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Red Tooltip Boarder - With Black Border.blp

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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This is just a red and black border i made for my map and uploaded here i made this in paint so that will anser whay its shitty (Exuse my french) i do not care if this is acepted or not i just though it would be nice insted of the yellow border
EDIT added a black squiggle to the inside of it

UI, Border, Red, Tooltip, Black, Border

Red Tooltip Boarder - With Black Border.blp (Texture)

15:00, 15th Apr 2011 shiiK: Cleaning up skins that have been rejected (until updated) for more than a month - moving to rejected permanently due lack of updates since last moderation. No new review of the skin has been made. If you feel that this...




15:00, 15th Apr 2011
shiiK: Cleaning up skins that have been rejected (until updated) for more than a month - moving to rejected permanently due lack of updates since last moderation. No new review of the skin has been made. If you feel that this decission is wrong, or if you want to update the skin, please reply to this PM and I'll work it out for you. As this is a preset message, and I'm just picking up each and every skin in the category, I want to apologize beforehand if this clutters your inbox.

15:00, 31st Aug 2010
67chrome: It's nice to see effort put into changing some of the more obscure skins such as this, but there really isn't enough effort in this skin for me to approve it. You should add some unique touches to the boarder for it to be approved. On that note, you should increase the size of this skin to at least twice it's size so you can do something unique with it.

17:32, 04th Sept 2010
67chrome: This still needs a lot of refinement before I'd approve it, right now the different segments don't seem to be lining up seamlessly with each other (which is pretty important). I'd recommend reviewing 2D tutorials concerned with tileset creation, as that will largely translate over to this skin.
Level 15
Jan 27, 2007
Pretty nice, and A LOT ORIGINAL, there is not even 1 tool tip skin, this MUST be accepted.

About paint, I believe that it shouldn't matter the program used as long as it looks good.

EDIT: If you ask me why I think this should be approved; because I don't have the will to investigate or remake this. But still I would use it in many maps, according to the theme of the map. So it might save some lots of time just a simple edit as this one, and for god sake, it isn't badly done, instead I think the execution is pretty good, just Wcish.
if it looks to strange with the usall tooltip background it can be easly changed to black so it doesnt show
Oftopic wow fast response
Edit: here is a black background for it looks much better
here is the path UI\Widgets\ToolTips\Human\human-tooltip-background.blp


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Level 10
Apr 18, 2009
If this is going to be removed, I better download it, since I find it useful and I'm too lazy to remake this when someone already did it, and did it well.

Indeed. I cannot do this by myself, and I'm very glad that someone uploaded another type of the tooltip border instead of another silly grunt skin for a change.

Keep up the good work, DsDarkMaster, simple though it is.
Level 10
Apr 18, 2009
lmfao. by adding a couple of scribbles, you think thats going to make it seem fancy?
honestly. what chrome means by unique is a cool pattern or a design. not black lines added to it.

Well, how fancy do you want it to be? It's a simple border that should be kind of clean. We already lack this kind of resources, I'd say this was quite needed.
it took me 45 minuts to do in paint 20 for the red change 15 for the enlargment and 10 for the black lines

then you just completely wasted your time. for one, never ever use paint. Its really a very crude program that is more or less useless for these kind of things.
Try GIMP instead. Its a free photoshop-like program. second, if you notice the tabs at the top of GIMP, it has a Colourize setting that allows you to change the colour of your selection. therefore you just wasted 20 min doing something that would have normally took 20 seconds to do. Also, looking up at the tabs on GIMP we see the wonderful "scale image" tool. Which allows you to resize an image to be smaller or bigger, therefore allowing more detail to be put in. This takes about 10 seconds. Black lines, with a steady hand, should take about 20 seconds each. I see 12 lines on it so do the math, 4 minutes in total. Total Time, 4min 30seconds. So really, you made a mountain over a molehill. Its one of the simplest things to do, but you chose the wrong program and the harder way to do it.

Deleted member 157129


Deleted member 157129

It's fine that you use it in your map (and it might be useful to others), but as an approved resource, I don't think this qualifies. If you want to share it either way, I suggest you make a thread for it in the Textures & Surfacing forum.

However, if you're still interested in trying to make something decent out of this, download GIMP, it's free and easy to use (might be a bit complicated to install it, but if you follow the instructions provided at their site it should work out fine). Try to make something that we can recognize instead of an abstract red border. Something more than just solid lines.