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Services Now Offered

What Music Would You Want In Your Map?

  • *Original wc3music sounding*

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  • Mix Of Rock n Heavy Metal

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  • Orcastrated *rich ppl music*

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  • Slow Sad Song

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Level 6
Nov 23, 2006
my guitar services are now open for free i can make custom music / sounds just for your map im only open for meledy songs and creepy musicals nothing fast mostly used for custom melees for a evil or good race but we can also negotiate on MSN [email protected] gimme a pm and we can negotiate over terms of sounds and such we may be able to do some rock classics and other things also if we can negotiate how it would work on msn however

( now im also open for voice acting and sound effects! and some heavyer music MSN Msg me only thx)
i have many instruments such as the Koto Electric Guitars 20 diffrent strings the violin trumpet ocarina and quite even more i also own a piano keyboard and prettymuch anything yo ucould think of haiwian drums steel drums everything!

:pS dont PM me msn MSG me please:

EDIT added a sample of a tiny looping meledy! useing my piano! (un compressed songs would be compressed if it wasnt a sample)
Sample 1
(note) i do not compress i only make the music to use in your map you need an audio compresser (sorry for any inconveniance!)
Sample 2
Sample 3
these samples are low in sound and 2 n 3 was done by me n my Acoustic 180 YAMAHA"TM" Guitar sample 1 by me n my keyboard piano

heres the link to my music site
(when i make a song i would probally record me playing the instruments and mixing them into 1 bundle makeing the achual song)
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