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  • ok and about model size ehm just normal i supose xD just like the ones here on hive so that i can use them as attachments.
    would be a nice system for orpg maps i supose. Btw size doesnt matter but keep it as low as possible and just make them look cool i mostly need swords/staffs/shields and if you like you wana join our team as modeler?
    right now i just need awesome custom made weapon models with particle emmiters to make it look epic.
    My orpg is a 480x480 map and resolves around the world of Endora which is populated by many things. The goal is to create such a big orpg that no one has ever seen before in wc3. We will not use race´s but yet we gona use 2 sides. Guild of the light and Guild of the shadows which both have their own classes. Right now almost nothing is done except for 1 boss and 2 merchants and a small bit of terrain.
    Hey, well i wonder what you would like to do since im working on 2 projects right now. an orpg map and the red alert map. The orpg map requires attachment models like staffs/swords and so on and the red alert map requires units and building. So tell me what you would prefer. and btw thanks for angel wing thread thing
    Not bad, not bad! Lotsa changes that I'll post about soon in the forums, but a recent 1 is Rogue is now fully complete and has all 7 spells done. Any progress on that GUI dmg system? How bout the threat system? =p
    Hey.... thx for the help :D do i know you? And when u say i say nothing about u, u mean u dont want credit?....
    Well, those are actually 3 diffrent full maps + desert what is pretty empty map.
    Me and Garsh had the idea of campaing to make of from these maps, but then I just got bored with terraining and quited.
    One reason why I don't want to share those maps is that maybe someday I will continue terraining and do something cool new stuff to those maps.
    Someday... maybe....
    And second reason is that I've seen at Garsh's house that he is doing sometimes so those textures aren't just locked in dark folder to gather dust.
    well i need a advanced system like in red alert 2 the way you make buildings. Btw the models i need are kinda a lot so doubt that will ever be done xD here is a small list.

    Soviet nuclear lab (Where they launch nuclear bomb)
    Weather controll device (Where the allied forces launch the thunder storm)
    Allied barracks
    Allied tank factory
    Soviet tank factory
    Allied satelite
    Tania (The woman who can easily kill other units and buildings) Allied unit
    Yuri (Soviet unit wich can use mind controll)
    not exactly i still got the map but its hard to continue on it cause of the lack of models and systems (people who know jass )
    Mainly my 2 player campaign,
    As you'll notice on the front page of the news at the moment
    I've not doing aything new for my Mortar or Zombie maps
    Been working on other things
    I am sorry for all the trouble I have caused to anyone who reads this and met me poorly.
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    WarManta you can have it, sorry i was offline a bit. But it's not a big deal, do what you want...
    for each integer i from 1 to max
    if duration > 0 then //it doesnt matter if it is duration but anything is fine which will make it stop
    do some actions (e.g. move something)
    set data = data[max] //do that for everything like duration/caster/unit/dummy/etc
    max = max - 1
    i = i - 1if you want to create a new instance you do:
    set max = max + 1
    set data[max] = something //e.g. triggering unit/distance/duration/caster/target unit etc.
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