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Roflcopters v1.14d

I present you teh pro map. Its an epic mini-game between peons and copters.


Gather the required amount of lumber to achieve victory. In order to survive you have to buy different items from the War Mill and build structures with your Build ability.

Buying and/or building stuff doesnt affect to your "total lumber gathered".


Increases movement speed to the maxinum for 4 seconds.

Allows building of structures.

Allows repairing of mechanical units and structures.

Harvest Lumber
Allows to harvest lumber from trees.

Buildable Structures

Boulder Tower
Defensive structure. Has 25% chance to stun the target unit for 2 seconds on an attack.

Poison Tower
Defensive structure. Inflicts poison to its targets upon attack that slows their movement speed by 40% for 1 second.

- Healing Salve
- Clarity Potion
- Sheep Launcher
- Cloaking Device
- Aegis of the Immortal


Use your abilities to kill every single Peon, before they gather the required amount of lumber.


Drops a bomb that deals up to 100 damage to everything that it hits below.

Increases movement speed to the maximum for 3 seconds.

Flame Barrage
Bombards an area with flame dealing up to 100 damage over 4 seconds. Deals doubled damage against structures.

Reveals all invisible units in the map.
Lasts 5 seconds.


I highly recommend you to try to get a full house. Otherwise it might be boring.

rofl, copter, roflcopter, peon, gyrocopter

Roflcopters v1.14d (Map)

20:56, 13th Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
Level 35
Feb 5, 2009
Who cares?

Typos often make maps look bad. Even if it's just one, if just one person can pick you up on that typo, odds are there's a lot of other people who will pick you up for it. Simple solution is to spellcheck everything.

ESPECIALLY your description. The description is, in reality, how one creates a first impression on the public. If the description is riddled with spelling errors, doesn't explain much about the map or not in English (site rules dictate we use English on the most part), then you won't get as many different people downloading your map as you would if you, persay, fixed any errors on your description. In your case, it's only a few typos, but instantly I felt no interest in dling the map, even with that awesome picture you have for it.

Now, you may say that's 'shallow' and that if you judge a book by its cover you're stupid. If you say that, you would be the stupid one, for what I have told you is fact. Only a handful of people will actually download a map with a poor description (or a poor loading picture, whichever is the issue), but most of those people will be genuine testers who have the feeling the map will be bad, but want to know exactly how bad.

With all that said, if you fix your typos in the description, you will prove to prospective downloaders that your map is, in actual fact, worth downloading.
Level 2
Oct 11, 2009
Like your map very much! It's rare to find a map that's innovative and fun yet doesn't break down(yet). Some suggestions after >20 games:

-Put a pause/countdown of about 5 seconds before the start of every round. Helps with starting afk and a fastest-fingers-first when the fog is still clearing.
-Boulder tower is wayyy better than poison tower. A buff/nerf is required to bring them in line.
-First to 3 or best of 3 rather than 3 games. It makes the last match feel weird when you are already down 2 matches.
-Rightclicking the lumber mill doesn't return wood correctly sometimes. I automatically press e now when playing, but it would help new players a lot if it's fixable.
-Floating text of lumber count deactivates after some time. Exact cause unknown.

Long term suggestions:
-Different arenas. You could have a Line one(better for low number of players). One with teleporters.
-Different modes. Crazy mode-peons have high movespeed, copters bomb has minimal cooldown.

Balance is a tricky thing in this map. I don't think I'm qualified enough to comment on it yet. Good luck with it, and be careful! I think you already roughly got it right though.

This map is good fun. I would give full marks for concept. Has a lot of room for improvement/expansion.

Sidenote: What interests me in a new map is actually the name of the map. I will never play "Hero Seige Reborn Ultima Version" or "Angel Naruto vs Devil Bleach Arena" even if the description is a Nobel Literature Prize winner.
Level 20
Oct 21, 2006
Thanks. So rare people even test the map. :<

Well I could put 3-2-1-NOW pause to the beginning of each round. Boulder tower might be better yeah, but I thought it was balanced because all my copters were noobs and didnt want to use Boost. Boost totally counters poison tower, maybe I should just nerf boosts rather than buff the tower. Last match is, weird. At first it felt like a good/funny idea, but yeah, I should remove it? Right clicking on the mill doesnt work, because the visible mill is a neutral unit, all other players have invisibe mills behind the big-mill-owned-by-neutral. Because I didnt know how to make all players able to use the same mill. Floating text bugs, I have no idea why. And what do you mean with the name part, I didnt get it, is the current name bad or good?
Level 2
Oct 11, 2009
I rarely use boost either, because it takes valuable mana that could be spent on Flame Barrage, which in the hands of a pro, does at least 10 damage each time. But that isn't my point. My point is poison tower is too weak as compared to boulder tower, so either poison tower should get buffed or boulder tower should get nerfed. Otherwise, there's no reason to get poison tower. The boost countering poison tower only serves to make it worse.

First to 3 rounds would be best.

I don't know how to help you on the mill problem. Maybe you can post a thread on the world editor help forum. Same for the floating text bug.

The sidenote was targeted at the typo complainers, especially Wazzz. The name is not bad.
Level 20
Oct 21, 2006
nothing really a little balance changes and it should be more stable and smaller file size... havent really made any progress, because i havent seen a reason to continue the map :/

small update...
you win the game after 3 wins
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Level 6
Feb 19, 2010
Nice map you made there :D
I had fun bombarding em green men lol
Nice missile movement into making a crater....
I think 3.9/5 = 7.8/10 is good, I do advise to add more to this such as more spells/tactics the roflcopters could use and maybe a bunker for the peons to hide in if you ever though of global annihilation.
Level 6
Oct 21, 2009
i dont see connection between halo and this?

Arby n the Chief is an awesome show about 2 toys, a Master Chief and an Arbitor (spelt correctly?), who are alive and like to play Halo.

At one episode, they were playing a co-op game trying to get a skull or secret, when Master Chief fires the rocket at Arbitor, when he was suppose to aim near the feet to propel Arbitor over. Then he goes "mai roflcoptor. it goes soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi"


Hosted Project: SC
Level 14
Jul 1, 2010
Yeah, it is quite funny and fun map indeed ^^
Like, I played the map with my friend, and then I decided to host it on garena. There was a full house and I didn't wait even 5 minutes. Since there were 11 other players, and much others on garena that saw our spamming "Join Vunjo for Roflcopters", I even gave them a link of the map, and now, I see it hosted rapidly =)
Great job my friend, you managed to make a small, but good map =D