg if there could be Undead Sea Witch hero (Medusa from Allstars: it was said she was naga princess killed and risen by lich king). So, basically, everyone could be killed and risen as undead xD. Also, maybe Illidari should have some Demons and Fel Orcs also invading Northrend since attacking only with blood elves and naga would be somewhat undiverse from a lore perspective. So far, these are my thoughts, and wish you the best of luck, Sevenblood.
Hi Ecstasy49, I think that apart from the vile orcs, the naga and some demons, I think there should also be some outpost of the broken draenei, Satyrs, Orcoa Maghar (The group that helped Kael in the mission n ° 7 Shattred world), Draenians broken from Zangarmash, Angorosh Ogres (Allies seen in quest #8 in Zangarmarsh) and Shadowmoon Clan Orc Spirits led by Theron Gorefiend, all allies who appeared in the Curse of the blood elves revamp campaign. way in which each mentioned race has a group of buildings in which their respective units are trained, also adding the mechanics of the undead of "Reanimate dead" being now part of the Plague increasing their ranks and their fun as soon as to units. All of these being allies of Illidan's forces would make up an excellent and extensive diversity for the battle on the ice throne.
Level 7
Aug 18, 2018
Hey Sevenblood, may I suggest about the defeat of the enemies when their strongholds gets destroyed to be increased of buildings needed to be destroyed like production and upgrade buildings? Some strongholds have items when they get destroyed and it always get into cutscene before I could get the items.
Level 7
Aug 18, 2018
Hi Ecstasy49, I think that apart from the vile orcs, the naga and some demons, I think there should also be some outpost of the broken draenei, Satyrs, Orcoa Maghar (The group that helped Kael in the mission n ° 7 Shattred world), Draenians broken from Zangarmash, Angorosh Ogres (Allies seen in quest #8 in Zangarmarsh) and Shadowmoon Clan Orc Spirits led by Theron Gorefiend, all allies who appeared in the Curse of the blood elves revamp campaign. way in which each mentioned race has a group of buildings in which their respective units are trained, also adding the mechanics of the undead of "Reanimate dead" being now part of the Plague increasing their ranks and their fun as soon as to units. All of these being allies of Illidan's forces would make up an excellent and extensive diversity for the battle on the ice throne.
Bringing all of them in the Ice Crown would be a huge battle considering the vast amount of forces Iliidan has compared to Arthas. Arthas should have allies on his side like nerubian reinforcements and some lich king servants like the Ice Revenants
Level 2
Sep 15, 2021
También puedo preguntar dónde aparecería la facción Mag'har después del mundo destrozado. Vi el comentario de Sevenblood en YouTube de que aparecerían en misiones futuras, pero no los he visto ni siquiera en la última misión.

Also may I ask on where Mag'har faction would appear after shattered world? I saw sevenblood's comment on youtube that they would appear on future missions but haven't seen them even in the last mission
This is a beta man, i belive that Maghar orcs can be apear in the others maps after Shattered world.
Level 7
Aug 18, 2018
Oh right forgot to mention that in Shattered World chapter, the yellow fel horde orcs are not using Portals to transport themselves even though they have one and they have units sending in only to not use the portal. Only the violet fel horde orcs use it
Level 2
Sep 15, 2021
¿Habrá un cambio en la renovación de Path of the damned en las unidades High Elven? ¿Te gusta agregar Paladin y Cavelier en su lista o solo para elfos de sangre?
Well, I think the place of the cavalier can be added to the hawkstrider as a unit exclusive to the high elves in Quel'thalas.