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Requiem of The Gods 1.71

This bundle is marked as director's cut. It exceeds all expectations and excels in every regard.

Following on from 1.60's major revamp comes AI in the form of ROTG 1.71! Yes you can now play it solo! Enjoy!
This map is a hero arena featuring 38 heroes, 200 items, 200 custom powers, multiple game modes, duelling, boss fights, AI and a cherry on top.

Remember the website is still online at http://www.rotg.co.uk
Have fun Fellas!

ROTG 1.71 Changelog
Titan Cinematics are now disabled by default in templay mode.

Ai will no longer attempt to flee if badly injured in the end boss room.
Dark Rider's Curse of Doom now correctly requires level 6.
Ai will no longer stop responding after a Titan Cinematic.
When being teleported into the final boss duel custom camera heights will now be respected and re-applied.

ROTG 1.70 Changelog
Artificial Intelligence has now been included allowing for solo games of ROTG!
Any combo can now be done including:
4 AI vs 4 AI
1 Human, 3 AI vs 1 Human, 3 AI
2 Humans, 2 AI vs 4 AI
You can now play with any number of computer players that will function in both duel mode and teamplay mode. (Deathmatch)
The AI will take over from any leavers and itself can be taken over by watching referees.
The ability to turn the AI on and off for your team has been included for players who prefer to control leavers
The AI will buy items including advanced decision making so item builds are more random from game to game, although each
hero has their own favourite items including upgrades so the AI develops different builds depending on which AI it is
The Ai is written to give Titan Orbs they find to the human players. (They leave it in their home base)
In combat the AI will target badly wounded enemies over healthy ones and will retreat to heal if badly injured.
In teamplay mode the AI can be "controlled" towards the ritual game by trying to seize control of it yourself.
The Ai will attempt assist friendly heroes that are engaged by enemy heroes or titans.

Some changes have been made to the game triggers including the base gates and other systems to allow the integration of
the AI. None of these should be noticeable by players.
Minor tweaks have been applied.

Many spells have been re-based, tweaked or changed to allow the AI to utilise them. Most of these changes should not be
noticeable by human players.
The AI will use about 97% of the hero powers in the game.

Hand Grenades will no longer dispel buff in the target area.
Some items abilities have been changed to work better with the AI.
Minor tweaks to some item powers have been applied.

Many miscellaneous bugs have been fixed with the internal programming, none of which is noticeable by the in-game players.

2 New Heroes, The Tauren Rockbreaker & The Naga Wrymguard have been added!
A New secret hero waits to be found..
Charged items will now stack in an inventory!
It is now possible to "split" stacks of charged items by double right-clicking on the stack.
A New item store has been added with 9 new items!
Healing & Sentry wards can now be purchased from the new store.
Mercenaries have been expanded to include undead and non-undead Mercenary contracts. (Rabid Ghouls & Healers)
New "Jewel of the Gods" item that improves the ritual bonus the hero receives.
2 New Artifacts that improve fighting abilities.
2 New Summons items that call in dragons to your side!
The game will now dynamically change the game mode chooser if the current one is afk or does not set a mode within 20 seconds.
All players are now informed who is setting the mode and how long they have left to do it.
It is now possible to swap back and forth between teams & for joining referees to swap teams after a join.

Intro sequence has been shortened.
Titan cinematics are now disabled by default in easy QuickStart mode.
Base towers have been removed.
The way players enter/leave the base has changed. it now works on team based teleport portals.
The "slow aura" by the base doors has been removed.
The Ritual of the Gods will now upgrade at the end of the first, and second ritual, granting higher bonuses sooner.
All heroes wil now begin the game with a Gladiator's Net & a Hand Grenade.
All Revival times have been shortened by 10 seconds.
Xp Gained from killing enemy heroes has been reduced.
Xp Gained from killing lower levels creeps has been lowered, while killing higher level creeps has been increased, resulting in an overall bonus to Xp from creeping.
The first player to reach level 18 now gets 600 gold, down from 800.
Gold loss from dying to creeps has been reduced by 50 gold at all levels.
Hero bounty amounts/Gold lost by being slain by Titans has been reduced by 35%.
Titans no longer have truesight (Except Argonax)
Creeps will now upgrade faster.
Undead Revenants now generate corpses upon death. (So can be raised or eaten)
Undead Zombies now generate corpses upon death. (So can be raised or eaten)
creeps will now upgrade faster.
New undead level 6 creep, the Flesh Monstrosity is replacing Skeletal Orc Champions.
Naga's Super creep has been changed to a Hydra.
Purge ability has been changed to "curse" on Satyr Tricksters.
It is now possible for creeps to drop the new ward items.
It is now possible for creeps to drop Mercenary Archer & Spearman contracts.
Creep item dropping has been adjusted, it is now always possible for creeps to drop the lower end items, they never get out-dated.
The numbers of creeps in the camps has been adjusted over the levels & the mix of possible creeps has been expanded.
Base flags have been added.

Fixed many tooltip glitches and mistakes.
Fixed a possible exploit with Multishot (Both types) \ Earthquake \ Vinewall \ Shapeshift \ Bear Frenzy \ Shield Breaker \ Berserker Rage \ Burrow \ Impale Thrust \ Spawn Burrowers \ Bladefury \ Symphony of Frost and Flame
\ Cursed Arrow \ Curse of Living Death \ Smoke Form \ Judgement \ Consume Magic \ Summons Mastery \ Maelstrom \ Electricity Nova \ Touch of Azshara \ Diabolic Displacement \ Lifesurge \ Force of Nature \ Shrink \ Icestorm \
Enchant Weapon \ Underworld Strike \ Hellfire \ Death Spasm \ Focus Magic \ Righteous Wrath \ Black Summoning \ Unliving Empowerment \ Saw Blades \ Maximum Power.

==Misc Powers==
Screamers silence ability now correctly lasts 5 seconds.
Small target (screamers & Wormtide worms) now grants 75/% evasion up from 50%.
Fixed potential problem with Dynamite/Hand Grenade and movement spells.

==Secret Powers==
Saw blades animations now reset properly.
Saw blades no longer bugs during a Titan Cinematic.
Saw blades is more efficient.
System Overload hotkey changed to [V].

==Arch Druid==
Vinewall now entangles for 2.5 seconds on heroes up from 2.
Vinewall's tooltip now correctly states damage at 10 per second. Vinewall's tooltip now correctly states that it does not effect titans.
Vinewall's damage no longer affects titans.
Fixed a memory leak with Vinewall.
Craft potion tooltip now correctly displays as channelling.
Potions created by craft potion are now only generated if casting is fully completed.
All the Druid's potions can stack up to a maximum of 3.
Druid's potions now sell for considerably more, 20,30,40,50 Gold.
Forest Hawks are now invulnerable.
Fixed bug with Druid's spells not returning properly if he died while shape shifted then revived early.
Levwl 3 Bear form's Frenzy power changed, no longer manually targeted, instead affects caster similar to "Roar".
Frenzy now has a hotkey of [C].
If Druid is under bear frenzy when he morphs back, the buff is correctly removed.

==Death Mage==
Soul Drain has been re-worked to be more efficient.
Soul Drain functions smoother, more reliably and interrupts more accurately.
soul Drain will now pause correctly during titan cinematics.
Soul Drain now calculates hp gain after damage is applied for each blast not before.
The caster of Soul Drain will face the target more accurately while channelling.
Soul Drain now fires up to 24 drain bolts over 6 seconds down from 24 over 13 seconds.
Soul Drain's max effective range has been lowered to 2000.

Demonic Zeal now grants a 6/8/10/12% chance to Critical/Evade down from 6/8/12/14%.
Apis Mellifera tooltip now gives exact radius of explosions.
Wheels of Infernos can no longer be effected by certain spells.

Mana Cataclysm will now stop immediately when interrupted, instead of finishing charging and then being interrupted.
Mana Cataclysm no longer hits burrowed or certain flying units.
Mana drain during Mana Cataclysm now drains at 5% of the caster's maximum mana every 0.20 seconds during the charging phase.
Mana Cataclysm interrupt message only appears if caster is still alive.
If any mana is left when Cataclysm is interrupted during charging that mana is saved and not lost.
Mana Cataclysm now charges for 3 seconds to generate the blast.
At level 3 Mana Cataclysm will deal 100% of the caster's mana in damage up from 90%.
Cataclysm will now work correctly with titan cinematics.
Fixed a memory leak with Mana Cataclysm.

Relentless assault can now hit titans.
Relentless assault can now be used while in Rage.
Shieldbreaker now has cast message.
Berserker rage has been re-worked.
The "Taunt" ability has been removed from raging Berserkers.
Raging Berserker's Frenzy skill has been re-worked.
Raging Berserker's Frenzy skill now increases movement by 20% up from 10%.
Raging Beserker's "Ignore Pain" skill now reduces all incoming damage by 10 hitpoints.
Raging Berserker's now gain limited magical resistance.
Berserker Rage now grants the Berserker an additional 100 hitpoints on morphing.
Charged/Purchaseable items can no longer be used by AI in rage. (and benefits like bonus intelligence from Shamanic Totems will not apply)
Rage movement and attacking has been re-worked. Every 2 seconds the Berserker will check for nearby targets, if none are found he will move randomly.
If a target is found and the Berserker is not attacking it will attack a random target.
Target aquisition range has been changed to 800.
Rage targetting will prioritise Heroes over other units. (Including allied heroes)
Frenzy is casted randomly in rage, instead of at set intervals.
Berserker Rage targeting is less focused and more random distributing attacks better.
Raged Berserkers will activly attack units that are not attacking them already and thus now will aggro nearby creeps.
It is no longer possible for Raged Berserkers to summon units. These units die instantly.
When Rage ends the Frenzy buff is now correctly removed.
Rage will now end if the caster's hitpoints fall below 15%.
When Rage ends, the caster will "un-morph" correctly meaning it is no longer possible to have control of a raging Berserker.
When Rage ends the caster will stop instead of continuing the last order given in rage.
When Rage ends the caster is selected for the owning player.
Death triggers have been adjusted to work better with Berserker Rage.

==Elven Ranger==
Paralyzing Shot now has an 18 second cooldown up from 16.
Fixed a memory leak with multi shot.

Burrow spell re-written to be more efficient
Burrow now has 0.4 sec burrowing/unburrowing time.
Burrow now has an animation on burrowing and unburrowing and creates dust FX during casting.
Burrow now grants 1,2,3,4 bonus armour.
Burrowers cannot go below 25 mana while underground and so will always be able to unburrow.
Fixed the death animation for underground Burrowers.
Impale Thrust ability has been changed. The Caster now tunnels towards the target point over 1 second then bursts up through the ground becoming un-burrowed and hitting nearby enemies with Impale.
Impale Thrust now correctly respects cooldowns and levels compared with Burrow.
Impale thrust cast range now 600.
Impale thrust damage reduced to 75,110,175,200.
AOE of Impale reduced to 200 from 250.
Impale thrust now has hotkey [C].
Mana cost of Impale thrust increased to 115.
Impale cooldown now 30 seconds up from 18.
Spawn Burrowers reworked, now instead of targeted spell it creates the eggsack in front of the caster.
The eggsack can no longer be affected by certain spells.
Quicksand can now be casted while burrowed!
Quicksand now has crater effect and changes the terrain when it is casted.
Quicksand has a slime/acid fx in addition to the dust one.
Quicksand uses less particle effects during its channelling.
Quicksand now lasts 4 seconds at all levels.
Quicksand will now correctly interrupt the if caster is killed.
Quicksand no longer effects certain units.
Quicksand no longer pauses enemies caught in it.
Quicksand no longer disables collision for units in it.
Quicksand no longer damages structures.
Quicksand's damage now ignores armour.
Fixed a memory leak with Quicksand.
Earthquake can now be casted while burrowed!
Earthquake has new cast effects when used underground.
Earthquake's damage increased to 40/60, 80/120, 120/180 (The 2nd values apply when target is close to the caster)
Earthquake's damage will now stop immediately if the caster is slain.
Earthquake's damage doesn’t affect certain units.
Earthquake's damage does not continue to injure during titan cinematics.
Earthquake now only slows enemy units.
Earthquake's damage calculation has been changed. Now deals damage every 0.5
seconds and will no longer hit units twice with each cycle.
Fixed animation glitches with Earthquake.

Ice Blast will stop moving the target if it is killed during the movement.
Fixed memory leak with Ice Blast.
Freeze is more efficient.
Freeze now costs 300 mana and has a 220 cooldown at all levels.
Freeze now channels over 7 seconds down from 10.
Freeze's max range is now 1600 rather than 2000.
The duration a target is frozen for is now dependant on the level of Freeze.
(3,6,9) from 8 seconds.
Freeze will now interrupt immediately upon being cancelled, or caster death.
Freeze now always fires the correct amount of ice blasts.
Freeze's interruption message will only appear if the caster is still alive.
Upon interruption the caster's animations will properly reset.
Freeze now pauses correctly during titan cinematics.
Freeze now checks range arguments more frequently.
Frozen units no longer take damage during titan cinematics.
The damage applied to frozen units will stop immediately upon the units' death.
Fixed special effect on the shattering of frozen units.
Freeze caster's animation now resets correctly upon spell completion.
Fixed a memory leak with shattering units.

==Shadow Ranger==
Cursed Arrow is more efficient.
The Dark Familiar is now magic immune.
Dark Familiar’s can be summoned in Argonax's chamber if the Dark Ranger is in the room.
The special effect on Dark Familiars now properly destroys upon death.
Fixed a memory leak with Multishot.
Curse of living death no longer affects allies.

Swordmaster's movement speed has been increased to 330.
Combat Mastery now grants 100% evasion while moving.
Evasion granted by Combat mastery no longer shows on the command card.
Blade fury now lasts 4,6,8,10 seconds with an 9,8,7,6 second exhaustion.
Blade fury is more efficient.
Counter Attack's sound effect is now centred on the unit.
Fixed memory leak with Counter Attack.

==Hill Giant==
Taunt has been replaced with a new "Tremor" ability that slows nearby enemies.
Mighty Blow now costs 110 mana down from 120.
Fixed memory leak with Mighty Blow.
Rampage's damage bonus has been increased to 25 dmg up from 20.

Pounces damage and stun will now only "hit" the target if the caster is close enough after the movement has been applied.
Cry of the Ancients now has a 750 radius up from 500.

Craft Vampiric Potion is more efficient.
Craft Vampiric Potion tooltip now correctly displays as channelling.
Potions created by craft vampiric potion are now only generated if casting is fully completed.
All the Vampire's potions can stack up to a maximum of 3.
Vampire's potions now sell for considerably more, 20,30,40,50 Gold.
Vampires are now invisible at all levels of Smoke form.
Smoke form now costs 75 mana down from 120.
Smoke form is no longer duration based and instead lasts forever, however the Vampire's mana will drain away while it is active.
Vampires in smoke form can no longer be targeted by certain spells. (Even if they can be seen)
Vampires will now transform back from Smoke form if their mana falls below the cost of the spell.
Cacophony of Darkness can now summon Vampire Bats in Argonax's chamber.

==Witch Hunter==
Witch Hunter's movement speed has been reduced to 290.
Witch hunters now have a slightly slower attack speed and deal slightly less damage.
Banishment is more efficient.
Banishment now has additional overhead messages to inform whether target is undead or not.
Banishments targeting has been improved.
Banishment now has a 28 second cooldown up from 24.
Purify now deals less damage to summons. 200,300,400,500.
Purify's tooltip now states correct AOE.
Judgement is more efficient.
Caster animation for Judgement has been fixed.
Judgement will now only execute if the caster survives the cast time.
Judgement's duration and radius have been corrected in the tooltip.
Judgement's targeting no longer considers magic immune, structures, dead or certain units.
Judgment now damages, 600,800,1000 but the damage decreases far more dramatically over range.
Judgment now heals, 350,500,700 but the heal decreases far more dramatically over range.
Judgement's damage and healing now scale correctly to distance.
Fixed memory leak in Judgement.

==Dark Rider==
Death Waves's targeting no longer considers magic immune, structures, dead or certain units.
Fixed memory leak with Death Wave.
Consume Magic is more efficient.
Consume Magic's targeting no longer considers magic immune, structures, dead or certain units.
Unholy sustenance is more efficient.
Unholy sustenance now works properly with titan cinematics.
Unholy Sustenance's interrupted message will only show if the caster is still alive.
Unholy Sustenance now gives feedback messages overhead if the casters Mana is empty or their hitpoints are full.
Curse of Doom has been re-worked.
Curse Of Doom's timer now displays exact time remaining in 4 decimal places and updates much faster.
Curse of Doom's movement debuff now applies and removes correctly and no longer shows on the caster's command card.
Curse of Doom has an additional floating text message to show when movement is slowed.
Curse of Doom can no longer be used on, or passed to magically immune units.
Curse of Doom can no longer be used on or passed to structures.
Curse of Doom cannot be passed to certain units.
Curse of Doom passes back and forth between units much more quickly and effectively and the timer no longer resets to the nearest second.
Curse of Doom makes an additional final check that caster and target are still alive before ending its execution. (Dooming the target)

==Court Wizard==
Illusion mastery used on grown Pit Daemons now creates an illusion of the correct size.

==Jungle Troll==
Placing Traps animation / casting times have changed. Now a message appears over caster to show he is preparing a trap.
An additional message is shown to show the Trap has been placed.
All Traps are now immune to certain spells.
Fixed a memory leak with laying Traps.
Explosive Traps now show the remaining duration when selected.
Explosive traps now deal less damage at levels 3 & 4. (150/300, 200,400)
Explosive Traps cooldown is now 90 seconds down from 100.
Explosive traps now last 60 seconds down from 90.
Explosive traps tooltip now states correct AOE blast radius.
Spike Traps now have new model art.
Spike Trap targeting is much more efficient and the traps will no longer be set off by Titans that that cannot injure.
Spike traps now go off automatically if they are destroyed. (So can be manually triggered)
The damage and stun length of spike Traps now scales with the level of the ability. (50,75,125,150 1,1.25,1.5,2)
Spike Traps now have 60 hitpoints up from 40.
Spike Traps have new "detonation" effects to much better show the area hit.
Spike Traps mana cost has been reduced to 75 down from 85.
Spike Traps now have correct cast range of 200.
Spike Traps "catch" range has been greatly enhanced to correctly hit any units in the traps AOE at point of detonation.
The Troll Cunnin' upgrade for explosive traps now improves duration to 120,180,240 seconds.

==Arcane Summoner==
Battle Golems Bash ability tooltip now has proper information.
Magic Golems Power Blast ability now has hotkey of [X] & proper info on the tooltip.
Defensive Golems taunt ability now has hotkey of [X].
Taunt now has a cooldown of 12 seconds down from 15.
Summons Mastery has new cast effects.
Summons Mastery effects scale up in relation to the level of the ability.
Summons Mastery's targeting no longer considers magic immune, dead or certain units.
Summons Mastery cooldown reduced to 120 seconds down from 160.
Fixed a leak with Summons Mastery.

The way Ravagores take passive damage has been made more memory efficient.
Devour Flesh has new "eating" animation.
Devour Flesh has new cast effects and sound effects to look more appropriate.
Savage Fury is more efficient.
Savage Fury has new cast effects.
Ravagores will size up more smoothly upon entering Savage Fury.
Ravagores will not size up if currently being effected by Shrink.
Savage Fury's cast looks smoother.
Rending Claws in Savage fury has had extra blood effects added.

Lightning Strike no longer hurts the Lich or his allies.
Lightning Strike has a new effect.
Electricity Nova has been reworked with new cast effects and a new targeting system.
Electricity Nova is no longer a target able spell, it takes effect instantly.
Electricity Nova will now correctly Purge all units caught in its AOE.
Electricity Nova's targeting no longer considers magic immune, dead or certain units.
Maelstorm is more efficient.
Maelstorm's targeting no longer considers magic immune, dead or certain units.
Maelstorm should no longer continue, or interrupt during a titan cinematic.

==Pit Daemon==
Pit Daemons now get extra 50 hitpoints on base.
Growth has a much reduced cooldown to 80,60,40,20 seconds.
Growth's "anti-hex" system has been re-worked and applies size changes better.
When Grown to maximum size (10) the Pit Daemon get s anew "Regurgitate" power that damages enemy units in AOE.
Regurgitates power is determined by the level of the "Growth" ability.
When the Pit Daemon reaches max size (10) after 90 seconds it will de-grade to size 9, losing the "Regurgitate" power and needing to re-grow.
Wormtide worms now have 75% evasion (Small target) & damage has been increased from 5-6 to 6-8.

Diabolic Displacement now checks that units are still alive before initiating teleportation.
Diabloically displaced units now face correct angles after teleportation.
Succubus Curse & Void Daemon Bash now have proper tooltips.
Succubus Curse now has hotkey of [X].

==Sea Drake==
Divebomb now will halt if caster is killed during movement.
Divebomb targeting no longer hits certain units.
Fixed Memory leak with Divebomb.

==Forest Guardian==
Lifesurge is more efficient.
Lifesurge's targeting no longer considers certain units, or units with magic Immunity.
Lifesurge's entangle duration is now based off the level of Lifesurge with durations of 1,2,3,4.
Force of Nature targeting no longer considers certain units, or units with magic immunity.
Force of Nature will now stop instantly if interrupted, instead of after the cast time has finished.
Force of Nature's interrupted message will only show if the caster is still alive.

Death Spasm / Focus Magic combo now has a 0.3 second cast threshold from the ending of Focus to the casting of Death Spasm.
Focus Magic will now interrupt immediately instead of after the charge level is set.
Focus Magic now reports via an overhead message what level it is currently charged too.

==Voodoo Troll==
Voodoo Crafting tooltip now correctly displays as channelling.
Voodoo Dolls created by Voodoo Crafting are now only generated if casting is fully completed.
All the Voodoo Dolls can stack up to a maximum of 3.
Voodoo Dolls now sell for considerably more, 20,30,40,50 Gold.
Voodoo Crafting mana cost reduced to 110 down from 125.
Voodoo Crafting cooldown reduced to 75 seconds from 90.
Voodoo Doll blasts now slow the target for 2 seconds and deal 50 damage a second.
Shrink now has a cast message above the target.
Shrink's cooldown has been reduced to 160 seconds from 180.
Fixed a memory leak with Shrink.

==Hell Knight==
Hell Knights now deal an extra +2 damage on attacks.
Enchant Weapon is more efficient.
Enchant Weapon error messages now colored grey to match others.
Firewalk's damage is increased to 10/20/30/40 from 5/10/15/20.
Hellfire's random flame generation is much more memory efficient.

==Arcane Crusader==
Arcane spell book learning is more efficient.
Shield of might is more efficient.
Smiting Hammers are now invulnerable.
Smiting Hammers can now be summoned in Argonax's Chamber.
Righteous Wrath no longer takes dead units, magic immune units or structures into account when generating lightning.

Black Summoning now only gets alive creeps in its target calculation.
Unliving Empowerment is more efficient.
Grip of Damnation is more efficient and interrupts properly when the caster or target dies.

==Dwarf Engineer==
Full Auto's targeting no longer gets certain units.
Full Auto re-worked to close some reloading/death loopholes.
Full Auto will now interrupt the shooting target's movement instantly upon interruption.
Fixed a memory leak with Full Auto.
Air Strike's channelling is now 2 seconds down from 5, though the Bomber is still called in at the same time.

Flare Guns now costs 200 from 300 Gold.
Flare Guns now detect Burrowed units.
Staff of Power now costs 120 from 250 Gold.
Wands of Mana Burning now cost 150 down from 275 Gold.
Wand of Mana Burning now has 15 second cooldown.
Lanterns now cost 50 down from 95 Gold.
Lifesteal upgrade now grants 20% lifesteal down from 30%.
Bloodrinker now grants 25% Lifesteal.
Spellshatter Gloves only takes 25% mana /hitpoints instead of 30% to control a summonable.
Gladitor's Nets & Storm Hammers now share the same cooldown of 20 seconds.
Envenomed Spears, Throwing Knives, Wands of Mana Burning now share the same cooldown of 15 seconds.
Diamond of Summoning, Dragon Orb, Dark Dragon Orb, Shamanic Totem, The Black Hand now share the same cooldown.
Up to 9 charges of Healing Salves stack.
Up to 3 Clarity potions stack, stock cooldown reduced to 3 seconds.
Up to 3 Healing potions stack.
Up to 3 Mana potions stack.
Up to 3 Potions of Ironskin stack.
Ironskin potions now have a 30 second cooldown, A max stock of 3 and a stock cooldown of 30 seconds.
Up to 2 potions of Greater Healing stack.
Up to 2 potions of Greater Mana stack.
Up to 2 Lifestones stack.
Lifestones now share the "healing items cooldown" of 20 seconds.
Lifestones now heal 200 damage down from 300, have a max stock of 2 and a stock cooldown of 30 seconds.
Up to 9 charges of Flare guns stack.
Up to 8 charges of Mercenary Contracts stack. (Each type)
Up to 6 charges of Special Mercs (Ghouls & Healers) stack.
Up to 5 Permanant Contracts stack, have a max stock of 5, Gold cost has been reduced to 200.
Up to 3 Gladiator's Nets stack, Cooldown has been increased to 20 seconds.
Up to 2 Envenomed Spears stack, Cooldown has been increased to 15 seconds.
Up to 5 Throwing Knives stack, Cooldown has been increased to 15 seconds.
Up to 2 Storm Hammers stack.
Up to 4 Hand Grenades stack, have max stock of 2, 30 second stock cooldown.
Up to 3 charges of Dispel Staffs stack.
Dispel staff charges have been reduced to 3, Gold cost has been changed to 250.
Up to 6 charges of Wand of Shadowsight stack.
Up to 10 charges of Holy Sceptre stack.
Up to 4 charges of Scroll of Necroancy stack.
Scrolls of Necromancy now have 45 second stock cooldown & a 30 second cooldown.
Diamond of Summoning now has a 45 stock cooldown.
The Black Hand & Shamanic Totem have a 120 second stock cooldown.
The Black Hand is now undead only.
The Shamanic Totem is now Non-undead only.
The Mercenary Ogre's shockwave now has a 16 second cooldown from 8, a hotkey of [X] and the tooltip has been corrected.
Mercenary Ogre's Bash tooltip has been corrected.
Drak Thul's Purge now has a 14 second cooldown, a hotkey of [X] and the tooltip has been corrected.
Drak Thul's Chain Lightning tooltip has been corrected.
Drak Thul's Frenzy now increases attack speed by 25% down from 35% a hotkey of [V] and the tooltip has been corrected.
Marrabeshes's Death Coil tooltip has been corrected and has a hotkey of [X]
Marrabeshes's Raise Dead tooltip has been corrected and has a hotkey of [C]
Marrabeshes's Drain Life tooltip has been corrected and has a hotkey of [V]
Holy Spirt's Heal tooltip has been corrected and has a hotkey of [X]

The pathing system has been adjusted to work with the waygates better. You no longer run the wrong way because the waygates are a shorter route.
Fixed some miscellaneous bugs with the internal programming.
Argonax "warning" message no longer appears in Deathmatch Mode.
When changing from Deathmatch mode to Argonax mode, will no longer state 3,2,1 score remaining when the orginal score limit is neared.
When changing between Deathmatch and Argonax mode Legendary item stock values should no longer reset all the way.
The "Team Duel begins in 10 seconds" message will only show if the duel is going to take place. (More than 1 player from each team has agreed to it)
Team Swapping from team 2 to team 1 is now possible.
The High Priest's "Greeting" will only happen if approched by a player hero.
Fixed memory leaks with the Creeping system, Duel border knockbacks, & Titan Cinematic distance checking.
Camera now correctly pans for heroes being teleported into Argonax's chamber.
Titans near a creep camp no longer prevent its creeps from respawning.
The system to grant bonus gold upon levelling up is more efficient.
The way the Ritual of the gods calculates rewards is more efficient.
Fixed an effect on one of Medusa's spells so now looks correct.
All "flyers" (Excluding Sea Drake) & Wheels of Infernos are no longer counted among targets for certain abilities.
Removed many obsolete units/powers/variables.

Two brand new heroes have been added! The Dwarf Engineer and the Wraith!
New frontend options!
The number of repicks each player has can now be set by the host.
The amount of resources players begin with can be set by the host. (Still scaled by game mode)
Starting resources have been adjusted at all levels.
A quickstart option has been added which will spawn heroes at level 5 instead of 1 if enabled.
A quickstart button has been added which launches the game with typical settings.
Brand new menu system for players & referees that is used to access all game commands activated by typing "-commands" or "z"
The menu is different depending on the game mode, if options are enabled or not and if the player is a referee or not.
A special effect will appear over heroes in the menu so everyone can see if your "afk" or not.
Players can alter both the winning conditions and game difficulty while playing. (Teamplay mode only)
Players can now adjust their camera heights in game. (Teamplay mode only)
Players can now swap teams if both parties agree to it. (Teamplay mode only)
All help commands are now accessed through the in game menu.
All obsolete text commands have now been retired.
In-game messages have been re-worded to be easier to follow and understand.

New Creeping system! The Old creeping system has been retired and replaced with a superior system that allows for many more varied monsters.
All new creeps! Many more creeps have been added and some old ones retired to improve the overall creeping experience.
New creep camps! Now there are brand new camps so you can expect to fight zombies, demons, satyrs, scorpions and more!
Creeps expanded! There are now a whopping 24 camps instead of the original 14!
Creep Camps can only spawn 1 kind of "super" creep per camp.
All creeps have been adjusted slightly in HP/powers and more to become easier to defeat.
Players will now begin the game with a Potion of Healing in addition to their Mercenary Contract.
-Repicking your hero no longer costs gold but instead costs -repicks that can be set by the host at setup.
-Repicking can now be done at any time and is no longer disabled after 5 minutes.
When -repicking if the game is not set to all random then you will be granted a new Hero Picker instead of a random hero so you can rechoose manually.
Titans now give slightly less lumber to a team when defeated.
Private\Team Duelling is now available after 5 minutes instead of 10.

Added an "Exhausted" message over Swordmasters when they become Exhausted.
Fixed some issues with Death Spasm/Focus Magic
Divebomb now deals 25% less damage at all levels.
Grow now adds +100 hitpoints per level instead of 50.
Added cooldown times to Grow tooltips.
Added cooldown times to Consume tooltips.
Consume now can eat a level 8 monster at level 4.
Hill Giants now start with an extra 100 hitpoints.
Omnidrain, Siphon Mana, Pounce & Combat mastery have been fixed to work with Warcraft version 1.24
Fixed an issue with Smoke form where Vampire's ultimate wasn't being re-enabled.
Burrower's difficulty is now classed as "Experienced"

Gas bombs have been retired and replaced with Napalm.
Blooddrinker will now steal 30% of attack power in life rather than 40%.

Changed the text in hero picking cinematics to make it easier to understand.
When leaving a hero choose region after a short time the camera and hero picker's speed will reset.
Tooltips will no longer appear with the wrong spacing.
Several tooltip mistakes have been fixed.
Joining referees will no longer start with more resources than intended.
Closed some memory leaks.


Even further reduced loadtimes!
In Deathmatch mode you can now also set the score to 50 or 70.
Dragonkin Model has been updated now with extra particle effects.

When a hero is -repicked the unwanted hero can no longer be chosen at all etheir manually or by random.
A new Mana blessing bonus can now drop from creeps.
Items/Bonuses spawn slightly more frequently from creeps.
Hand Grenades are more likely to spawn from creeps.
Argonax is tougher on all levels gaining extra hitpoints, better mana regeneration and dealing more damage.
Arcane Crusaders now deal more damage.
Berserkers now get a 2 bonus to Strength.
Hell Knights now deal slightly more damage.

A Critcal problem with Divebomb causing lagspikes after the new Warcraft update has been fixed.
Divebomb's damage calcualtion has been changed resulting in causing less damage.
Relentless Assault now deals 1 extra damage at all levels.
Death Mastery now costs 14 mana up from 12.
A Possible exploit has been fixed with certain spells.
Rogue now grants a 10%,25%,50%,75% discount instead of 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%.
Bone Armour's cooldown has been increased from 3 to 5 seconds and now adds 2,3,4,5 armour instead of 2,3,4,6.
Underworld Strike now adds 50 damage to hits up from 25 and can now hit titans.
Daemonic Armour now grants 1, 1.5, 2, 3 bonus armour.
Vinewall now entangles heroes for longer.
Venom no longer stacks movement debuffs.
Paralysis Bite now lasts 1 second less on all levels.
Curse of doom now slows caster by 25% while it is active.
Shield of Ice now drains mana when used and costs 25 mana instead of 45 to cast.
Diabloist now has Mass Siphon in place of Siphon mana that drains multiple targets of mana at once.
Magic Resistance's cooldown has been changed to 32,26,22,18.
Crushing Wave now deals 135 damage instead of 165 at level 4.
Freezing Breath now lasts 1 second on heroes 2 and costs 22 mana up from 12.
Fixed several tooltip mistakes.

Ironskin potions now cost 200 gold and add 6 armour.
Hand Grendades now cost 175 gold.
Screamers now cost 200 gold from 300.
Diamond of Summoning now costs 800 from 750 gold.
Gas Bombs have been replaced with a Staff of Power that allows you to transfer mana between targets.

Fixed victory animation of Arcane Crusader.
Removed some debug messages.
Fixed beginner text pinging wrong locations.


Loading times have been reduced by 75%!!

A brand new hero has been added! The Arcane Crusader!

All players now have access to a -pvp command that displays some pvp tips to your team. (When used by referees the help is displayed to all players)

All players now have access to a -lumber command that displays some help on how to gain lumber to your team. (When used by referees the help is displayed to all players)

All players now have access to a -m command that displays a message about using Mercenaries to creep for all players.

All Titan Orbs now drop from a player on death.

When players are killed by an enemy hero they will now drop a "Hero Soul" which is a bonus that permanently increases base damage by +2 of the first hero to pick it up.


The Goblin Mechanic now attacks slightly faster and deals more damage.

Diabloists deal slightly more damage.

Erinyes's Rejuvenation now has a 40 second cooldown up from 20.

The -beginner command now works after 10 minutes of game time.

Creep camps can now drop Mercenary Solider contracts when killed.

Jungle Troll's difficulty has been changed from "Master" to "Intermediate.


Fixed a memory leak with Multiple Shot.

Saw Blades now works when used on Titans.

Goblin Mechanic's self destruct now deals more damage and no longer displays a bugged death message.

Fixed Taunt's tooltip, its cooldown is 12 seconds rather than 10.

Cooldown of Dimenional Rift reduced from 250 to 220 seconds.

Burrower's Earthquake no longer ignores armour.

Summons Mastery cooldown reduced to 160 from 180 seconds.


Flesh armour now grants +450 hitpoints instead of 350.

Lifesteal upgrade now costs 120 lumber up from 110.

Vampiric Amulet now costs 75 lumber up from 65 and only grants a 15% lifesteal rather than 20%.

Claymore now costs 850 gold up from 800 and now adds +19 damage

with a 15% attack speed reduction.

Flail now grants a +6 damage bonus instead of +8

Scroll of Necromancy summoned skeleton cooldown increased to 40 seconds up from 20.

Black Amulet only has a -200% regeneration penalty rather than -300%.

Wand of mana burning now costs 275 gold down from 325.

Ironskin Potions now cost 240 gold down from 260.

Flare Guns now cost 250 gold down from 300.

Nightfall now lasts 240 seconds up from 180

Spellshatter Armour now costs 40 lumber up from 30.

Moonglade Armour now costs 60 lumber up from 50.

Charm of the Seas now costs 65 lumber up from 45.

Executionser's Axe now costs 85 lumber up from 75.

Scroll of Necromancy now costs 650 gold up from 600.

Lifestones now cost 250 gold up from 225.

Talisman of Obsidian now lasts 9 seconds up from 8, costs 100

mana instead of 125 and has a 42 second cooldown up from 32.


Fixed various tooltip glitches and mistakes.

Fixed an exploit where players could enter the enemies base.

Fixed a bug with respawning during a cinematic sequence.

Fixed a pathing bug with Swordmaster.

Fixed a pathing bug with the lower left teleport gate.

arena, gods, heroes, items, titans, argonax, rotg,

Requiem of The Gods 1.71 (Map)

Date: 22:50:06 28-Sep-11 Map Moderator: -Kobas- Map Status: Approved 6/5 Contact map moderator: Visitor Message / Private Message!
Level 1
Mar 14, 2007
The boss you have to kill is somewhat weak plz make him stronger and make more players be able to join like 5v5 beacuse everytime i host it ppl just leave after the game starts
Level 9
Oct 22, 2006
Great map, but only A F T E R Y O U R E A D F 9 !!!

Even if it's still recreating and balancing I find it very interesting with varius of heroes and items. Some skills are simply extrordinary, although the different new models make you wanna play the game.
Level 3
Aug 29, 2007
Nice map, takes a while to get used to, but i guess it's like that will all new maps. Pretty concept and design.

Too many items imo, will get new ppl mixed up and lost, took me a while to pick an item that suits me best since there are just too many. I HIGHLY suggest to tone it down.

The only thing that really disturbed me was the terrain texture. The "Sunken Temple" theme has a lot of color mixtures in its textures, it gets disturbing after a while, especially if you quickly scroll around.
Try changing the theme to something with less color mixtures, like Lorderon or City or something.
Level 1
Aug 24, 2007
I agree, you can tone down the map and it could still look very nice and the DL size will be lowered as that is a big problem. The DL is so long no one sticks around to get it all and just leave. So, if you could, reduce the size, that would be tremendous. Please mail me if you ever get around to it.
Level 9
Apr 28, 2006
I did consider making a "lite" version of it that stripped out the custom models, that recuded the size to about 2.7meg down from 4, but did mean it had no nice models/icons etc..
It has had revisions in the past that have removed several hundred doodads but the filesize was only affected by 1-2k at the most..
Level 18
Nov 1, 2006
Great map man, I finally gave it a try and thoroughly enjoyed it. I played as the Black Cat (that was the model I forget the name) who seemed a little weak, but nonetheless I liked the map.

Wouldn't slowly inuring those in the Ritual of Titans at night balance that aspect of the game more, considering that the dominant leveled heroes will always have control of it? If they were to get damaged for like 3 hp per interval it would balance to where eventually the opposing heroes could try to take it over and get their share in the ritual, and it would also make sense in that it would be sacrificing something for the gold/lumber.
Level 9
Apr 28, 2006
Thats not a bad suggestion, but after a few more games ways of taking teh ritual from higher lvel players becomes apparent, for example u can purchase very powerful 1 use only summons that are quite capable of taking on a hero on thier own to bolster your forces to beat more powerful heroes, or at least drive them off.

Also soem spells are designed especially to "clear off" folks on teh ritual as they must all stand very close together and threfore are suckers for AOE or AOE Debuffs. (Grenaders, AOE silencers etc)
You also have full vision of teh ritual even at night, so u can see them...but they cant see you.

Also a HP drain would be nastier on lower levels heroes than higher and make taking teh ritual harder for udnerdogs,
Also, heroes will "cap out" half way through the ritual so to comepltely deny it to an enemy team they must stand there for the full time even though they only get bonuses for half of it.

In addition if u cant take the ritual at all, kill a titan while their all standing about on it, u get a simlier amount of lumber+XP too.
Level 5
Apr 2, 2007
5/5 Very fun map. I even thought it was pretty fun to play alone (and thats VERY unusual) but it would be even better if you added computer AI. But that last boss (cant remember his name) was pretty weak, even though I was playing single-player.
Level 7
Sep 5, 2006
Super-sheep, I don't think it's too hard to get a good amount of players. I found hosting in a a server which no one play rotg isn't too hard at the start, just get ppl to dl off site (www .rotg.co.uk), might need a little wait for the first few weeks. After you got a fan who play rotg too on that server, just drag him with you in the game, and he will upload too, making it twice as fast to dl ppl.
Level 4
Oct 3, 2007
Gameplay: 5/5 The game is very well designed. There is always enough to do so that no one gets bored. You can always go creeping to level up, you need to fight for the ritual in the middle of the map, you need to kill the titans that spawn randomly on the map and if that is not enough you can challenge enemy heroes to a duel. Very funny, very exciting, very cool!

Level Design: 5/5 The map looks very nice! There are many doodads around that are an eye candy. Also the design favors the playing style. There are different paths to take, the ritual is on a very good spot - in the exact middle of the battlefield. Also the boss is placed very well and the random spawn points for the titans are also nicely spread over the map. The 4 gates that are on the map offers advanced tactical possibilities.

Sound/Models/: 5/5 Well all models are cool, all icons are fitting and all doodads are sweet. They are flawlessly imported and add very much to the feeling of the map.

Heros/Units: 5/5 All heroes are well designed, with a background given. Their skills are cool and unique. Every hero has his role in the fight and plays different from other heroes. Just the random hero function seems broken .. I got the elementalist 3 of 3 times now ^^

Replayability: 5/5 You included many, many game modes and enough heroes to let the players be entertained for a long period of time. Even without a save/load feature or something like that, RotG deserves a 5/5 here.

Balance & Bugs: 5/5 I did not found any bug or flaw. Also the balance is very, very nice. Every hero can kill, every hero can die. The creeps are not to hard and not to easy. The items are a good enhancement but not overpowerd. After all a very well balanced map!

Final Score: 30/30 = 5/5

Yeah RotG is maybe the best hero arena out there and it does not deserves to stand in the shadow of dota. It is very well balanced and even if you are on the losing side for the whole game you can be the winning team in the end if you just play clever enough. In most other games the team that has the advantage early on will also win the game in the end. This one is different! You have to concentrate the whole game and you must never give up hope. Cool!



Level 4
Feb 27, 2009
Hell Knight sucks ass, maybe give him a new model, replace a skill or two, and buff him a little bit? :thumbs_up:
One more thing, repick also sucks, I lose all my gold and I get a random hero? Why?

Other then that, the game is good.
Edit: My Non Newb Review

Gameplay [3/5]:
The gameplay, the way a player does things, is Average, and here is why. You start out with a spirit who you select a hero with, which is like any other arena. You run around and kill monsters and players, which is like any other arena and gets very redundant. The only thing different is the "boss" spawning, which isn't really that much different, it just more random. Overall the gameplay is average.

Balance [3/5]:
You balanced this game about average as well, and here is why. As mentioned above, the Hell Knight sucks ass. There are a couple of other heroes that need buffing (or at least nerf the other ones). My Hell Knight, which should be a better tank then the Chaos Knight, is worse. The Chaos Knight, at a lower level, can solo titans, where as my hell knight, at higher level, can barely put a dent in them. Please work out the balancing issues for a higher rating.

Visuals [4/5]:
The Visuals of the game, the look and feel, is good. There are some issues to iron out, for instance, the Hell Knight doesn't have that great of a model, and the "underworld" objects blend in too well with the surroundings where they should stand out just a tad. Other then that, the visuals are just great, and everything that should blend in blends and the models for most heroes fit perfectly!

Other Points [3/5]:
While this game has a lot of things in it that are good it has a few things to iron out. There are no bugs, but there should be some things to take into consideration. For instance, warn people that you take all their gold and that they get a random hero, or at least give them the option to pick again only once. Also, maybe add a fair system in which an item is designated for that player for 30 seconds if the person did so much damage. And finally maybe add an exhaustion debuff on a hero whose mana or hitpoints go too low, thus causing them to move 50% slower until they regain a certain amount of hitpoints.

Overall [13/20]:
"[3/5] Useful"
Other then a couple of tweaks and fixes, I would share this game to anyone who enjoys Arenas. IF you work out a few more tweaks, I am sure you will get a higher grade.
Last edited:
Level 4
Aug 23, 2008
Well DarkNite, the last post he ever made is on the ROTG forums saying that ROTG wasn't advertised correctly...

heres the post
ello folks, I'm still about, though I must admit being ina computer based job means I have little time outisde of work to devote to creation projects such as this,
I'm keeping an eye on things although there are not enough things I belive need changing to warrent me doing another version that everyone would have to re-download.
I still have the core files for the FFA version I was designing and maybe if I get laid off ill complete it, else I might just release the core files so other people can finish it if they wish =)

Anyway, See you all soonish, the players of b.net were just too taxing and demanding to try and teach something that was quite complex in nature.

ROTG FFA is probably not going to be created then I guess- tho i still play ROTG if enough pple join.
Level 9
Apr 28, 2006
Hi folks, ROTG has been busted by warcraft 1.24 whitch im actually goign to resolve if i can sort out some JASS issues, while im at it i'll make some revisions.

People found the game far too hard live on bnet. (I fail to see how they cant get to lvl 6 tbh, the heroes can do that by simply attack moving on the whole)

Hence im now adding options to start the game all players t lvl 6, options to increase starting cash, handing out free heal potions when you first spawn, repick will no longer cost gold, instead you can choose the number of -repicks you want players to have,

and so on.
Level 9
Apr 28, 2006
Also, regarding the post above about Hell knights vs chaos knights and balance, by the sound of it it was tested 1v1 or possibly pve 1v0. The game is not really deisgned to be played like this and when it is some heroes will blantantly out-preform others. (in PVE games the creeping heroes would out perform the pvp ones easily)

However, assuming you were in a live 3/3, 4v4,

Why does the hell knight match up? or does he?

At a glance chaos knight owns hell knight.
So wheres the balance you ask?
Comes in the playing:
Hell knight is harder to play but actually better if you know how:

Lumber is the key to winning the game as it allows you to purchase the items / upgs you need to really excel. The weapon upgs are very lumber costly.

A HK can start the game, grab a cheap weapon such as a flail, creep 1/2 camps in less then 30 seconds and use his ability to upgrade it for free. This gives him +20 damage in undr a minute. No other hero can match that for basic whacking power so fast.

This can be quickly bumped to a fire upg within 2 mins so he has cleaving attacks.
Also any weapon he grabs can be instantly upgraded allowing him to use his lumber elsewhere and out-gear other heroes.

Also, an overlooked fact is the HK is undead while the CK isnt. The undead items are more powerful than the non undead ones. This gives him access to Sword of unholy power with a free upg on it.

Finally HK has a CC/AOE ultimate that can clear teams off the ritual. The CK dosnt and is easily taken out by stopping him at range as he has nothing with any range.

Underworld strike is pretty useless early on, but as it deals a % of the enemies HP in dmg it actually has a higher dmg potential late game than anything the CK can put out. (takes almost 1200 of a high target in one hit whitch can make the HK a better titan killer)

hope this helps clarify the seemingly strange balance.

CK is a beginner hero. anyone can try him and own. the HK is a master hero. it requires you know how to play the game and use him a little better.