Dungeon/Boss only map

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Level 2
Jun 3, 2010
So basically the idea is a RPG style map that only features dungeons (with bosses) or only bosses (haven't decided yet). I have started some ideas in the editor for heroes, spells and dungeons/bosses. The setup would be the normal RPG party with damage dealers, healers and tanks (if I get a working threat system, if not I'll make melee more tank like). There would be a town where you can buy potions and armor/weapons and portals to the dungeons. I'd like to have only 1 per item type; 1 weapon, 1 helm, 1 chest etc. If possible there will be a spellbook with spells that can be leveled, also damage of spells will be increased by stats (Agility, intelligence and strength or some kind of attack power/spell power if possible). Possibility to use different specs (this might get tricky if spellbook with leveled spells is to work, not sure).

(I will need help for this map to be completed)

That's what I got right now and if interest seems high I'll try to make it.
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