Relentless V1.6

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.

Relentless V1.6 (Map)

Level 2
Dec 25, 2004
Relentless v1.6

If you like epic battles of huge armies, this map is for you. Based loosely on Fulgore's Epic Castle Siege, attack and defend waves follow each other in short succession. The Roo (Human) are a powerful army to the North. They will first take the fortress in the center of the map and then try to wipe out their opponents. Numerous triggers keep the action going. If you want to survive, you have to quickly build up your army and prevent the Roo from becoming too strong. Special Demolition and Death Squads will attack your hero or your base and will wipe you out if you are not prepared.

- The map takes up to three players.

- The fortress has a number of towers that are invulnerable. They change ownership with the owner of the fortress. To take the fortress, one of your heroes must reach the large statue in the middle of the fortress.

- The towers that exist at the entrance of your camp from the beginning of the game are special. They have unusually high hit points and repair themselves.

- The food limit is set to 150.

- Heroes have additional upgradeable custom abilities and can reach up to level 50.

- There are 6 resurrection stones that can be activated by bringing one of your Heroes close to them. Heroes that die will be resurrected at one of the stones that you own (look for a white exclamation mark on the minimap that tells you where the resurrection takes place). If you do not own stones but your allies do, you will be resurrected at one of their stones. The Roo can reclaim a stone with one of their heroes.

- When the Roo launch an attack on your camp, you hear a thunder clap and a message on the screen.

- When you have computer allies, you can type chat messages to order them to attack one of the camps of the Roo (type ‘left’ or ‘right’) or the fortress (type ‘middle’). They will attack for 90 seconds unless they are attacked at home. To stop an attack earlier, type ‘stop’.

- At the beginning of the game, Player 1 can choose a difficulty level (1 - 5) that determines how many resources the Roo get during the game.

- The Roo get a defence and attack bonus that depends on the difficulty level of the game and the level of the Roo heros. This bonus is halved when the fortress is not in the Roo's possession, and further reduced when the Roo have no buildings in the two outstations next to the fortress.

- Some of the dead trees grow back.

- Environmental effects: Rain, Lightning.

- Some of the forest that separates the two camps of the Roo is poisoned and will slow down and damage your units.

- Uses Advanced Melee AI (AMAI 2.40,

- The map was tested with TFT Patch 1.16

- Version 1.5: Fixed several bugs and improved AI
- Version 1.6: Fixed bugs and improved terrain design
Level 22
May 11, 2004
The terrain was the only thing improved on this version. The AI is actually worse. I played a half an hour long game and the AI attacked us only once...and it was only footmen, no heroes or anything else. In 1.4 the AI attacked with a variety of unit combos, in 1.5 they went only air with hero support, which made things much more predictable (not saything that in a good way). In this they do nothing. Even in the previous versions, one of the first thing the AI did was capture the center base an start fortifying it, usually before you had a chance to do this they only sent a few footmen in about 20-25 mins into the game while their heroes just ran back and forth mindlessly at their base enterance. Sorry, but the previous versions were much better then this.

In short, 1.4 was the best version in my opinion, because the enemy was much more agressive and used less predictable unit combos. I suggest making the terrain modifications to that one and then leave it as it is. It would surely get an award from me then.