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[Solved] Root ability glitch?

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I have a custom model that uses the Root ability to move between a building and a flying hovering unit. I get a strange pathing error that results in the unit being off center. Consult the attached screen for an example. I've attached the test map as well.

The solution as Retera and I have successfully tested is this:

Give the Root ability to the intended building via a trigger upon completion. This fixes the pathing issue, and makes the building image used when Rooting the correct image.



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Mar 13, 2012
I've determined that this is being caused by having a worker other than a wisp based worker build the building. It appears that only NE workers support Root.

Edit: Setting collision to 16 solves the offset issue but units may walk through it.

I did not test this, but for me this sounds like a collision issue. You could try increasing build range by using a "build tiny xxx" ability or setting pathing of the worker to false when he gets a build order.
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