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Rise and Fall of Nations Story line

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Level 4
Jun 20, 2007
Hello everyone Adzyboy here posting the story line to my ORPG in creation

so any way here goes

Time line of Medalianor

400 years before Great War
First humans sail to Medalianor

350 years before Great War
Humans explore Medalianor
First contact with High elves.

340 years before Great War
City of Tyaesriria established.
Tyaesriria named human capital.

330 years before Great War
High elf war begins
High elves split in two, High elves and blood elves.
Humans make contact with Orcs.

300 years before Great War
Night elves make contact with High elves and blood elves.
Elven alliance is established.

250 years before Great War
City of Tyaesriria flourishes.
Elven Capital of Ialaesuir is made.
Trade routes between Tyaesriria and Ialaesuir established.

200 years before Great War
Smaller human settlements are developed all across Medalianor.

150 years before Great War
War breaks out between Orcs and Elves.

140 years before Great War
Trolls and Ogres ally with Orcs and enter the war, horde is formed.

130 years before Great War
Elves are driven into the Great forest on the verge of defeat.
Humans attack the Horde.

128 years before Great War
Elves ask the spirit of the forest for assistance against the orcs.
The spirit seals the forest.

100 years before Great War
The war between Humans and Orcs goes silent.
All fighting ends.

30 years before Great War
Tyrienous is born.
Dural’k othgrill becomes the Chieftain of the Horde and the tauren join the horde led by Ksaddare Stonehoof who becomes Dural’ks second in command.

20 years before Great War
Tyrienous joins the magic academy in Tyaesriria.

10 years before Great War
Tyrienous is expelled from the academy for studying necromancy
Orcs raid human villages, war re-engages.

The Great War begins
Tyrienous approaches the great lords of Tyaesriria and offers to use his powers to end the war. They accept and he resurrects all the warriors that have been slain over the years.
Fearful of Tyrienous’s army the Humans and the Horde ally to drive the now labelled Black king into the mountains. Sensing the magic used the elves reopen the great forest and joins the fight against the black king.

The battle rages on for 10 years with the Black king being pushed further and further back towards the mountains of the northeast. The black king is driven to the plateau of Feanor and an epic battle ensues. With the combined magic’s of the Shamans of the Horde races with the elf mages and the human wizards; a spell is cast to seal the black king and his army atop the plateau. They then retreat back to their respectful nations and an era of peace begins.

50 years after the Great War

The black king has regained his power and has released the bonds that bind him. His forces begin Construction on the Black fortress Xurh'Han.

Tyaesriria becomes the House of the Great lords where the three human lords rule over all the human provinces.

Ialaesuir flourishes into the pinnacle of magic within Medalianor and the great wizard Orannis Lathrander becomes the leader of the Elven Alliance.

Dural’k othgrill, the leader of the Horde establishes the horde capital in dusthallow, Vashnak. Ksaddare Stonehoof establishes the outpost of Grim’jek to control the borders of Dusthallow.

All is peaceful, the taint caused by the Black king subsides from the great forest and it begins to regrow. Trade begins once again between Tyaesriria and Ialaesuir and new trade routes are opened to Vashnak. Trade flourishes between the nations and many merchants become very wealthy.

60 years after the Great War

The peace that has lasted all these years comes to an end as the Great lords of Tyaesriria are found slain in the bed chambers. Orcish blades are found lodged inside them. Lord Valerius Drellon, Lady Étaín Hathor and Lord Consus Bedwyr take the place of the last three previous lords. Fearful of their lives and paranoid over an attack from the orcs and elves they make the first move launching massive assaults against the Elven Empire and the Horde. The elves approach Dural’k in search of a peace treaty against the Humans only to be sent the heads of the messengers that had gone. Battle rages across the land and the Black king begins a new campaign against the land of Medalianor.
And thus we have the current setting of Rise and Fall of Nations.

by adric
Level 4
Jun 20, 2007
P.S a friend of mine knows every detail of LOTR and Warcraft and has stated to me that it has its similarities to both and my responce is.........
Good they are brilliant worlds.. the land of Medalianor remains a seperate land with its own set of lores .. for instance he lolled at me for the creation of blood elf and high elf within this and its the way it is so yeah

any way

gime a yell
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