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RoD Lore - Future Storm

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Level 6
Mar 27, 2013
Rise of Deathsong Lore
"Future Storm"

Before you read this, I recommend that you take a look at this thread.

This is a short story I've written, depicting a conversation between Sylvia and her sister. The prologue for the campaign will be based on this story.

She looked at the sky.
'A storm's coming,' she told Lysira, worried.
'Something troubles you, sister. What is it?'
'Nothing. I'm tired, that's all.'
Taking a deep breath, Sylvia moved away from the window. The days were getting darker, she could feel it. Something bad was to come, the Swamp Lords were just the beggining. The Mohri were attacking her allies once more, and she couldn't do anything to help them.
'Is it the about the Lords?'
'Tell me Lysa, what can I do? Something tells me that this has more to it than it appears. I'm telling you, the dark days are returning. Don't you feel it? The Lords disappearing... this is not a regular case of an invasion, or a conspiracy... No, it can't be!'
Sylvia nodded.
'Are you sure?'
'It must be Her. Who else?'
'What will you do?'
'I can't give myself to her... But I can't leave my people alone while that witch slaughters them!'
'No, you can't... Don't worry, sister, we'll find a way, as we did in ages past.'
Suddenly, voices started talking outside.
'What is it?' asked Lysira.
'Someone's here...'
They moved out of the bedroom and rushed towards the courtyard. The light in the hallways was dim, it was late already.
Outside was fresh, the moon shining in the sky, just as a pale pearl, along with the stars. Far, storm clouds floated in the palace's direction.
The soldiers had gathered around someone, but Sylvia couldn't see who.
'Let me pass!' Sylvia ordered.
'What the-- It's Lady Anor, make way!' a soldier said the others.
Sylvia crossed the croud. In the middle of the guards was a tharaeny, wearing Commander Joron's colors: blue and brown.
'My lady! Praise the Thar!'
'What's is the meaning of this? Speak, soldier!'
'I was sent by Commander Joron. My lady, your suspicions were true! Lady Deathsong's minions have showed theirselves! The Commander has been sending some expeditions to the inner marshes, but he requires immediate reinforcements! He also requested your urgent presence, my lady!'
A chill crossed her spine as she heard those words. She was back. That meant there was going to be a war, and this time, they weren't ready.
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