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Battle for Honor: The Story

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Level 16
Nov 30, 2009
A Story I made for Midnighter's Map Battle for Honor. Sit Back and Enjoy.


Ah! Come here young one! You looked like a curious one!
Do you want to hear a story? You do? Good! Sit here, come on.
This is a story of a great battle, which happens on a big hill, once a peaceful place.
You wonder what happened? Why the battle began?
Now be quiet, for this story will be a long one.....

Long ago, in a Great, Lush Hill, Humans, Goblins, and Bear-Like Humanoids called Pandarens live together in peace for thousands of years.
However, that doesn't mean that the hills were always peaceful.
As the elders said, "There can be no Peace without a War". And so was the land.
Before the Thousand-Year Peace, there is an age known as "Hundred-Years War".
But it felt like an eternity. At least to those who survive the bloody wars.

You are lucky young one, for you live in an age after the second war.
Oh, right! I completely forgot about the Second War!
To be exact, it's the main part of the story! The Climax!

Do you want to know how could it happen?
A bit hard to say... As you probably don't know who is the one I'm talking about... The Demons...
You know about them?
Well, I guess kids these are smarter than I thought.
Anyway, lets get back to the story...

As I have said before, the three dwellers live here. Peacefully. Hoping for no more war.
But time, says otherwise.
From the Plane of Darkness, where do the Demon resides, the Great Demons are having a meeting, choosing of a world to conquer.
And finally, they have choosen this world.
One of the Great Demons, named Nakh-Ran'gath, also known as The Faceless Whisperer, whipers to the ears of Geomancers, Shamans, and all other spellcasters of all kinds.
Do you now what happens next?
Yes, they succumbed to Nakh-Ran'gath's vicious and rapid whispers.

All seemed so fast after that.
Mages, knowing that there is an open plains in the middle of the forest, went there to summon their masters...
Those Filthy Dogs!
They don't know, that the whispers only call them to open a portal, and the Demons will dispose of them right after the summoning.
As the Portal get opened, Demons came rushing in, destroying the entire forest in a matter of hours. Of course after they had disposed the Mages.
And they make the plains where the forests formerly resides as their first beacon of power. And noticed the natives of their coming by sending raiding parties to raid the natives.

The natives of the hill, not knowing who have done this all, blamed each other for the assault, and go on a Four-Way War against the Demons and the other Natives.
The war is bloody. Casualties are massive. Great Heroes rise and fall. New Legends are born. Children and Women crying for their fallen beloved. The Sky Roars as The Earth Trembles.
All because of a single whisper.

You want to know how do the war go on?
You really want to know?
If you do so, I have an artifact, called the "Time Orb".
Yes, it do looked like cheap crystal balls you've seen at Fortune-Tellers.
But, I ensure you. This is a real artifact.
With it, you can witness the war by your own eyes, or even intervene it and change the history and the outcome of the War...
So, are you interested to Battle for Honor?

Story by: Dead-Man-Walking
Characters by: Dead-Man-Walking
Base Lore Provided by: Midnighters
Who's Going To Use This: Midnighters
Level 24
Jul 9, 2009
I´m verry intrested in this game called battle for honor. You do the thing that many peoples fail with and many do not even try it at all, to make a good story line that´s not to long and involved and still a text that draws you in to an all new world.
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