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Root ability not creating Blight?

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Level 7
Jul 1, 2008
Hi there,

I have an Ancient with the Root ability, this is a corrupted ancient so uses the create blight ability, problem is when he uproots, walks somewhere and roots back down it doesn't create blight!

He has the create blight ability. I tried doing this via triggers but the event "Unit beings casting ability" with condition "ability being cast = Root" does not work.

The game doesn't seem to be detecting this ability at all.

I have enclosed a test map, can anyone help? :

http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/pastebin_data/fubf61/_files/Blight Root Test Map.w3x
Level 12
Mar 13, 2012
Root does not work with those ability events. Also blight is only created if the unit is created or the ability is removed and added again.

These are possible workarounds:

A. Replace Root with a bear form ability for transformation. The rooted unit has the blight ability.

B. Check every second or so whether your ancient is e.g. a melee attacker(which means it is rooted). If yes add the blight ability if not remove it.

(C. Use the "Unit is issued an order targeting a point" event and check for the root order. Then remove and add the blight ability. This has the flaw though that the blight will be added when the order is given and not when the tree is actually rooted.)
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