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Scourge vs Sentinel v3.4

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Fight in a epic battle to defend your ancient land.

Featuring in Scourge vs Sentinel v3.4:
- best balance
- fun gameplay
- tricky terrain
- 10 secrets
- nice preview and loading screen
- custom units
- and many more...

This map isn't made by me. Made by IceFrog!

Sorry for uploading and deleting :S Missclick

Note: This map is protected

* Some performance improvements
* Fixed some rare memory corruption bugs that could cause fatal error
* Added critters

* Reworked Elite Archer's Attack
* Fixed a bug with Barrage not working properly
* Increased damage of Druid of The Talon and Banshee
* Improved Zombie's cast point
* Improved Bloodlust duration
* Decreased Bloodlust manacost
* Increased reduced Curse cooldown slightly
* Fixed some bugs with secrets
* Optimized Loading Screen and Prewiev
* Increased chance of bash
* Improved Slow Poison and Plague Attacks

IceFrog. scourge vs sentinel, sentinel, scourge, zombie, banshee, ghoul, archer, vs, abomination, mountain giant, balista, meat wagon, necromancer, se

Scourge vs Sentinel v3.4 (Map)

16:56, 3rd Feb 2009 Septimus: reject
Level 1
Jul 14, 2008
stop uploading/updating such an awkward map...
its nothing else then a castrated melee map with veeeeery slightly edited standard units imo
should be rejected

btw i doubt this is a NEW map from icefrog
looks more like the first map he ever made
Level 31
May 3, 2008
It does deserve rejected. Here is my reason.

1) IceFrog is an experience map maker, he won't be releasing his resources unless they are good enough.
2) He have it's own personal site for his own resources.
3) After I seen the entire map, I do not think I want to said anything about it. The 2 reason I state above is more than enough to reject it.

1/5 and mini-moderator was REJECTED
Level 1
Jul 14, 2008
ZlatniLav should get -rep for uploading maps without the owners permition
i dont think this map is even made by icefrog
looks more like he used icefrogs name to get more dls n stuff for his own shitty map
so it should be even 2x-rep
Level 10
Dec 13, 2008
looks more like he used icefrogs name to get more dls n stuff for his own shitty map

I do not create maps or have any experience with WE. I can create only systems and spells

No trolls in this map. If you want them, send EMAIL to icefrog :S I'm not the map creator. If you reefer to trolling, I can assure you that I am not doing it. :S