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Story for my new mmorpgs

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Feb 25, 2007
No MMORpgS does not stand for more than 1 MMORpg it stands for my brand new idea Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Shooter. It went from a MMOS to a MMORpg to a MMORpgS. But that's not why I'm here huh. In my game there's going to be a story mode, and a all out just plain for no reason shoot everyone you can as fast as you can XD. This is the story I have so far. Not very good and I'm looking for more ideas. Its mainly just cinematics with spurts of game play.

Personally I'm horrible at story making if anyone wants to make another story I'll be glad to look it over.

You start off as a new student to the Institute of Guns (name is definitely up for new suggestions). There you can study Sniping, Marine 101 (same as institute), swordsman (yet again), and blacksmith. (More subjects are up for suggestions).

While in class you watch your teacher pick up the phone and casually talk on it. Your teachers starts to freak out a little. He/she starts to run around panicking. A big shadowed man walks in announcing, "Students please stay calm and quiet as you walk outside to attend some... Unfortunate circumstances.." Snipers team up with the master sniper in back, blacksmiths stay in, swordsmen in front, and Marines in middle. A big group of monsters where in the court yard. The school kills them with swiftness.

Everyone investigates the problem. No problems where spotted on the campus. There was a small problem in the corner of the city though. A small portal had opened up not a few hours ago. It was in an abandoned village, always on fire. The ground had dried up then burnt until it was a charcoal black. Small screams where heard all around in the buildings. When the patrol went in they had found a few worms and many burnt up corpses. They where scattered about with demons about. Completely on fire and always tried to eat something. Mainly the patrol. The patrol quickly got rid of them and went back to the laboratory to show the scientists the new findings.

They studied them for 5 days straight and found out that they had a very special talent, that could destroy or help the kingdom. They found out that the worms could study life forms and could copy them and become them one day. This had scared the whole kingdom for all of their worst enemies could be copied then used against the kingdom. They continued to study the worms to find a way they could use this to their advantage.

3 years has past sense that dreadful week. The scientists had been working on the "worms" ever sense. They had found a break through. The scientists think they found the specific parts to the worms that could copy and transform them into anything. With this new information they went to you to become their experiment. Sense you where the only one who would agree to doing it. They will inject some fluids into your body.

They teach you how to scan and how to transform when you're ready. They give you a trapped enemy for you to try and scan. You have a chance to miss, the enemy must be damaged, and they can't be above a certain level. Other than that you can scan any unit. With higher levels comes better percentage, higher levels to scan, and less damage you have to inflict on a unit.

You can either go out and look through the villages for some monsters or you can go through a training simulation that gives you an enemy for you to battle and scan. If you go through the training simulation though you get weaker monsters than the ones you can find.

I have a good Idea of what I'm going to do after that but I still need alot of story line. I'll post it here after I come back (in about a few hours).

Edit 1: Continuation of the story: I took out a lot of details just because its mainly going to be game play. The top part was mostly scenarios. In this part of the story I'm asking for the names of creatures (altogether) and the name of the kingdom. (I will just say the creatures and the kingdom)

You have transformed into the being that might save a kingdom. Soon you will have to venture out into the wilderness to stop any and all threats against your kingdom. You soon find out from a merchant that his wife as gone missing in a nearby forest. As well as a few others. If you find any information about his wife or find his wife he will get you a small reward.

The forests; You find a large number of creatures. Sense you have turned into one of them you can sit in and listen. You find out that they are going to slowly take out the kingdom by killing anyone and everyone that comes into the forest. They figured you where one of them so they ask you to be on the look out for any trespassing villagers. It was turning late and the creatures where counting on you to tell the guards if anyone comes. You have a choice you can become a full creature and betray your kingdom or stay by your kingdom's side.

Scenario #1

You become a creature.

You have decided to become a creature. You stay on the look out for every villager. There is almost no one that goes into the forests at night for the rumors that have been going around about the creatures. In the morning was a different story. You see tons a villagers coming so you have to report them all! You remember there was a festival today in which was the day, 500 years ago, the kingdom became a kingdom. You tell the guards to pretty much stand at the gate. You tell the leader whats happening and that they should all hide in the forests. Good part about the festival is the king sees no reason into sending in his own troops to the festival. He hired a group of creatures to guard the festival. The perfect time to take a huge chunk of the kingdom out. (I'll continue when I feel like it in about a few hours to days XD)
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