Recruiting GUI or JASS for RPG projact

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Jan 11, 2015
Hi! My name is IGrimReaperI,
I wanna make orpg map but making it solo would be boring, long and hard! Some mapmakers already joined this project but we agreed that we need more mapmakers, to be more specific we need Triggerer... We are working on making inventory of 8 slots right now and thats why we need somebody to make it, our triggerer needs to know to make:
  • inventory of 8 slots
  • when hero picks up an item removes it from game and adds onother (skills and stats needs to save to new hero thought they are random)
  • save/load system

Mapmakers in this moment are:
Im good at all stuff then making custom icons/skins thought ik that too, also I need a bit of work on triggers but I alredy got most (or at least big part)!
Im good at all stuff then making custom icons/skins, also I works with triggers fine thought I prefer terrain!
My skill is terain, thought I make units and items just fine as that...I also can help with iconing and skining!
Im making icons and skins thought I dont know much of other things!

If you wanna make sure i see you wanna join contact me on:
  1. my skype |:~Grim Reaper~:|(igrimreaperi)
  2. mail [email protected]
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