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Recruiting grp members for Police Catch Thief AI

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Level 9
Jan 8, 2008
Hi all, interested to work with me on this map?

AoS Style Map (Like DotA), support AI players
Choose your side : Police or Thief, use ur power to dominate the world!


Police Catch Thief AI 1.02

AoS / Hero Defense (Like DotA)

(P.S: This is an AI map, therefore you can play with ur frens or play with computers players if u r alone at home.. if u din choose any players besides urself, u will not see anything special coz u can only play the game by hitting the creeps.. no funs at all. so, when u try the map, at least choose 1 computer players as ur enemy.)

1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 etc

How to Play:
Similar to DotA. Choose a side: police or thief, then fight ur way to the enemies base, destroy their command center, after that kill all enemies heroes to win.

1. Once you've destroyed an enemy tower, a tower of your alliance side will be built on the same spot immediately.
2. Once you've destoyed enemy command center (main building), all the enemies side's abandoned heroes (not selected by any players) will be revived and defend their base. You have to kill all enemy heroes to win.
3. Your base and enemy base are just beside each other. There are 4 roads that linked these 2 bases together (3 main roads + shortcut: the gate between these 2 bases). To open the gate, your hero has to enter the circle of power located at enemy base.
4. Some hero abilities can cast on allies towers, which makes them stronger.
5. You can hire workers to repair your allies' damaged towers.
6. If all the players agree, you can type a command to enable Tome Shop that sells different varieties of tomes (Tomes of agility, Tomes of intel, Tome of Strength). This will cause the game more exciting.
7. Some merchants (shops) will be moving from here to there, and some merchants are flying, so if you are lucky, you can buy any items at the battlefield too!

Heroes Choices:
In this map, I focus more on the abilites (Heroes and items abilites), i did not focus on creating the custom skins or models. therefore, you may see most of the heroes are just like normal warcraft 3 units.

Basically, police heroes has more damage, powerful n immortal, thief heroes have more insane skills to steal enemies things.

24 heroes curently, some of the abilities name stated below may look diff from the real abilities names in the game, but the functions described are the same.

Evil Thief Alliance side:

1. Item Collector
Abilities: Steal Items, Item Drop Stomp, Summon Item Carrier (Has item twist ability to twist enemies items into useless cheese), Random Item Generator

2. Exp Seeker
Abilities: Experience drain, Pause Experience Rate, Exp-HP Converter, Decrease enemy Level

3. Master Mind
Abilities: Unit Mind Control, Psycho Attack (Turn enemies into an insane uncontrolable unit for few sec), Motion Detector (detect who is gonna atack u or moving towards u), Psychic Dominator.

4. Robber
Abilities: Rob Gold, Bribes creeps (throw out some amount of golds and causes the creeps that surounding the heroes to fight for ur side forever), Money from the sky, Bribes heroes (throw out some amounts of ur golds and gain control of enemies heroes for few seconds)

5. Speedmaster
Abilities: Movespeed Channelling, Instand Position Switching, "Forced-to-stop" mine (attach a landmine that will explode if the enemies move), teleport

6. Hacker
Abilities: Hack GPS to reveal map for few seconds, Hack Online (gain $ per seconds), Hack Building (Breakthrough the security system and decrease the defense), hack Heroes (gold, lumber, all info)

7. Genome Thief
Abilities: Clone creeps, Genetic Mutator(Mutate the creeps surounding the heroes into mutant that fight for ur side), Gene Destroyer (Destroy few % of enemies gene, causes HP and mana decrease few %) Clone Heroes (the heroes last few seconds)

Police side:

1. Bomber King:
Abilities: Time Bomb, Shield of Bomb (auto blast ur enemies while attacked), Bomber Stomp, Suicide Bomb

2. Silent Assasin:
Abilities: Disguise as an enemy unit, cast invisible, sneak into building (causes tower become abandoned and cant atack), Poison Knife

3. Thunder GOD:
Abilities: Arch Lightning, Thunder Shield, Lightning Force (Casts on building to increase building damage + Purge), Particle Cannon (a controlable particle cannon like in Command n Conquer: General)

4. Missle Girlz
Abilities: Meteor Shower, Missle upgrade, Cluster Missle(stun surounding enemies), Nuclear Missle

5. Camera Man
Abilities: Camera Lock (Lock enemies camera to you for few seconds), Interface Hide (Hide enemy player s game interface for few seconds), parasite (reveal a players unit for few seconds), Ultimate Rotate (Rotate an enemy s screen for few seconds, cause the enemy hard to target you or target anything)

6. Grenadier
Abilities: Throw C4 (attached a C4 on enemies creep that lasts few seconds ), Trigger C4 (trigger the all the C4s attached on all enemies and cause damage to them), Claymore(Strong version of Goblin Land mines), C4 Upgrade

7. Flamethrower
Abilities: Summon controllable Flames, Building Burning Oil(increase the attack speed of a friendly tower), Immolation, Summon Phoenixes

Ofcoz there are still other heroes that are not listed here. Try it out in the game.

there are about 200 items in this game, beside the original item abilities in warcraft 3 (increase own attack speed/ movement/ damage/agility/ strength/ intelligence/ life/ mana or decrease enemy attack speed/ movement/ damage/ agility/ strength/ intelligence/ life/ mana) I included about 100 custom items here, including item mixing too)

Here I only list out some of the insane items abilities:

1. Item Duplicator: duplicate any of the enemies item
2. Inventory Corrupter: Corrupt Enemys inventory slot, when a slot if corrupted, the target cannot use it to carry item anymore (remain 5 slots) until he/she buy another item to clean the slot. ofcoz when a slot is corupted, the items in that slot will be gone.
3. Inventory Destroyer: corrupt all the 6 slots of enemy inventory
4. Inventory Cleaner: Clean the corrupted slot
5. Inventory Minimizer: minimize enemy inventory to 2 slots
6. Inventory Maximizer: maximize own inventory to 6 slots
7. Insurance: When carried, gain some amount of $ after you get killed.
8. Revival Speedup: Speedup ur revival time
9. Invesment Plan: While carried, gain more amount of income per few seconds.
10. Creep Investigator: When carried, gain more amount of gold after killing a creep.
11. Instant Items Collector: When used, collect all the items in the ground of targeted area and give it to you, if ur slot is full, the items will be throw into ur base for ur future use.
12. Sell Life: sell out 90% of ur curent HP and gain golds
13. Sell Mana: sell out all of ur curent mana and gain golds
14. Buy Life: use gold to buy all ur HP back instantly
15. Buy Mana: use gold to buy all ur mana back instantly

Ofcoz u also can mix all of these items to create new items, the instruction is at the shop when u play the game.

Zach Kirov ([email protected])
All done by myself

Found any bugs or any suggestion, pls post! thanks!

First, choose your hero, I play police side:

This hero is Flamethrower, I learn the 1st spell, which is to summon controllable flames, that is my allies tower

This hero is Missle Girlz, her abilities are all related to missle. Her ulti is Nuclear Missle.

There are few event for u to earn gold and lumbers. Eg: First Blood, First Tower (Player who killed the 1st enemy tower), First Creep (Player who killed the 1st creep), First Level Up (Player who reached level2 at first) etc. Once an enemies tower was destroyed, a tower of your side will be built on the same spot.

My allies use the hero - Thunder GOD. The ulti is summon a controllable Particle Cannon. You can also see there is blue fire at enemies tower. That is actually the Flamethrower abilities.
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