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Revenge of The King Rhobar ORPG

Revenge of the King Rhobar Open Role-Playing Game is an 8 player map designed for Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. It consists of a lot of different playable classes, each having up to 10 spells. There are multiple towns filled with quests where you can level up your character, or receive an item reward. This map is highly based on using professions. There's a unique system used for crafting, which adds to the gameplay. The map is newbie friendly, but also challenging after leveling up to the maximum. The project has started on the 6. December 2009, being "Vuto's ORPG" it's first name, due to my very old nickname. Since then, the map has been remade a couple of times, showing a great gap between the versions. Up to 8 players can play the map.

- 16 Heroes
- Over 200 Custom Abilities
- Custom Profession System, up to 55 craftable items (Increased with each version)
- PVP Arena
- Improved Chat System
- Save and Load System
- Backpack System
- Dungeons
- Events (Including Gold Hunt, Fishing, Arenas. More are coming with new versions)
- Improved Mana Cost System (Mana cost is based on the base + depending on the hero level)
- Improved Summons (Certain summoned units will benefit from your main stats)
- Boss Arena
- PvP AoS
- PvE AoS
- 8 Different stats in the map: Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Wisdom, Stamina, Perception, Expertise, and Luck.
- Loot System (Including rare drops from general mobs, and gear gained by doing dungeons)
- 7 Unique Cities full of quests
- Knockback System (Each strike has a chance to knock the enemy backwards)
- "Easter Eggs"
- Certain items grant reward upon being found all together.
- Quest Chains, for some quests you have to complete other quests.
- Mount system with model of a rider on it.
- Grinding Quests
- Gathering Quests
- Story Line
- Fun commands
- In-game commands
- Unique Color and Interface
- Unique Item type colors
- Unique Hero names
- Item Sets (When having certain sets of items in inventory, you are rewarded with bonus stats)
And much more...

When you select your hero, the first thing to choose from is enhancing your passive spells. For now, you can enhance Evasion, or Critical Strike.

After that is done, you can choose which one of the main attributes (Strength, Agility, or Intelligence) will be further enhanced by 5. This is a minor low level addition.

List of Heroes:

Intelligence Based Heroes
-Fire Mage
-Water Mage
-Dark Mage
-Light Mage

Strength Based Heroes

Agility Based Heroes
-Demon Hunter
-Shadow Hunter

As mentioned earlier, this map is heavily based on Professions. There are various Professions, usable by everyone, regardless of the Class. Some reward Passive Items, other Active Items.

- Blacksmithing - You can make various armors and weapons here. The crafted Items usually give Strength as main stat, along with offensive or defensive other stats. The core materials of Blacksmithing are Ores, gained by Mining.

- Leatherworking - This Profession allows you to craft items which when held grant Agility bonuses. Along with that, they will also grant bonuses to physical damage. Main material in this Profession is Leather Skins, which are obtained by killing wild animals.

- Tailoring - Tailoring is mostly used for Mages, as the items crafted from it grant Intelligence as main stat. Their other stats include maximum Mana pool, and Mana Regeneration. Wools of all sorts are used for Tailoring, which are gained by killing any enemy unit.

- Alchemy - Allows you to craft Potions. There are 3 types of Potions:
-Potions with Permanent Effects
-Restoration Potions
-Combat Potions

Each Recipe requires a Vial of Water, which can be bought at the nearest Toolmaker.

- Orb Crafting - This Profession allows you to craft offensive items, which on hit grant different effects. Very useful for both PvP and PvE. You can find the materials at their special places.

- Mining - You can acquire multiple stones and ores by Mining. Once you obtain an Ore, you can Smelt it to turn it into Bars. Bars are used for all Blacksmithing Recipes.


There are various Chests all over the map with valuable loot. To open it, you need a special Lockpick, crafted by using the Blacksmithing. The better the material it's based of, higher the chance to open the Lock.

Revenge of The King Rhobar Open Role-Playing Game is also based on player's Combat Role. Each class has one or more roles they can fit in, and their damage done and damage dealt are based on it.

Will be added very soon.

Version 4.1a:

-Fixed Save/Load Bug, and few other minor bug fixes

Expected for next version:

-No idea at the moment, few tweaks on items and professions.

Old Changelog:

Version 4.1:
-Certain bug fixes, added more information about the map in the hints
-Changes to Professions, more items
-New Combat systems and stats
-Made low level combat easier

Version 4.0b:
-Reduced map size.
-Made Lockpicking system
-Added new Recipes and Items.

Version 4.0a:
-Made certain map modifications in terms of size.

-Models and Skins:
Stanakin Skywalker
Mr. Bob
General Frank
Dan van Ohllus
Red Shift

Darkmoon Hero
[email protected]
The D3ath

-Special Thanks to:
Crazy Sheep - For camera and some ideas
AceHart - For Save/Load System
Dream^|eLjIn - For many ideas
bananaHUNT - For awesome Game Interface
Belgarath - For cool text message system
matej - For Supporting me
Neuros - Also for supporting me
Spasorc - Ideas, Icons

If there's anyone I forgot, please, let me know in the comments below, and I'll add the author as soon as the new version is out.

You may contact me through mail ([email protected]). I'm also online on Garena, and

Author's Note
If you are stuck on loading screen, make sure you do the following:
-Get the latest version of the map
-Get the latest patch of Warcraft 3
-Set the quality to highest (Model especially)
-If all else fails, disabling 3d sound might work (Not sure though)

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RoTKR ORPG V. 4.1a (Map)

14:54, 5th Mar 2011 Cweener: Approved


Hosted Project: SC
Level 13
Jul 1, 2010
thanks cweener, I know that terrain kinda sux, cause I started making it a year ago, and I made an account on THW half a year ago, so I sucked badly at terraining before it :D

EDIT: I was just wandering, you said 3/5 for now, so, you got any ideas what should I add? It would be hard for me to change the terrain, but I will do my best if needed :)
Level 3
Jul 24, 2009
Im thinking that i've played this... I know I've played some revenge of the king game before. Real life memory leaks and data corruptions suck.
To actually reply about your map instead of just complaining about memory loss i will say that the mount systems in need of some reworking as far as not being able to have like 4 mounts up and clone your hero fun game
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Hosted Project: SC
Level 13
Jul 1, 2010
Why the eff did you rate this map a 1 then if you liked it?

People rate my map with 1 cause they can't understand the point. Special atmoshpere. And I have rights to say it, cause it deserves at least 2 for sure, i made tons of systems all by myself, and the map IS fun later in game. No RPGs are fun at start..

About mount bug, i think I know what you are talking about, so I will try to rework it. Thanks.
Level 12
Nov 2, 2008
Fun map dude,

Just a slight suggestion

Instead of names like Fire- light- water- dark mage use more creative names.

For example

Fire Mage - Pyromancer
Water Mage - Hydromancer
Dark Mage - Shadow Sorcerer
Light Mage - Light Caller

I can see a lot of effort went into this. I would have rated 4/5, but since i feel that this was unfairly rated I'm gonna give it 5/5.

Keep Mapping~


Hosted Project: SC
Level 13
Jul 1, 2010
It increases damage dealt by all other spells except for siphon mana. People think that it's useless later, but it actually makes elementalist the slowest, but the best damage dealer in game. So basically, those first 3 spells will just increase damage of spells that you will gain later. Indeed, elementalist is really hard class for start, but is the one of the best classes later in game.
Level 2
Apr 2, 2009
I think its stupid to have 3 spells that are useless till lvl 20.
Maybe u should add that u can have 1 element active at the same time, example: fire gives 20%more str or something like that.
Change that cuz i think its really stupid and makes the hero boring xD
Level 3
Jul 5, 2010
This game is really fun but has a few bugs, after i was mining as red my char suddenly turned to blue's units after blue accidently attacked it while i was mining ore and after the orb quest finished and you talk to blacksmith the white orb units respawn and attack.
Level 2
Sep 4, 2010
Just wanted to congratulate you on a map well done.... Can you make more maps like this? Or there are more maps like this?
Since i'm new here... i don't know much.... so i wuldnt knw a bug if i saw one...
If you have the time add me in garena too :D
Level 2
Sep 4, 2010
I think its a bug.. i dont knw.... but, when you finish a quest and go back to the quest person.. you get the quest.... it keeps on stacking on the Help Screen(F9). Especially the treasure hunter quest.... there were lots of his quests... Maybe it can be fixed or smthing? :\
Level 30
Jul 10, 2007
So yea.. this has lots and lots of problems..

first off, heroes can be loaded multiple times... say hello to duplicating gold/items

next off, when a hero is loaded, orb of light can be picked up multiple times for mass death army

next, mining may make you lose your hero (perma enemy)

the 2% includes bonuses from items, meaning that you could carry around agility orb or str orbs or w/e to get your stats up to 1250s in no time.

the knight's bash coupled with insane speed is op... he doesn't even get hit by the bosses >.>.
Level 30
Jul 10, 2007
More fun things...

the bosses are ridiculously hard for the items they drop...

the first boss drops 50 dmg garbage but deals 900 dmg??

furthermore, it's way too easy to get to lvl 100... lol

well, I can get to lvl 100 in like 10 mins with the cheese + decked out gear.

Also, the gold isn't reset when you type -repick. I can go on to a char with 1 million gold and then make a bunch of lvl ones with 1 million gold.

The furbolg boss requires like 5 people to take it down whereas the wolf boss can be soloed... It goes from 4500 dmg to 17500 dmg... it even tears right through a tank with maxed out stats and decked out gear... >.>... tank last a few seconds..

with monsters that powerful, the casters are useless... one person played priest and the heals didn't do squat... a 4000 hp heal every second isn't going to cut it against a boss that dishes out 17500 like 20x a second, lol... and a 4000 hp heal on a dude with 62100 hp? c'mon ; P

Many of the abilities don't work.. For example, most of the knight's abilities deal 0 dmg.

Knight bonus strength doesn't show up (is it supposed to?).

The final gear for agility heroes kind of sucks... evasion doesn't stack, so if they are stuck getting 6 hammers for dps, they are kind of screwed ;o.

The armor is useless when you can get up to 1250 agility >.>. +50 armor will only add a few % reduction at that point.

Because of power ups, putting into stats is 100% useless. You can either have +1000 dmg at the end with the other stuff, or you can go w/o it, that's pretty much the choice, so now nobody puts into the stats ;P.

All of the classes sort of become similar, meaning that dps rules... you need to really make the spell casting classes worth while.

The map ofc leaks like a whore.. wc3 goes into black screen of death whenever I exit out of the map.

The AoS thing seems kind of pointless considering that players can change teams whenever they like >.>.

Books of knowledge are really rare compared to stones of power and agility. You have WAY more stones of power than you do agility pots, and then way more agility pots than books. Are you trying to give casters an extra hard time or what?

The defend against the undead quest is kind of... op

When I first started, I went from like lvl 5 to lvl 40 in like 2 mins.

Death revs drop 2 heads each and continue to respawn.

Orbs are kind of worthless considering the 35k gear >.>. People just save up for that.

The very first item a hero buys enables it to pretty much rapidly get levels. When I first started, I was duoing lvl 40s at lvl 10. Yup, pretty much went straight to the very last camp, warlocks.

There isn't anything for a lvl 100 to do except for collecting power ups around the map. I already have a totally maxed out char and a few lvl 100s, some approaching maxed out (maxing out intelligence took me forever and a half).

Once the stats are maxed, then there's really nothing to do >.>.

A 100% maxed out dude dies almost instantly against lich... needless to say, I'm pretty positive that 12 maxed out dudes would die just about as quickly... are you sure that the lich is possible to kill? I can see the furbolg being possible... and possibly Jaina, but not the lich >.<.

The lvl 100 firelord boss kills himself with his own fire... I got on a paladin, put on divine shield, stuck him in a corner, then watched him kill himself with fire.

Jaina does not kill herself /sad face.

How do you get mounts to work? I've yet to be able to figure out how to get on a mount. The most I do is send it flying around the map solo.

Power up items spawn off the map all the time.

Reputation seems kind of useless. What's the point of the church btw? Is it to raise reputation?

The majority of the quests in the starter city are pretty silly. A person can just do undead horde right at start and skip all of them.

You are able to get to lich king w/o doing the undead horde thing.


Hosted Project: SC
Level 13
Jul 1, 2010
I really appreciate your time for posting this, and yet, it's not anti-map spam post, and most of the facts you listed are correct. Respect. But there are some wrong things:

first 4 lines are about balance, which I will probably change, cause u are not the only one complaining about it.

it's unnecessary to say that I will fix bugs asap :D

it's meant for the bosses weaker than furbolg to be soloable. It's just a warm up for something serious. And no, furbolg is not so strong, and good tanks can tank him, especially with a good healer.

Casters are useless? Dude, you got no idea what you are saying. The first moment I got the DPS meter I balanced all heroes. And this is the list of DPS for each role from weakest to strongest:

damage dealers, but I think that ranged ones a bit weaker than melee ones

well yeah, they all had same level, attributes, items, stats...... with the tank having about 600 DPS and mages about 1000.

All abilities work, it said clearly enough when you picked the hero that perception is needed for almost all spells, but I guess I will have to add it in tips. Perception which you can gain by leveling up increases the damage of all attribute based spells. Yes, for all spells damage can list 0 in it, cause i got a system which detects all damage, and since I cannot make spells deal damage based on attributes in object editor, i can't fix it.

Knights' bonus strenght not showing up: Was NOT meant to, but it's a world editor bug. I was watching it for hours, and never found a button that says icon must not be showed. But i guess it's not so bad.

Final Agility gear = agree, and good point, but I don't think I will be able to do something about it, at least, not much

Putting in stats = great way to show who's n00b and who's pro, yet it brings much fun in PvP especially when leveling.

Leaks = 800 triggers, and 90 days of relaxing coming soon. Yeah I think i will be able to do it. But again, I do agree, it kinda laggs :p

Changing teams in AoS. I thought of dota, it has "switch on" mode, where players can switch between teams. If your enemy "ragequits" and joins your team, can't you to the same too by joining the other team? O.O

As far as I know, there are less PLACED books than potions and stones. But, it doesn't make a real difference later, cause they all spawn at same time, so it's probably bad luck. And, i could add a bit more of books, but i will need to delete some items, cause I am already at limit.

If you mean the quest where you kill revenants, it's not op. It's soloable lol :D

Like i said before, leveling will be MUCH MUCH harder.

Death revenant spawning 2 heads = yeah, there aren't any triggers that spawn a head, except for 1, which spawns 1 head. So yeah, bug most likely, same as the attribute icon not appearing for knight and warrior.

I have new orbs listed in my papers, so it's already planned to make new ones don't worry :D

About fun at lvl 100 = U mad? It is actually a lot of fun on that level, even I don't get bored who knows like 99% of the map. This of course does not involve playing alone, but playing with, ergh, players :D There's like a normal PvP arena, hard bosses in Boss Arena, PvP AoS, Lich King Boss, and after that boss another, but PvE AoS. So yeah, there's tons of stuff to do when you are have friends in game. Since it's an RPG, i cannot make it fun + balance when playing single player.

Lich is hard, but not impossible, and a raid can kill it.

Firelord bug = omfg must fix! :D

Mount tips: When you go to the mount shop in camelot, there are 3 mounts to buy. Buy ONE, cause i am not sure yet what will happen if you buy 2 (yeah yeah I will fix it :D). The item allways drops on merchants feet, so pick it up. Now you have a unit in corner as you noticed. The unit MUST stay in that area. Once it's there, type -mount to ride it, and -dismount to send it back. I will work on it a bit more, making it a bit easier and not buggable.

Power ups spawning 24/7 = u just got me an idea to stop it in like 30 minutes of start :D
Still, if I do it, people will just go restart map, which kinda sux, so I do need an idea how to fix it.

Reputation IS useless for now xD, but once I make stronger items for reputation, it will be better.

ALL Quests VS Undead Horde Quest = again, I will fix leveling thing

Killing Lich King with no quest solved = fkin flying mounts -.-

Anyway I think that's all, please respond for some of my questions about fixing. Thank you, and +rep for your hard work.
Level 30
Jul 10, 2007
So, anything else? And, how high would you rate the map at the moment?

Are you sure you want me to rate the map? I usually don't rate until it's at least a 3, treating it as a WIP instead =)

I think that's all for now.. from what I saw in the map personally, there was like no content. You get up to lvl 100 almost immediately just doing the undead starter quest and then undead. From there, you farm gold until you have all of the 35k items you need. From there, you spend your time collecting stat ups.

Game over. Unless the end game bosses actually drop worth while gear?

Let's see, in a few hours I made like 5 lvl 100s, 1 having 1250 to all stats. All have 1 million gold ofc.

Oh yea, and here's a good way to kill lich..

Get lots of knights to stun lock... really, you only need 3-4 for perma stun lock since 1 just about does it.

You can get a warrior for command aura, blade master for life steal, and then you'll prob have enough dps to outdo his regen + perma stun lock and life steal in case he manages to get a single hit in.

And yea... about the casters, I think your dps readings might be a little off because my blade does like 8k-12k dps and I think it was 3k dps vs bosses. This is why I thought that casters were useless, because a few 10k spikes can't possibly outdo the physical dps I was seeing.

Tanks do around I think it was 1200 dps to bosses and 6k dps to monsters.

Also, I shouldn't have to say this, but any attack speed abilities are pretty useless with 1250 agility.

Oh yea, the size of your save/load code is obscene for the data it saves. Cut the size in half, ktx.

Read the save/load tutorial in that thread (intro to saving/loading or w/e) to understand how you can improve your own save/load codes by using Encoder or by at least using BigInt : ).

AceHart's save/load system, while being about the easiest to use, outputs about the worst codes of all of them. What's more important, ease of use for the map maker or ease of use for the player? : P

Your code could probably be around 24-30 characters long with the same exact character set. Best of all, you'll be able to save item charges as well ; )

Given the duplication bugs and so on, I imagine you're going to need to reset the codes anyways, unless you want me to keep all of my lvl 1s with top gear and 1 million gold as well as all of my lvl 100s with top gear and 1 million gold as well as my maxed out 1250 stat paladin and my nearly maxed out knight.

Oh yes, and Encoder also shows a map that is using its save/load system. It went from 34 characters to between 9 and 24 characters while saving even more data than it was originally saving. Is it worth it? That's for you to decide =).


Hosted Project: SC
Level 13
Jul 1, 2010
okay, and on which boss do you deal that much damage?? :D
I only balanced heroes on boss furbolg, and maybe I made the boss weaker after balancing heroes, can't remember now. Right now, I would need your idea for Agility hero based items. What to increase? Cause like you said, armor and attack speed is useless, so it won't do a thing.

I had an idea of adding bonus mana cost, cause otherwise, spells only cost cooldown, which is not so good. I will make something like, needed 1-10% of max mana to cast the spell. That will fix intelligence heroes.

I think that strenght heroes are good, what do you think?

And yeah, will make stun chance about 5% :D
Level 17
Jan 21, 2010
Adding the single player would be a good addition, in thw, we have the anti cheat system, you can use that for the single player purpose
Most of the rpg i seen, doesn't have 'single player' people says it would ruin the game, cuz you can use blizzard's cheats
Or use the single player detection in the jngp, if in local, but solo, please enable the save, i really looking forward to see this system implemented
And for the save load, i agree with nestharus, his encoder is the most secure save/load system


Hosted Project: SC
Level 13
Jul 1, 2010
okay, I will see what I can do. I released this version today, with not much changes, except for the terrain. All of the things that I wrote on paper and Nestharus said will probably be added in next versions.
Level 4
Feb 24, 2009
some bugs i found (sry i didnt read all the previous posts)

*pressing ESC several times can screw the menu, or actually show up an empty one that literally fucks up your game and only thing you can do is ALT+F4

*everytime you talk to the quest givers the same quest will be added to the F9 list

*when you buy an item it drops into the ground instead of giving it directly to you inventory (and yes, while having empty space)

*its not clear how to craft, sometimes takes a long randomly time to make them
Level 2
Jun 7, 2008
i will not give a rating, because i think that map has much potential and is indeed funny to play...
but: when I get quests, they are not displayed in the quest log only as a message
so thats all for now, maybe I'll edit later when i find more bugs


just found another prob ( maybe just for me):
you give in the description some commands but you dont talk about mounts, so how to unmount ? just give a whole list of commands :)


so my mount got killed by the king ( THIEF !!) so I can no longer play, or can I ?
so please add a -suicide command. if such a problem occurs, you can simply suicide and get revived in a town.


After playing some time:
there drop to many items compared with the space in the inventory, maybe create more sites of the inventory if possible...
otherwisely, I would prefer to enter the pvp area earlier, this would be much more fun...because only lvling sucks after some time... my friends e.g. would highly appreciate starting pvping e.g. at lvl 20... would be just my suggestion...
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Hosted Project: SC
Level 13
Jul 1, 2010
Thank you for your review.
This map got simply different quest system. Here, whenever you need a quest, just go near people, and you will see what your quest is. They aren't so complicated either, so it shouldn't be a problem to memorise it.
I could add suicide command, could be useful.
You have a backpack, making it 12 slots for your inventory. All of the beta testers said that it is enough slots, and I agree as well.
And yeah, I know PvP is just awesome, tested it many times :p, and maybe I will add some PvP quests for leveling up.
Level 2
Jun 7, 2008
the idea with the pvp quests is just great :)
so whats up with unmounting I don't get it at all
could you also add a changelog ( you removed the ESC, did you ?)
all in all with a few improvements this map can get really awesome, just some bugfixing, more hints in the information ( concerning Questsystem, Professions, Mounts) are needed
I'd like a command where you can see where the next boss is located ( ping in the map)
or for example: -Lichking then a ping is created on the minimap for 1 minute or sth like that


Hosted Project: SC
Level 13
Jul 1, 2010
You type -mount and -dismount. -Mount is for mounting a mount (lol at my speach), and -dismount is for dismounting. Yes I removed ESC, because some players use ESC each time they want to close the spellbook. That happened to my friend, who is also a main beta tester, so it's a valid reason for deleting it. I will add changelog as soon as possible. More tips will be added as well. I could add -Instances command to show all dungeons too.