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Searing Arrows (MoonHead Arrow)

Icon Concept: Warcraft 3 Searing Arrow Missile (Moonhead Arrow)

You can appreciate how the head of the arrow has the shape of a moon

drains mana to add fire to your attacks, increasing damage dealt by 10.

+2 damage per Level
+10% Attack Damage

Passive: 10% bonus Aim Chance and your Aim Chance cap is increased to 65%.

Note: Aim Chance is a custom stat in my game (and works with triggers), it has a chance to proc on physical damage, when it does increases damage dealt by 10% and denies any chance the target has to evade the attack (it can't miss).

Searing Arrows (MoonHead Arrow) (Icon)

looks good, nothing much to say. approved




13:36, 16th Aug 2014
Sin'dorei300: Where's the arrow's head?
In the actual state it doesn't looks like an arrow.

Deleted member 238589


Deleted member 238589

Beats the current one by far. Good job.