Rise of the Two Towers v2.5

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
This map depicts the events described in "The Lord of the Rings" beginning near the conclusion of "The Fellowship of the Ring". Control either the Fellowship of the Ring, Rohan, Gondor, Isengard or Mordor and battle for control of southern Middle Earth. Armies are generated through base-spawn systems and special one time events.

Map made by [email protected] Custom icons and models by armel, Aquis, Zin-Creator, ThatGuy43, olofmoleman, Dan van Ohllus, JetFangInferno, kaycei, Tranquil, WILLTHEALMIGHTY, perfjert, Max666, General Frank, Pike, HappyTauren, Mechanical Man, anti-hero, wingednosering and Horn. Special thanks to DeathbyNinjas, HyperionTitan, Jon_Lenin, Ragnarok10, tidest, Dhullan, Farkheld and Dagaroth10 for testing and suggestions. Comments? Email me at [email protected]

Lord of the Rings

Rise of the Two Towers v2.0 (Map)

ap0: Rejected 8:49, 16th June 2009 by bounty hunter2: Needs optimizing, reduction of lag and loading time, aswell as terrain improvements and tooltip editing. Use our Map Development Forum for feedback. Rejected.




ap0: Rejected

8:49, 16th June 2009 by bounty hunter2:
Needs optimizing, reduction of lag and loading time, aswell as terrain improvements and tooltip editing. Use our Map Development Forum for feedback. Rejected.
Level 16
Jul 21, 2008
I tried your map (in single player, though) and here is some feedback:
1. Loading time is very long. Try using Optimizer and Widgetizer to reduce both loading time and map size. Both can be downloaded from tools section.
2. When the map started I almost instantly felt lags. They are certainly caused by memory leaks. To find out more about memory leaks check here.
3. I started playing it a bit and I must say that I really liked your choice of icons
4. Next thing I noticed is mounting system which is quite unique
5. The terrain is pretty plain. You should visit our terrain board for ideas and help.

I usually don't review maps, but when I tested it I thought that this is your first map so you will need some help.

If you need any help regarding world editor post it here.
For trigger related questions turn to our T&S forum.

Good luck in your future mapping!
Level 1
Jun 18, 2009
I played with you online with this, :D its a good map although it should be faster for new players to find the spawn points and for the fellowship to find pelagir.
Level 10
Nov 17, 2004
hmm i am working on a new lotr map and i have to say that yóu missed some points.

worst thing is that i cant open it and thats always a negativ point!

Could you be a bit more specific? And if you mean you can't open it in the editor that's because I protected it.

Its kind of funny that Lord_Sauron is so talented at mapping, but yet somehow he gets such reviews as... well the ones above.

Sauron i have faith buddy :)

Haha thanks Anti!
Level 4
May 1, 2008
Great map : 5/5 Your events are very well made =D same for the map and the Eye of Sauron system .Barad dur is nice =D

Some suggestions / bugs /balance point :
-nazgul are annoying when they fly :/ their attack seem to don't work vs units and their passive skills make them very hard to kill :/

-Ping the ithilien cache, it's hard to find it if you don't have already play this map .

-nazgul skill are boring :/, it's a bit better for which king but his ulti is useless and his warcry may be too powerfull.

-it's easy to trap fs with a small number of orc just waiting near cirith ungol...

-Plz add a "lembas bread" item for hobbit !

-gothmog ultimate skill is useless !

-gondor need siege units, Narchost and Carahost are really hard to destroy.

-plz use a different model for rohan mounted archer, like bandit lord or mounted wizard.

-the legolas passive attack speed bonus is weak, a critical strike might be better.
(and sorry for my bad english =( )
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Level 1
May 12, 2008
Eh, why have you stopped the Lord of the rings map ? It was great. But I didn't understand why, you removed a lot of things between the 7.2 and the 8.2.
Level 11
Nov 12, 2006
how the shit I am i supposed to view the map if i cant even open it?

Forum rules:

No swearing (right?)

No noobing (well, maybe this should be a rule).

What is your noobing offense?

Some maps are PROTECTED. This means that cheaters/copiers/losers/noobs cant manipulate the map in a way unfavorable for the original creator. Wanna know how to play this map?

Download it. Put it in your Warcraft 3 maps folder. Host it. If you cant host, go on portforward.com and learn how, or just join whatever random game is being hosted. You can also ask for a unprotected copy instead of crying about it here.
Level 5
Nov 22, 2009
I find the down side to protected maps is that when you cant open it you can't look at the triggers used to get a better understanding of GUI or JASS (especially for noobs like me).
Level 4
May 1, 2008
this map should not be rejected... It's one of the best lotr map.. just not played and totally elitist...