Secret Rooms - Escape 2

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You tought that you have escaped. But no. There is more 15 rooms in this section with new tricks, enemies and traps! Enjoy!
The models and skins are not mine.
Thanks to:
-Dan van Ohllus
-Mc !

secret, rooms, escape, traps, maze, puzzle, labyrinth, sauron, rings

Secret Rooms - Escape 2 (Map)

18:43, 11th Sep 2008 Septimus:




18:43, 11th Sep 2008
Level 30
May 3, 2008
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This map had been examined by Alexis Septimus.
If you think this map review is not accurate or require another review, feel free to contact Alexis Septimus. But, map would only be review again for second time and also for the last time unless under certain circumstances. It would be selfish to request constantly a mod/admin to keep review your map as there is many other maps waiting for approval as well.

However, if you still insist of another review after it had been review for second time. Feel free to contact other admin.

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Map Review
1) Terrain - Excellent (5)
2) Trigger - Horrible (1)
3) Minor Error - Horrible (1)
4) Major Error - Bad (2)
5) Replay Value - Bad (2)
6) Fun factor/gameplay - Bad (2)
7) Use of imported material - Good (4)
8) Single player - Bad (2)
9) AI support -
10) Camera -
11) Originality -
12) File Size - Good (4)
13) Internet/LAN Friendly -
14) Balancing - Bad (2)
15) Packaging - Average (3)
16) Credits - Average (3)
17) Storyline -
18) Theme -
19) Protection - Excellent (5)
20) Quality - Bad (2)
21) Description/Information/Detail - Average (3)
22) Hiveworkshop rules & regulation - Excellent (5)
23) Game Mode -
24) Function - Horrible (1)
25) Unit Placement - Bad (2)

Total Accumulation Point : 49/90 * 100 + (-19) (Review) = 35.44

[+] -
[!] - Leak trigger, but since this is single player. I give it a exception.
[-] - Lot's of typo error.
[-] - Some trigger could be set in much simple way.
[-] - Credit for those resources you used only been given at hiveworkshop, but not at the map.
[-] - No turn off trigger action been add, some trigger keep repeating.

Review : Actually, based on the enemy patrol distance and the hero hp. It is impossible to survive through this entire maze as the shadow melt doesn't make the hero invisible right away and enemy often hit it once before it completely turn invisible.

I started to think if you really does test your map before releasing it to the public.

The game play is rather easy to figure out, but the hp and the shadow melt could use some improvement.

This map could be approve, but it is not quite useful as there is plenty of bug on it.

Another -19 points for this map.

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Awful: 1-10
Unacceptable : 11-30
Lacking : 31-49
Useful : 50-69
Recommend : 70-90
Highly Recommend : 91-100
Director Cut : 101-105
Sub-Zero : 106+
Rating & Miscellaneous information
Score - 35/100
Rating - 2/5
Condition - Bad
Status - Approve
Review - 1
The map might not be fully tested, if any user of the map found bug/error or anything else.
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Level 18
Aug 23, 2008
Nice game with nice puzzles. The only problem I have is that in the room where your Hide ability is gone (and you have to use the runes), I got stuck between the mob and the lever. Maybe this should be fixed by either removing the fence below of leave space to pass the mob.

Also the first mob you see in the game (the orange 1) has such a big selectable size that it's not very easy to move passed it.

Other then that, I think it's a good game :thumbs_up:
Level 8
Apr 26, 2008
Stucking bug (lolz):

I was playing (I don't remember the number of the room but I think you know which one:) that room where you lose your shadow meld ability, and got stuck by those 2 room monsters. :sad:

But this part is better than the first one. :thumbs_up: