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  • Is this Nex hero Defense free to continue? if it is i would love to modify it's gameplay
    Ante re pou 8a mou ma8eis kiolas!!!Egw 8a sou kanw ma8hmata!....8a ta poume apo konta se kana 2mhnooooo!
    Pou se reeeeeeeeeee!!!den sou eipa!!teliosa me tis panellhnies....ebgala 14,200..........sou erxome sto tei larisas!!!!!!!!
    Hey Vergil, my map is about to enter its beta stages, when I post it either today or tommorow I hope you can still beta test for me.
    Reputation (+1):
    (Post) Gem of life had impressing interactions, enjoyed playing it, even tho it was over too soon.
    Oh, just realized you wrote that you had 8 mb free space... :hohum:

    Should I do the high quality one then? Although its properly too late.
    Then I can't make it of a larger quality then what I gave you before.. Hope this will reach you in time - I saw you message kinda late. Download it here
    It is...? o_O i tought spam was then you write something an millon times, sorry for my english ^^

    i see... and you are the spam police?
    Yea - And no not participating, I wished to do so, but won't have time.

    Well what you can do is make a version of a slightly larger size like 640x640 (needs to be dividable by 32). That will increase the quality a little. Else the only other way is to use a high quality screen, which means 4 different images put together to create a whole, this will take up at least 1 mb though.
    Map is multiplayer so multiple people are able to play. Some of the riddles actually are easier with more people.
    The interact ability is based off an autocast buff, and by removing the text "right click to activate autocast", it does the letter thing. Sorry its a Warcraft bug. And really the first riddle requires you to know monetary value and nothing more.

    If it's too hard to comprehend, here you go.
    Quarter - 25 cents
    Dime - 10 cents
    Nickel - 5 cents
    Penny - 1 cent

    I am american, therefore my map is going to be english, and using american values. You're more than welcome to not play my map if that bothers you.

    However, I thank you for the review. I hope you put more time into it before you leave a review next time though.
    hi man, are you good in spell making? i have firebolt spell in my map,not simle firebolt from 1 spell pack and i wont to make Frostbolt and Poison Bolt, but i am bad with spells,can you, and do you wont to help? Pls Write me in PM
    Etsi einai egw eixa 2 ebdomades pou den 3erw ti m epiase...bariomoun na mpw.Twra teleutea omos mou kolise na parw to blue gem omos :D
    Eidika twra pou den exoume kai sxoleia...ligo katalipsis..ligo h griph,mia xara..!
    In fact you are the one ignoring the facts... but this conversation is no sense anymore. If you do not get you are spamming, I know where to put you. "Basic Bnet User", lower one. It's sort of senseless to discuss with spammers telling them to stop since they really do not get it and think its fun.
    Have fun on Hive... your way...
    Your argumentation shows you know you are spamming on purpose, also knowing you help nobody in a lot of cases. Seriously, first think, then post. Some basic questions you need to ask yourself:
    Does your post apply to the question mentioned in the thread?
    Do you bring any new to the thread?
    Can the author take ANY advantage of your post?
    Are you sure about the things you post?
    If the answer to any of those questions is "no", you spam.
    You may want to stop those pure spams in the help forums. They are not fun or any helpful.
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