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Rise of Deathsong Lore - Tharaenor Realm

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Mar 27, 2013
Hi everyone! Before you read this thread, you should first take a look at this one.

Sorry if it's a bit messy, I wrote the original document in portuguese and it was a bit difficult to translate. When I get the chance, I'll upload the maps I drew, which will make it easier for you to understand the History and the general Lore.

NOTE: The lore presented is not related with warcraft lore. It was made by myself (so it may lack some details :grin: ).

Feedback is very apreciated.

The History of the Tharenor Realm

The Realm would have began as a series of proeminent villages and towns, being its age given by the foundation of Galánor ( a.k.a. Deeptree, in the campaign), the Realm's current capital, by Madhos Lorudh, first king of the Tharaenor Realm (year 35 of the second age of Naniara).
Galánor rapidly grew, becoming the trade center of the Northern Forests. Around the year 48/2 (48 of the second age), the city was the largest in the continent, having about 700 000 inhabitants. Following it were Uité (a.k.a. Oran Glade), Falaená (a.k.a. Green Horn) and Díadaer (a.k.a. Hollow Log). In the year of 50/2, an alliance is formed between Uité and Galánor. Madhos, having decided he should expand the Realm, ordered Lobhon Oran (Lord of Uité) to lay siege to Falaená. At the same time, Galánor's army set sail to the archipelago of Baelánen, conquering it without much resistence. Two months later, that very army would be joining Lobhon's , which was failing in its task to conquer Falaená. After another month of siege, the city finally surrendered. By the year of 51/2, Madhos would be the ruller of all the territories north of the Deathsong Swamps (at the time, the Southern Swamps) from La'sa until Efaea. However, the city of Díadaer woukdn't be easy to conquer, and it was later anexed, with the fall of its ruller family, the Chor, and the rise of the Gahr family, in the year of 70/2. In the same year, Madhos I dies and his eldest daughter, Myldha I, inherits the throne.
At last, Myldha decided that the expansion and unification of the Tharaenor Realm would onl be complete once the Southern Swamps were conquered. Thus, expeditions to the swamps were made. For five years explorers went deeper and deeper into the swamps. The northern and central regions, Albaterra and Olém, were easilly anexed. However, Mílbinea, the Southern zone and also the thickest, deepest part of the Swamps, their heart, was already densely populated by the Swamp Folk, who knew well not only the region, but its poisons and zones of deeper water as well. While Albaterra and Olém submitted in only two years, it took the Tharaenor armies three years to conquer all of Mílbinea. Three thousand soldiers are estimated to have died in ambushes. Although a great part of the region wasn't in the swamps itself (and thus was conquered in the first year), it still took the other two years to conquer all of the remaining mílbinean lands. Finally, on the 12th day of Aeth, in the year of 75/2, begining of Spring, the Tharaenor expansion ended, with the fall of the fortified town of Szia. However, the explorations went on, and the last milbinean village was discovered only two centuries later, in the fourth age, which marked the end of th expeditions.
Myldha rulled for 30 years, until the last year of the second age. This year would be known to History as the Day of the Everlasting Darkness.
During the year of 100/2, a war started, its magnitude going beyond the understandable: The Deathsong War. At the third hour of the 9th day of Líath, during the alignment of the moons, Aldora and Milera, an eclipse happened, plungering the world in absolute darkness.

And that's it, for now... I'll write more as soon as I get the chance. I do realise that this text is really confusing, so please do ask me anything you don't understand, wether it's via PM/VM or in a comment.

Hope you found this interesting!
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Jan 6, 2015
I like the story and I am looking forward to the campaign but I dont understand with which race the war is and who will be the main character throughout the the campaign

However I think the campaign will make a great playtime. please answer my question through a visitor message.
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