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boss-style tournament/arena.

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Level 2
Jun 1, 2010
It's been an idea of mine for quiet some time, and i've tried it once, but something happend and I lost interest in it.

Anywho, here is the idea
6 people fight against a champion (or boss) in a closed arena.
Each champion has it's own unique abilities*.
There are 10 tiers, with 3 champions in each tier.
Champion 1 and 2 has their own unique abilities, while the third (perhaps champion 1 and 2 together, or a new champion) has a combination of the two first champions of that tier
[Boss 1][Boss 2][Boss 3 w/boss 1&2 abilities]

There could also be challenges.
F.ex. Defeat all 3 champions in a tier before entering te 'safe zone' where you can buy stuff.
Completing(?) said challenge awards them f.ex. a bonus item and/or gold.

And, for more fun challenge, two teams of 6 people could race agains each other to complete all tiers first.

For the classes, there could be four.
Tank, healer, support and damage dealer.

All tanks has taunt.
Some might have a AoE taunt, and others have different spells to keep the enemy in line.

Some have massive single target heales, while others have more AoE heals.

1-2 attack spells. 1-2 healing spells and 1-2 aura/totems etc spells.

Damage Dealer
You guessed it... dealing damage. Like the others.
Some with with heavy single target damage, while someone else doe good AoE damage.
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