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Sanctuary of Champions

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Level 17
Jul 15, 2009
Sanctuary of Champions
"Over there, where the ancient temple lies..
Groups of champions fight their endless fight in order to be the best.
Don't ever enter this Sanctuary unless you're ready to face a eternity of combat!"

  • 4 Archetypes (Tank, Melee Damage Dealer, Ranged Damage Dealer & Healer)
  • 9 Simple Items (No endless recipes)
  • Straight forward Terrain

Sanctuary of Champions is a team-based arena map.
The goal of Sanctuary of Champions is to eliminate the opposing team and win 5 rounds before the enemy team does.
Choosing the right heroes, adapting your items to the enemy team and playing together are the key to winning Sanctuary of Champions.

So what are you waiting for?! Get ready and fight!!

To-Do List (For Version 1.00)
  • Adding 2 more Tank archetype heroes
  • Adding 2 more Melee Damage Dealer archetype heroes
  • Adding 2 more Ranged Damage Dealer archetype heroes
  • Adding 2 more Healer archetype heroes
  • Adding custom effects on hero deaths and time outs
  • Balancing overall experience rate
  • Balancing overall item statistics and costs
  • ...

I'm currently creating additional heroes and I'm in need of 2d and 3d artists to join my newly founded group of WC3 modders called Thunderstrike Studios, where we'll hopefully turn Sanctuary of Champions into a custom modification no one has ever seen!

A updated version will be placed in this post whenever it comes out!


  • Sanctuary of Champions v0.03.w3x
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Level 5
Jan 12, 2010
Edited out: Previous suggestions either fixed or ignored. Needless to keep.
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Level 17
Jul 15, 2009
Here are some delicious items coming the next patch!



  • Item Preview.PNG
    Item Preview.PNG
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Level 23
Oct 12, 2008
Have you ever thought of redoing warcheif's passive and general defensive ability?

Personally I find more than tanky without touching any of his defensive skills.
Either that or my opponents just dont hit hard enough :p
Level 17
Jul 15, 2009
Well, we're currently discussing about the whole archetype idea.
It kinda kills creativity because 'tanks' need to have tank skills etc.
So if we do decide to remove the whole archetype concept we're free to do more with the heroes we have.
Some heroes would still be tanks, and some would still be healers etc.
We're just wondering if 'thinking outside the box' isn't better.
Level 17
Jul 15, 2009
Going down a different road
We have concluded that using archetypes leaves to little room for creativity and the 'system' will thus be removed.. Instead we have a load of heroes in store for you!
Some models are already used, some will be imported from my other projects..
But here is the list of models that will be used before v1.00!

1. Priest
2. Sorceress
3. Spell Breaker
4. Paladin
5. Captain
6. Tauren
7. Witch Doctor
8. Shaman
9. Spirit Walker
10. Tauren Chieftain
11. Shadow Hunter
12. Troll Berserker

13. Drak'thul
14. Acolye
15. Ghoul
16. Abomination
17. Lich
18. Dreadlord
19. Skeleton Warrior
20. Skeleton Mage
21. Wisp
22. Dryad
23. Chimaera
24. Druid of the Talon

25. Mountain Giant
26. Keeper of the Grove
27. Warden
28. Sentry
29. Shandris
30. Corrupted Ancient Protector
31. Naga Myrmidon
32. Zergling
33. Beastmaster
34. Firelord
35. Razormane Brute
36. Overlord

37. Elder Voidwalker
38. Lightning Revenant
39. Tuskarr Chieftain
40. Gnoll Warden
41. Ogre Lord
42. Sea Giant Hunter
43. Black Dragon Whelp
44. Dark Troll Shadow Priest
45. Maiden of Pain
46. Draenei Darkslayer
47. Arachnatid Earth-borer
48. Ancient of Lore

Level 17
Jul 15, 2009
Do you actually have gameplay ideas for all the heroes are or you just spitting out random ideas lol :p

Well first I chose this list of models..
Then I started on thinking up themes, skills etc for every model.
Currently have 20 ideas done!

But on a side note, my pc just died so I progress is delayed. My HDD is still working it's just that my motherboard died of old age..
Level 17
Jul 15, 2009
Coming close to version 1.00

Coming close to version 1.00!
For the past couple of weeks, I've been busy with Sanctuary of Champions.
For you who are just reading this thread now, Sanctuary of Champions is a team-based arena that breaks free from any form of neutral creep hunting and scavenging for high tier items. Instead, Sanctuary of Champions is fast paced and tactical and is suited for both casual and competitive play.

I've had many changes and even some setbacks (My old pc died), but I've finally come to a point where I can announce that version 1.00 of Sanctuary of Champions is in the near future!
There's still a lot to be done and I cannot publish a current version but I will inform you of some things you can expect!

  • Gold: The gold gaining changed alot from the initial idea, players now gain 200 gold each round. Whenever a player kills another player, his whole team will receive 100 gold, the killing player will receive an additional 50 gold.
  • Experience: During the initial tests using a older experience gain system, ranged and damage over time caster heroes had the upper hand. The current system creates a moonlight area in the center of the map every X seconds. The moonlight will grant heroes that stand inside it X experience per second. All heroes gain 300 experience at the end of each round.
  • Rounds: Round systems have been finalized and last 5 minutes. For the new followers: Sanctuary of Champions revolves around quick rounds without creep slaying for gold and experience, each round lasts up to 5 minutes or until one team is completely wiped out, a 1 minute interval is held between each round, giving players the opportunity to purchase items and discuss strategies. Player 1 can decide how many rounds a team needs to win to win the game (Options are 5,10,15,20 and 25 rounds)

Some weeks ago, I published a list of 48 models I will be using in future versions of Sanctuary of Champions. Due to the fact I can't possibly keep followers waiting until I single-handedly create 48 heroes, version 1.00 will only use 12 heroes (The other 36 will be added as soon as possible). Some of you might have played alpha versions and know some of these heroes, but all I can say is that version 1.00 will have loads of remakes. Here's the final list:

  • Ancestral Warrior (Fighter / Assassin)
  • Ancient Protector (Mage / Tank)
  • Ancient of Wisps (Mage / Support)
  • Arcane Sorceress (Mage)
  • Archer of the Moon (Fighter / Ranged / Support)
  • Bringer of the Scourge (Mage / Support)
  • Dragon Whelp (Mage / Fighter)
  • Lightning Warlock (Mage)
  • Paladin (Support / Tank)
  • Priest of the Light (Support)
  • Pyromancer (Mage)
  • Tauren Chieftain (Mage / Tank)

Items have been a problem for Sanctuary of Champions for quite some time, some were too powerful, some were hardly taken because of their uselessness. My current list of items is the final list for version 1.00 as it holds enough items for players, while leaving 8 slots (4 for Round 3, 4 for Round 5) for future items. Here's the list:

Round 1
  • Ironwood Branch [+1 Strength; +1 Agility; +1 Intelligence]
  • Gauntlet of Ogre Strength [+3 Strength]
  • Slippers of Agility [+3 Agility]
  • Mantle of Intelligence [+3 Intelligence]
  • Claws of Attack [+8 Attack Damage]
  • Steel Javelin [+6 Attack Damage; 10% Chance to Deal 25 Bonus Damage]
  • Oakwood Shield [+5 Armor; 15% Chance to Block 50 Damage]
  • Medallion of Battle [Grants either +15% Attack Rate or +50 Movement Speed]
  • Potion of Health [Regenerates 300 Hitpoints over 30 Seconds]
  • Potion of Mana [Regenerates 250 Mana over 25 Seconds]
  • Potion of Invisibility [User becomes Invisible for 5 Seconds]
  • Dust of Appearance [Detects nearby Invisible Enemies]

Round 3
  • Amulet of Endurance [Grants a 17% Chance to deal 100 Magical Damage around It's Holder Upon being Hit; +150 Hitpoints]
  • Lifestealer's Emblem [Regenerates 20% Of Dealt Damage Upon Hit; +20 Attack Damage]
  • Mallet of Luck [+17 Attack Damage; 17% Chance to Deal 1.7x Normal Damage]
  • Armor of The Devoted [+7 Armor Aura; +8 Armor]
  • Banner of the Warband [Places A Banner on the Ground (Banner Has +25% Damage Aura & +2.5 Armor Aura); +3 Strength; +3 Agility; +3 Intelligence]
  • Shield of Strength [+5 HP Regeneration; +10 Strength]
  • Claws of Agility [+20% Attack Rate; +10 Agility]
  • Talisman Of Intelligence [+25% Mana Regeneration; +10 Intelligence]

Round 5
  • Kino's Cursed Pendant [Nearby Enemy Units take 5% of their Max HP as Magic Damage every 5 Seconds; Regenerates 500 Hitpoints Upon Other Hero Death; +5% HP Regeneration]
  • Demolisher [Increases Attack Damage By 25%; +45 Attack Damage]
  • Fefalas' Claws of Burning Agony [Deals 10 Damage Per Second for 5 Seconds Upon Hit; +50 Attack Damage]
  • Cuirass of the Raging Ent [Gives a 15% Chance that Enemy Units will become Entangled for 1 Second; +20 Armor; +500 Hitpoints]
  • Ankh of Eternal Combat [Ressurects It's Holder Once every 2 Minutes; +15 Strength; +15 Agility; +15 Intelligence]
  • Helmet of the Brute [Decreases Nearby Enemy Units' Movement Speed by 25%; +50 Strength; +15 HP Regeneration]
  • Blade of the Corrupted [Decreases Armor by 5 for 10 Seconds Upon Hit; +25 Agility; +25 Attack Damage; +25% Attack Rate]
  • Njeero's Staff of Divine Judgement [Deals 100-300 Pure Damage To Enemy Unit; +30 Intelligence; +10 Strength; +10 Agility]

Over the past couple of versions, the terrain of Sanctuary of Champions has changed alot. Some were too simple, some were to beautiful (which due to lag, is a problem as well). I decided to create a diagonal structure that uses more of the map's size. As you can see on the screenshots, the actual playable arena is pretty basic and smooth, while it's outlines have more details. This is the final terrain for version 1.00.





I would like to thank Leak-, Kino, De.Facto and several unknown testers for their support and suggestions and I hope you are all still excited about Sanctuary of Champions and hopefully we'll meet each other on it's battlefield!


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