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Level 51
Dec 8, 2008

Risen is an Singleplayer RPG with various quests, dungeons, treasures and many other things. Explore the Isles of the gigantic continet Triva'a and fight the fallen

Triva'a, a shattered continent stained with hundreds of
little islands, is the home of the Ancient Ones. They created the
world-roots and the pillar, where the world is standing on now.
Many thousand years ago, some of the Ancient Ones got mad
though and so they wanted to destroy the world pillar, and with
it, all who live. The others were able to stop them and the betrayers
were prisoned spereatly beneath the volcanoes of Triva'a, they
called themself the Forsaken. But now, the Forsaken were able to
escape, and they are stronger than any time before...
You're Shadowfury, an Jungle-Troll Warrioress, who stranded on an
her unknown isle, being not able to remember anything. Without
knowing it, you're getting pulled into these happenings and are going to play a gigantic role...


The fights will work like in Wc3. While casting various abilites to
damage your enemy, you'll attack with your two swords in
hack'n slash style. The fighting itself won't be easy though.
While normal mobs are quite medium to kill when they are
alone, a pair or even a pack of wolves can get very dangerous.

Story line//Quests
The main storyline will follow you through the whole
game, a big part will also make the optional quests though.
A various bandwidth of tasks will await you, from simple killing
quests to complicated questlines with optional endings. You will
often be asked to decide between two or more decitions, which
will have different effects and which bring good or bad things.
For some quests you will also fight together with various companions
which will be under your control.

Rare mobs//Artefacts
Everywhere in the world of Triva'a you will encounter various
beasts, among them, special rare ones. These rare ones are extremly hard to kill
and have a very strong and mighty loot. You can either find them very hidden in the
wild or you might need to kill them per quests, which won't be so often though.
Additional they will they drop artifacts like a 'Nighthunter Claw', which can be either
selled for a high amount of gold or combined with other artifacts and stuff to epic
and legendary weapons and armor. Another feature will be, when you,
for example killed three creatures of one rare spezies you'll get a bonus
reward of experience and gold.




Terrain: 15% Done
Units: 25% Done
Story: 65% Done
Spells: 25% Done
Items: 5% Done

In a few weeks, I'm going to upload a demo of the first island // comments and criticsm are welcome!

I also highly recommend to visit
The Risen, an wc3 style campaign of my dear friend indomitable1319. It's awsome, I assure you :p
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Level 51
Dec 8, 2008
Hmm, I actually planned to only add some unique swords + legendary swords wich can be found in dungeons. The armor will also be one piece, so no chest, hands, helmet etc.
But Inreally like your idea. I'm going to change the alreadyready items a bit and will add more. Thank you. :D

What will also be a part of the gameplay will be the unique and rare beasts, which are very hidden and their loot will be really strong. At the beginning of the game you will get some sort of quest like : kill three unique beasts. When completing this task you will get some bonus reward + massive exp.
Also, when killing an unique beast you will get for example a tusk wich can be traded to some special vandors for other mghty rewards.
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